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    07:09 PM 11 December 2017

    Drivers cautioned ahead of festive season

    Old Kampala Division Police Commander Grace Nyangoma has cautioned bus drivers on proper road usage to curb road accidents during the Christmas festive season.

  • Emiliankayima 633x393
    04:51 PM 11 December 2017

    Install hydrants, fire detectors in buildings – Police

    “Put in place automatic fire detection machines so fire can be fought when it is still manageable."

  • Hivaids 633x393
    04:06 PM 11 December 2017

    Human rights organisations laud adoption of human rights-based...

    The report illustrates what human rights law demands of States in the context of HIV.

  • Food 633x393
    02:09 PM 11 December 2017

    Why late supper is bad for your health

    If you must eat late, choose foods that are appropriate, such as those low in calories and rich in whole grains.

  • Bettynambooze 633x393
    10:21 AM 11 December 2017

    I was not beaten - Nambooze

    "I felt my back crack and I became helpless. I could not walk, stand, sit or lie on my back."

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Calls for army patrols as S.Africa gangland violence spirals

Sporadic gun battles in gang hotspots around the Cape Flats area have increased and prompted authorities to call for an army intervention as the overwhelmed...

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Netanyahu faces pressure in Europe amid Jerusalem protests

The talks come after French President Emmanuel Macron met Netanyahu in Paris on Sunday and called on him to freeze settlement building and to re-engage...

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Indonesia vaccinates millions to halt deadly diphtheria outbreak

This year, nearly 600 cases have been detected in 95 Indonesian communities across 20 provinces, killing 32 people.


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The End of Ali Abdullah Saleh

Saleh was Saudi Arabia’s man in Yemen for a long time, but when Riyadh turned against him in 2012 and...

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How do we get our kids to read and count?...

Precisely, 80 percent and 61 percent of our Children are moving in the dark – when it comes to dealing...

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Whither the Multilateral Trading System?...

Some 60 years ago, when the current rules-based global trading system was conceived, the United States...