• Sarah1 633x393
    07:31 AM 18 December 2017

    Ssangalyambogo welcomed into Manchester United family

    Ssangalyambogo revealed her official membership number which is 4928387.

  • Magyezi 633x393
    09:16 AM 18 December 2017

    MPs panic over age limit open vote

    Some MPs, especially those who hail from constituencies that are against the Bill, fear that when they vote in favour of the Bill, they will not stand a chance to be re-elected in 2021

  • Updf 633x393
    10:51 AM 18 December 2017

    Regional military training exercise ends in Tanzania

    Over 250 military, police and civilians from the five East Africa Community member countries participated in this exercise

  • Acholiculturalfestivalm 633x393
    10:03 AM 18 December 2017

    Teach children the local language, Museveni tells Acholi...

    Museveni encouraged Acholi in the diaspora to share the secret of Europe’s industrial development with locals.

  • Traffic 633x393
    10:38 AM 18 December 2017

    Police cracks whip on drunk drivers

    The operation recorded a good number of suspected offenders

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Smog 134x76

Heavy air pollution shuts schools in Iran

In 2014, almost 400 people were hospitalised with heart and respiratory problems caused by pollution in Tehran

Jail 134x76

Former Israeli minister starts jail sentence for fraud

Misezhnikov, who was tourism minister, was sentenced to prison for handing $280,000 to a student festival while securing a job at the event for a woman...

Donaldtrump 134x76

Trump team claims investigator 'unlawfully' got emails

Some members of Trump's Republican Party have already urged that a second special counsel be named to investigate Mueller's operation


Joshuaturyatemba3cmyk 162x162

Why Gen. Muntu can never successfully...

One of the most salient tools used against Muntu was that he is an NRM party mole.

Robertssuuna 162x162

Intellectual Property Rights: The missing...

In principle, the Ugandan law protects intellectual property rights.

Allawissemanda 162x162

MPs move to extend their term of office...

Let us not be hoodwinked into thinking MPs push to prolong their term is normal or about serving Ugandans....