Wednesday,September 18,2019 08:31 AM
  • Ugandanparliament64thcommonwealthparliamentaryconference 633x393
    10:39 AM 17 September 2019

    'CPC brings huge opportunities for Ugandans'

    "When you go into entertainment, we are picking entertainment groups from different parts of the country that will be able to depict a complete picture of the country’s cultural diversity," says MP Paul Amoru.

  • Drought 633x393
    04:28 AM 18 September 2019

    'We are losing the race' on climate catastrophe

    "What I want is to have the whole of society putting pressure on governments to make governments understand they need to run faster," says UN chief Antonio Guterres.

  • Mukulu12 633x393
    05:50 PM 17 September 2019

    Court confirms charges of murder, terrorism against Mukulu...

    Other charges are terrorism, attempted murder, aggravated robbery and being a member of a terrorist organisation, ADF.

  • Negatu5 633x393
    05:49 PM 17 September 2019

    President directs on funds for infrastructure development...

    The President said the construction of the railway is crucial because it will link Uganda to the neighbouring countries

  • Justiceprofessorlilliantibatemwaekirikubinza 633x393
    04:15 PM 17 September 2019

    Justice Tibatemwa joins Seychelles court of appeal

    Last year, she was elected to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) for a five-year term.



Benjaminnetanyahu 134x76

Netanyahu says waiting for results, but Israel needs 'strong' government

With a hoarse voice and appearing haggard after days of intense campaigning, Netanyahu seemed to hint at openness to forming a national unity government...

Pompeo 134x76

Pompeo heads to Saudi Arabia after US blames Iran

Vice President Mike Pence announced that Pompeo was on his way to Saudi Arabia to "discuss our response."

Guaido 134x76

Venezuela parliament ratifies Guaido as interim president

The endorsement came a day after the government of President Nicolas Maduro said its lawmakers would return to the legislature, which they abandoned three...


Aaaaaaasmall 162x162

Let’s root for an automobile recycling...

Automobiles have a big footprint, from tailpipe emissions to road infrastructure

Asau 162x162

About pastors, preaching and practicing...

Pastors (known as priests in the Catholic Church) are called and qualified to their ministry not first...

Insecurity: Let’s share blames equally...

There are some few cases of Police’ reluctance to respond to people in dilemma as a case of Maria Nagirinya...


Aaaaaaasmall 162x162

Why GMOs have no place in Africa

Manipulating genetic material through genetic engineering creates genes that do not occur in nature or...

Aaaaaaasmall 162x162

Let’s root for an automobile recycling...

Automobiles have a big footprint, from tailpipe emissions to road infrastructure

Myersbugemwacmyk 162x162

Impunity, obstinacy and arrogance responsible...

Road traffic accidents or crushes as they are technically termed, do not come out of the blue; over 85%...

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