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    01:31 PM 22 January 2018

    Life after prison: A tale of an ex-convict

    Opoka, 34, says he realised that without reconciling with his accusers, they would never embrace him, yet they were part of his family.

  • Lin 633x393
    11:30 AM 22 January 2018

    Uganda Cranes plot for sh724m

    A win against the Elephants will not only fix a horrible run of results over the last six weeks

  • Goerge 633x393
    07:09 AM 22 January 2018

    George Weah: from football icon to Liberia president

    Weah becomes the 25th president of the west African nation.

  • Car 633x393
    01:18 PM 21 January 2018

    Car of murdered Case Clinic accountant found

    Operatives from the military intelligence recover the car belonging to slain Case Clinic accountant Francis Ekalungar during a raid.

  • Weeknewmain 633x393
    10:06 AM 21 January 2018

    The week in pictures: January 14 - 20

    Our camera lenses were busy all through the week, freezing moments of triumph and sorrow alike. We offer you photos of a selection of some of the biggest stories of the week that was.

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Women march in Las Vegas, another day of protest

Demonstrators in the desert city marched and chanted "Power to the polls."

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US shutdown extended as crunch vote delayed

At the heart of the dispute is the issue of undocumented immigration.

Popefrancisinfiat 134x76

Pope targets corruption in politics ahead of final Peru mass

Leaders of other Latin American nations have also been accused of graft.


Okechacharles 162x162

Why are politicians and clerics trading...

My heavenly-inspired view is that the failures of Uganda are primarily the failures of the Church. Armed...

Kyetumekasangacmyk 162x162

Uganda’s liberation: A key contribution...

The struggle to truly liberate Uganda started on February 6, 1981 with a lightening attack on the government...

Florencekiremerwa 162x162

Involve diaspora in party activities...

Now that many Diasporas have obtained dual citizenship and National IDs, it is critical for political...