A dentist treating one of the patients. Photos by Samuel Nkuba
Samuel Nkuba
Journalist @New Vision

The Coptic Orthodox Church in Uganda has treated over 1200 islanders in Kalangala district in a three-day outreach held in different places. 

The outreaches were held in Mugoye, Kalangala Prisons, Kalangala Town Council, Lutoboka and Mwena landing sites. 

Different medical services including dental services, STI treatment, malaria and general diagnosis were offered plus giving out drugs. 

Father Raphael Reda of Coptic Orthodox Church in Uganda, said that beyond spiritual healing, islanders need more services since health facilities are a distance from their residential areas. 

“We are imitating God's services of healing the sick, helping the needy and reaching out to those who are in hard-to-reach areas,” said Reda. 

Dr. Christina. S. Ragheb from Egypt said that they came with different specialists to save people's lives in Kalangala district. 

"Specialists included dentists, gynaecologists among others whose aim is to diagnose and treat different diseases," she added.

Islanders who turned up for medication appreciated and appealed to the Government for enhancement of health outreaches to cater for those who can't access health facilities. 

Different people including children, prisoners, and pregnant women among others were treated.


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