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  • Police hunts for man who murdered their own

Oscar Ageca, the police spokesman for Kyoga East. Photo by Godfrey Ojore
Godfrey Ojore
Journalist @New Vision

Residents of Soroti city started Monday evening with grief when an unknown assassin waylaid a police officer and killed him instantly before running away with his gun.

Gideon Emuria, attached to fire brigade Soroti Central Police Station was shot dead around Maroon quarters, West division while going to guard the residence of Justice Alex Makayi Ajiji.

Emuria, who was riding a bicycle, was about 30 meters away from the home of the judge when his killers, believed to be two in number confronted him and managed to overpower him.

“He tried to fight back but since he was an elderly officer, he was overpowered and the assassin managed to grab the gun from him and used it to shoot him on the leg, buttocks, and stomach,” said Stephen Ochola, the LC5 of Serere who is a neighbour.

He explained that neighbours could not come to the rescue of the deceased because they feared the gunshots that claimed his life.

Emuria was due to retire mid-next year when he would clock the mandatory retirement age for civil servants.

The police have revealed that they have been able to recover vital evidence that will help in their investigation.

A case of murder by shooting and robbery of a gun vide 102/30/11/2021 has been opened according to the police spokesman for Kyoga East Oscar Ageca.

“The Uganda Police Force (UPDF) shall work with the other sister security counterparts, all the technological sources and legal means to identify the culprits of this wanton shooting,” said Ageca in a statement.

Through him, the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola conveyed his condolence to the family of the slain officer, who he described as a dedicated officer that the killers he referred to as cowards killed.

“We mourn an officer who dedicated his life to serving the public. We want to assure the public that we are doing what it takes to have the suspects arrested,” Ochola said.

The boda boda riders at the stage next to where the deceased has been guarding described him as a jolly and humble officer who used to stop to greet them each time he comes on duty and when he is leaving.

“Yesterday we left the stage early but the deceased was one of the unique officers who always chatted with us before proceeding to his duty station. We shall miss him,” remounted Ronald Opio.

A father of seven is the born of Angole-Kyere in Serere district. His cousin brother David Daniel Engebi said the deceased was in the village over the weekend with his family.

“His entire family lives in the village and he visits them over the weekend when he is off duty. We call him father because of the kindness and love he has for us,” Engebi said.

He added that his other younger brother was a UPDF soldier who was also killed by the rebels in Soroti during the days of insurgency in Teso.

“His father died when he was young but his aging mother is alive and it has been him taking good care of her. His death has come as a big shock to the mother and us all,” Engebi said. The deceased was married to two wives that are all alive.

The city commissioner Peter Paax said city dwellers should not worry much explaining that the Monday incident was an isolated case.

“We are still on top of security and there should be no cause for alarm. I only appeal to the members of the public to always be vigilant especially now as the festive session starts,” Paax said.

The police doctor was due to carry out a postmortem by press time.


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