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As it happened: Uganda Today - Monday, November 4

By Joseph Kizza

Added 4th November 2019 07:28 AM

An unspecified number of people from the villages of Kitebere, Songarao and Kamina in Ndaiga sub-county Kagadi district have drowned on their way to DR Congo. So far only six survivors have been rescued.

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An unspecified number of people from the villages of Kitebere, Songarao and Kamina in Ndaiga sub-county Kagadi district have drowned on their way to DR Congo. So far only six survivors have been rescued.


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2:57pm |   The drama as it unfolded

Scenes on Monday . . .


2:45pm |   'P.7 candidate collapses and dies in exam room'

Sad news coming through is that a Primary Seven candidate of Bukari Primary School in Bududa district has died in an exam room, according to Uganda Radio Network.

Details on the unfortunate incident are not known.


1:03pm |   Lunch time break

Bon Appétit  . . .


12:48pm |   'Chloroform in blood'

Cecilia Okoth in Kampala:

Makerere University guild president Julius Kateregga has narrated his ordeal.

He says doctors discovered chloroform in his blood. To-date, he has no idea where he was taken, but feels pain all over his body.

"I woke up seated between two men who were questioning why I was mobilising students against the ministry's directive," he tells reporters.


12:27pm |   'Six rescued' after boat capsizes


Ismael Kasooha in Kagadi:

An unspecified number of people from the villages of Kitebere, Songarao and Kamina in Ndaiga sub-county Kagadi district have drowned on their way to DR Congo. So far only six survivors have been rescued. The rest are feared dead.

A team of fishermen and marine police have launched a search operation to retrieve the bodies and possibly any other survivors.

Livingstone Akugizibwe, the Ndaiga sub-county district councilor, told New Vision that the accident occurred at around 4am this morning. He said the vessel carried adults and children. One of the rescued survivors is a resident of Mbuya in Kamina village.


12:10pm |   Soroti visually impaired pupils sit PLE, promise to excel


Godfrey Ojore in Soroti:

Nine pupils of St. Francis School of the Blind Primary School in Soroti district are among the thousands of Primary Seven candidates that began writing their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) on Monday.

Peter Malinga, the supervisor, said that the papers delayed to arrive by five minutes but that the candidates were in the examination room on time. The invigilators were also on time, he added.

“The delay did not affect us so much," said Malinga.

Sr. Rose Alyabo Abongi, the headmistress, said the school registered a slight decline in the number of candidates this year, but she is optimistic this group is headed for victory.

“Last year, we had one student pass in division one while the remaining ten candidates all passed in division two. I have high hopes in this lot that more than one will pass in division one,” she said.

Alyabo ensured that the candidates take tea together with the invigilators and the supervisor so that they get used to their voices.


“Three candidates are using Braille, three large print and the other three with dyslexia do oral exams,” Alyabo explained.

The candidates told New Vision they will pass because their teachers have been able to finish the entire syllabus.

“I believe that I will pass because I revised and I believe in myself and God,” Barbra Namwenda, who dreams of becoming a judge, said.

 he The delivery of the exams delayed a bit


 he The school has nine candidates this year


 he Sr. Rose Alyabo Abongi is hopeful there will be more than one division one results


11:45am |   FDC meeting 'foiled'

Elsewhere around Kampala, Police have reportedly clashed with Forum for Democratic Forum (FDC) supporters. New Vision's Nelson Kiva reports that traffic along Jinja road has been paralyzed at Kyambogo.

The gravity of the situation is captured in the tone of his message:

"Serious teargas as FDC's meeting at Namboole is foiled."


11:30am |   EARLIER . . .

New Vision's Farooq Kasule at Central Police Station:

Journalists stormed the Central Police Station in their protest against what they call Police brutality against them.

The journalists staged demonstrations in different parts of the city. They were scheduled to hand over their petition to the Assistant IGP Asan Kasingye at the Police headquarters in Naguru.

After negotiations with Police at CPS, a group of scribes boarded a Police bus to Naguru.


11:15am |   Protesting journalists 'arrested'

New Vision's Francis Emorut in Kampala is reporting that some protesting journalists have been arrested in Naguru. The group was scheduled to hand over their petition to the Assistant IGP Asan Kasingye at the Police headquarters.



10:35am |   Journalists in peaceful demonstration

Francis Emorut in Kampala:

Journalists from different  media organizations have staged a peaceful demonstration starting from Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) grounds at Lugogo in Kampala.

They are protesting against what they call brutality of Police against journalists covering the Makerere University students strike last week.

The journalists are scheduled to hand over their petition to the Assistant IGP Asan Kasingye at the Police headquarters shortly.

The group is being led by Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA) leader Moses Mulondo,  Bashir Kazibwe of Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) and Human Rights Network of Journalists executive director Robert Sempala.


10:11am |   The invisible killer


Air pollution is an invisible killer. The lack of visible smog is no indication that air is healthy, says  the World Health Organisation (WHO).

WHO says that across the world, cities and villages are seeing air pollution exceed the average annual values recommended by its air quality guidelines.

By the way, did you know that one third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution?

WHO adds that is an equivalent effect to that of smoking cigarettes and much higher than the effects of eating too much salt.



9:45am |   KCCA hit dead-end in Algiers

For KCCA, a poor show in the first leg in Kampala came to bite them hard in Algiers against an unforgiving Paradou side.

Two goals in either half of the tie meant that Allan Okello's goal had no effect on the final result as the Algerian side stormed the group stage of the CAF Confederation Cup 4-1 on aggregate.

Read further HERE.



 9:42am |   Al-Nasr outsmart Proline


The first leg in the Egyptian city of Alexandria (due to security reasons in Libya) ended in favour of Proline FC, who picked up vital two away goals and a point.

But the Ugandan side failed to capitalise on their advantage on home turf as they allowed Al-Nasr to strike twice - the first goal coming in the fifth minute and the winning goal just after the hour mark.

Read how the match unfolded HERE.



9:40am |   Public warned against fake UNEB exams

Meanwhile, in the sporting world, it was a forgettable weekend for Uganda as far as continental football is concerned. The country's two representatives, Proline FC and KCCA FC, were knocked out of the CAF Confederation Cup by northern African opposition.

First to be ejected were Proline, who suffered a 2-0 defeat at home to Libyan side Al-Nasr Benghazi on Sunday, meaning that they latter progressed 4-2 on aggregate.

Later on Sunday, KCCA were thrashed 4-1 by Algerian outfit Paradou AC in Algiers after the first leg a week before in Kampala ended goallless.

9:27am |   2019 PLE - Kagadi schools hosting others

Ismael Kasooha in Kagadi:

At Bishop Rwakaikara Primary School in Kagadi district, 93 candidates were addressed by UNEB scout Landas Busuulwa earlier this morning before the learners settled down to write the Mathematics paper.

This time round, some schools are hosting other schools as exam centres. For instance, Kagadi Model Primary School exam centre is hosting three other schools while Bishop Rwakaikara Primary School is hosting another school.


9:15am |   Public warned against fake UNEB exams

Police has cautioned the public on fake PLE UNEB exams it says are being circulated on social media.

Police has tweeted a copy of the fake exams and warned schools against "paying for such".

It is understood that six people were arrested over the weekend for selling fake PLE exams.

They were apprehended from Namugongo, Namungoona, Wakiso and Nansana, Police tweeted.

"Security agencies  are keeping a close eye on the examination processes to ensure  there are no irregularities. For more info call 0714667738," the Twitter post added.


9:09am |   President's update on fight against crime

After "some weeks of absence", President Yoweri Museveni has again addressed Ugandans on the issue of combating crime because "crime was appearing, again, after we had suppressed it with Operation Wembley in the year 2002".


He says:

"The criminal groups, in recent times, had killed people in the areas of Kampala-Entebbe, Ntungamo, Lyantonde and the Kisoro areas. I have not yet received the report for Kisoro.

"However, for Kampala Metropolitan, Ntungamo and Lyantonde, the gangs have been wiped out. These gangs had killed 13 people, injured 2 and robbed sh. 24 million in total.

"20 of these groups have been arrested, 8 charged in Courts of law, four guns have been recovered, and sh.10million and 3 motor-cycles have also been recovered.

"Those who steal phones and motor-cycles sell them. The racket of the phone and car thieves have also been broken. As a consequence, 208 suspects have been arrested, 2,524 mobile phones, 141 motor-cycles, 25 TV sets and 280 laptops were recovered."

Read the President's fulll address HERE.


8:43am |   2019 PLE - No calculators, phones in exam room

Oh, one more thing . . .


Calculators and mobile phones are not allowed in and around examination rooms.

UNEB says that candidates with special needs will be allowed 45 extra minutes for each paper.

The Mathematics paper lasts two hours and 30 minutes while the Social Studies & Religious Education exam's duration is two hours 15 minutes.

Right then, nuff said. Go out there and do that paper the justice it deserves. All the best!


8:30am |   Wish you all the best - you are the heads, not tails


8:30am |   2019 PLE - What could get you disqualified?

You could be disqualified and your entire results cancelled if you got involved in exam malpractice, which could come in various forms. In case you are wondering, the following are some examples of malpractice that could lead to your disqualification, according to UNEB:

•  Smuggling of unauthorized material inside the examination room

• Copying from one another or collusion

• External assistance given by teachers, supervisors, invigilators and any other persons

• Prior knowledge of examination questions (leakage)

• Impersonation (i.e. hiring somebody else to sit the examination)

• Another person, rather than the duly registered candidate sitting the examination

• Improper behaviour e.g. making noise, disobeying, threatening and attacking scouts, supervisors, invigilators etc

• Substitution of examination scripts

• Irregularity e.g. taking longer time than that stated on the Question Paper.

• Any other cases that shall be deemed to have interfered with the proper conduct of the examination

• Teaching of candidates after briefing

• Writing another candidate’s number or name on your script


8:25am |   2019 PLE - What candidates should know


Candidates will start writing their Mathematics exam less than 40 minutes from now. I know you know this already, but let me remind you of the instructions to candidates, as outlined by national exams body UNEB.

Here you go:

1. You should arrive at the examination centre or school at least 30 minutes before the examination starts. (Which means you should be there by now).

2. Ease yourself before entering the examination room. You will not be allowed to leave the examination room before the end of the period allocated to the paper, except by special permission of the supervisor. If you are permitted, you should be accompanied and must not take a question paper or answer sheet out of the examination room.

3. Present yourself at the entrance to the examination room/hall for checking by the Supervisor/Invigilator. They have been instructed to check you thoroughly including your pockets, shoes etc.

4. You should be seated in the Examination room 20 minutes before the time for a paper.

5. Do not take materials e.g. notes, textbooks, etc into the examination room. Do not get involved in any form of examination malpractice.

6. At the start of each examination, make sure that one of you examines the examination paper envelope(s) to see if it has/they have not been opened or tampered with before. If the envelope(s) is/are opened outside the examination room, report the case straight to the Executive Secretary, UNEB, P. O. Box 7066, Kampala, Tel: 0312-260753, 0414-699005, 0414-286173/289399. Mobile: 0772-410878 or 0772-410876, Fax 0414-289397 and 0312-260752.P.T.O

7. You should attend carefully to the general instructions that are given on the front page of the question paper, e.g. the time allowed.

8. Do not write the name of your school on the Question Paper. Write the RANDOM Number of your school only.

9. You should write your Personal Number and Name clearly as shown on the Computer print Registers. Do not write a name or Index No. of any other candidate or person as this act will be regarded as a malpractice.

10. Remember that handwriting and spelling will be taken into account. Write your answers with blue/black ballpoint pens or ink pens. In case your pen stops writing ask the invigilator to provide you with another pen because work written in pencil will not be marked except in drawings.

11. If you arrive late, you will be expected to give a satisfactory reason to the Supervisor before he/she allows you to do the examination. No extra time will be given to you. You will not be permitted to do the examination if you arrive 15 minutes after the start of the examination.

12. You must NOT take away any unused question papers from the examination room. These should all be handed to the Supervisors and Invigilators only, and should all be left at the school with the Headteacher.

13. Do not go out immediately at the end of the examination. Witness the checking and sealing of the scripts before leaving the examination room.


8:10am |   Primary Seven candidates sit final exams

A day of reckoning is here. It's a momentous day for Primary Seven candidates across the country.

Is your child ready?


8:05am |   Is traffic flowing where you are?

By the way, who said Mondays are sluggish and lack the spark needed to catapult one into a new week?

The day is still young, eight hours young to be precise, but already, the city is buzzing with activity. And from a vantage point in the heart of the city, I managed to freeze the scene of Monday morning's bustle.



 8:00am |   Good morning everyone

So the new month started at the end of last week, which means this is the first proper week of November - the penultimate month of the year.

Yes, you read that right.

December is on the next turn, people! Rise and shine :)


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