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No Museveni, Besigye ‘talks’ - Gov't

By David Lumu

Added 21st February 2017 12:02 PM

The reports were labelled a creation of the media that Government is not aware of

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The reports were labelled a creation of the media that Government is not aware of

The idea that two competing political actors in the country could be wiring communication tools towards talking terms ever since they fell out in 2001, has been roundly rejected by Government.

According to ICT minister, Frank Tumwebaze, the rumour mill crafted in some local media outlets that President Yoweri Museveni and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) kingpin, Dr. Kizza Besgye, has been propagated to give relevance to the opposition strongman, who is recovering from the shocks of a collapsed defiance campaign.

“Idea of ‘talks’ is your (Daily Monitor) scheme to give your man, Kizza Besigye, relevance after his ‘defiance’ hit a snag” Tumwebaze said in a tweet, clarifying on a story he called a creation of the media that Government is not aware of.

In a statement to New Vision Tumwebaze further rejected the reports stating: "As I said before, Government is not aware of any planned or proposed "talks" or "dialogue" between President Museveni and former presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye. Cabinet has not discussed anything to that effect".

"It's wrong to give an impression that the so called talks are being pursued covertly and secretly. There is nothing like that" he added.

"If there are people who want President Museveni and Kiiza Besigye to meet and talk, let them say so and make known the issues they want to present to the President" Tumwebaze said.

In a separate tweet, Media Centre officials said “Nobody is opposed to having dialogue. However, there is no dialogue going on between H.E. Kaguta Museveni and Rtd Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye.”

FDC on Monday described reports of talks as lies only meant to tarnish the party's name.

"That is a lie! Besigye has not accepted any dialogue with President Museveni. There is no agreement as far as we know. It is just propaganda which has been going on; initiated by some people for their own interests" the party's deputy secretary general, Harold Kaija told journalists.

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