State of Nation address: As it happened

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Text commentary of the State of the Nation address delivered by President Yoweri Museveni as it happened on Thursday.

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Text commentary of the State of the Nation address delivered by President Yoweri Museveni as it happened on Thursday.


By Joseph Kizza
true @joekizza


1.30 pm:  State of the nation

Good afternoon and welcome to today's live text commentary of the annual State of the Nation address due to be delivered by President Yoweri Museveni. In his address, the President is expected to highlight the economic, social and political state of Uganda, which is a part of the East African Community (EAC). Official address time is 2.00pm at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

If you are interested in getting warmed up to the address, here is a preview

The 'stars' of the year



So what will the president talk about, you might wonder. Well, the economy, simply put. In broader terms, President Museveni  will highlight the state of the economy, citing 'star' performing sectors, and the structural bottlenecks hampering Uganda's economy.

His address will also entail giving the country a holistic picture of the rate at which Uganda's economy has grown over the last 12 months, among several other things. New Vision's Moses Walubiri summarises it well for you.

1.45 pm:
  Quick glance at today's paper


Today's New Vision newspaper (Thursday June 4) leads with a worrying revelation, whose focus is on Pader district. A Government audit of health service delivery in the northern Uganda district has unearthed a salary scam. The probe, according to the story, has also discovered a high rate of staff absenteeism and abscondment from duty in many public health centres in the district.

Interested in digging into the details? Grab yourself a copy OR if you are not on the streets at the moment, you can still catch up with this article and a whole lot more HERE

1: 50pm: 
Early bird catches the  . . .


From right, former MPs Aggrey Awori, Anthony Butele & Absolom Ongim already at Serena, as pictured here by Ofwono Opondo, the executive director of the Uganda Media Centre (also government spokesperson). They seem to be catching up on a lot of things for sure!

Soaked up?

As the clock ticks away, inching ever closer to the State of the Nation address start time, Kampala weather has already reminded us of its unpredictability. The morning started off bright, with a mighty promise of a sunny day ahead. But a heavy downpour at about 11.00am must have even taken the local umbrella seller by surprise.

I hope you were not caught at the right place at the wrong time . . .  er . . . surely you wouldn't fancy getting all soaked up while waiting for the next bus/taxi at the bus stop! Or even getting stuck in heavy traffic jam as the skies give way to a morning downpour!

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Meanwhile, news just in is that President Yoweri Museveni has re-appointed Col. Shaban Bantariza as Deputy Executive Director Uganda Media Centre. This is according to Uganda Media Centre executive director, Ofwono Opondo.

Opondo says Bantariza will be reporting for duty soon. Yes, he definitely must be a happy man as pictured up there.

Need to freshen up your memory on this? Read full story HERE

2.22pm:   Grab that umbrella!


OK this morning's rain might have come a little unexpected but that shouldn't give you an excuse of not planning better next time. And with next time, I mean, any time today! As you can see, the weather is cloudy and I, without much meteorology experience, had doubted that we would see any more of the sun for the rest of today.  Well, fortunately, the sun's up and high again. But just in case . . . be on guard and run to the nearest store for an umbrella: it could eventually be the difference between you getting soaked like a duck or you making it home dry!

You just never know . . .

2.30pm:    One by one  . . .


. . . makes a full house for sure

Well, at the moment, the venue of the State of the Nation address is not as empty as this picture posted by Sarah Kagingo earlier on shows. On the other end that is out of view, the room is starting to fill up with officials.

2.31pm:  President Museveni arrives

President Yoweri Museveni has arrived, clad in a dark suit with his characteristic hat. He is welcomed by the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy Jacob Oulanyah.

It has turned into a hot afternoon and many will hope it remains this way, especially after that morning shower. Be reminded though, that the event will take place indoors.

Time for anthems


The stage is being set for the main event to start as the Uganda National anthem and the East African Community anthem are sung. A series of synchronized salutations and marching by the police force ensues. It's a beautiful stream of white and black uniforms as they march on.

2.50pm:  Almost there


The President, officials including MPs, ministers and other dignitaries have made their way into the auditorium at Serena Hotel where the address should get under way any time from now. Earlier Ofwono Opondo posted this picture on Twitter of DPP Mike Chibita mingling with the executive director of the Uganda National Roads Authority, Allen Kagina.

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true Ivan Elibu: Is it just me or is that more of a pink than a red carpet?

       Komusana: Some artists should perform at the state of the nation address. MPs need some sort of entertainment to keep them awake.

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3.00pm:  Let's all take our seats

Once all the officials, well, those around, are inside the auditorium, the anthems are sang again, before everyone then taking their seat.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga opens the session. The State of the Nation address is being used to officially open the fifth and last session of the ninth parliament as its term comes to a close in May next year. The Speaker is, in simple terms, declaring Serena Conference Centre as the seat of today's Parliament. She is also outlining the performance of The House in the past year.

Late submission of Bills

The Speaker points out the issue of late submission of Bills by the executive arm of the government. She underlines  Constitutional Amendment Bill as one of the pieces of legislations that were submitted late . . . among other Bills.

And that's not all she is concerned about. Another is abseentism and lack of quorom as factors that have affected the working of Parliament.

What do you think? Have you say by tweeting: #SOTNug15 .

President Museveni addresses nation



Applauces as President Yoweri Museveni walks up to the podium upon being invited by the Speaker. The President slaps on his spects (hat already off), and starts his address. Before his appearance, we learn from the Speaker that Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is due to pay a State visit on June 22 and also address the Ugandan parliament.

Museveni observes all protocol before getting on with his delivery. Silence around the room . . .

He digs into biblical allusions, more specifically drawing his point from the Book of Matthew 23: 'they left what they should have done and done what they shouldn't . . '  He says: "We have succeeded because we know what to do first and what to do next."

Further, the President points out that "we have added 1,627km of electricity lines to 1,470Km of transmission we had before 2006".

Works ministry boost

President Museveni: "We have boosted the budget for the Ministry of Works from sh374 billion in 2006 to sh3,328 trillion in 2015".

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true Ofwono Opondo: Museveni recently drove from Arua to Kampala by road at night

       Qwenga: They have put Shs170b in the Science innovation fund. Naye we are still waiting for that MUK car

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3.40pm:  Keep off!

Uganda is due to go into elections early next year, and the President has a message for people who have no potential to take the lead: "If you cannot be a leader, stay in your house. You don't have to bother people that you want to lead"

Wow! That's a serious one there Mr. President!

3.45pm:  'Strong lady'


Moments before, President Museveni praised new UNRA executive director Allen Kagina pictured here with KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi. On the fraud in Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Museveni is quick to remind any potential fraudsters that "I have put there a strong lady now".

3.55pm:  State of the roads

So for all of you who love to, or have to, get behind the auto wheels: The President reads out a list of roads to be worked on, saying the Kampala Northern bypass road is to be expanded. "Many of the roads being done are funded by your Gov't," he adds.

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true Samira Sawlani: Patiently following Ugandan President's State of the Nation Address. Intriguing as always

       Wilson Akiiki Kaija: Now I know why he's been using 2006 as base year! "@mumakeith Hoima - Kaiso-Tonya road was completed & launched. Not so?"

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4.00pm:  Speaking science

As he goes on with his speech, President Museveni says that his government has supported scientific innovations, with sh78bn to Banana Project. He adds: "After we have dealt with roads and electricity we shall support the scientists because they can do anything."

But he is quick to add to the MPs: "When I bring them [scientists] to you, you mistreat them in your parliamentary committees.

"The rude way you talk to people in your parliamentary committees is tantamount to abuse of power".

4.10pm:  Address continues . . .


4.15pm:  Peaceful Uganda

Museveni points out that Uganda is one of the most peaceful places in world. He admits though that we need to improve policing using modern technology because currently the police is uses archaic methods. He reminds the nation that emphasizing roads, electricity, railway and security "does not mean we forget other sectors"

Looking to 2040

While some people have remained sceptical over Uganda's progress around the current projections, President Museveni is sure to re-emphasize what he has always stood for confidently: that by 2040 Uganda will become an upper middle income country.

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true Moses: But why does President Museveni not use an Ipad to read the State of the Nation from? Age of pamphlets ended long ago!

       Muzanira: who are these scientists M7 is talking abt?? #SOTNUG15

      Samuel Ouga: Confidence of tenure after 2016. Good tidings coming. Government getting back to business.

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  More money from coffee


Museveni: "The money we shall get from the (refined) coffee shall be sh600m and this company that will process the coffee will use a third of what we are producing. We want all old coffee trees replaced with new trees and our output will be only second to Brazil in the world."

Earlier, he said that the government plans to recapitalise the Uganda Development Bank instead of privatising it.

4.45pm:  'I said no'



President Museveni says he resisted pressure to agree to a proposal that Uganda sells unprocessed iron ore.  "I was pressurised to export a tonne of iron ore at $37. I said no."

Earlier: "The lime in Karamoja is much more than the lime in Hima. We should get someone to build a cement factory there."

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Listening on . . .














5.50pm:  More pointers

  • The President says industrialisation around our agricultural and minerals resources is the answer to higher revenues and unemployment
  • He ppeals to Ugandans to buy local Uganda products
  • Northern Uganda is going to be the industrial hub because of power sources there, he says.
  • "On politics everthing is provided for in the Constitution"
  • "My sister Cecilia Ogwal is accusing me of bringing bad culture of envelopes"
  • Electoral reforms: "On politics everything is provided for in the Constitution"

5.07pm:  And it's another wrap!

President Museveni declares the session open. He concludes his annual State of the Nation address amid thunderous applause from the audience.

With a few remarks, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga adjourns Parliament. Anthems follow and the next door is the EXIT for everyone. The President leads the way out, ofcourse!

Remember that the reading of the 2015/16 Budget will take place next week on Thursday.

That's it folks!

So, with that said, it's time to get out of here good people. Thank you for keeping with us here.

Keep the conversation going on Twitter, plus read stories on the State of the Nation address right here on the New Vision website. Good eveving!



State of Nation address: As it happened

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