• Saturdayvision 633x393
    02:11 PM 26 May 2017

    Saturday Vision out

    KCCA announces massive tax hikes

  • Semwangared 633x393
    01:40 PM 26 May 2017

    What you didn't know about Ssemwanga

    For a man who lived his life splashing money and living a high life, Ivan Ssemwanga is due for an equally flashy send-off.

  • 06011makerereuniversity1 633x393
    12:04 PM 26 May 2017

    Conmen infiltrate Makerere admission process

    Namisango said the university has hired officials at the three centres that have been created at the university to help students without charging any coin.

  • Aaaaaaabig 633x393
    12:49 PM 26 May 2017

    Namirembe Diocese to lead Martyrs Day prayers

    The yearly pilgrimage enables believers to solidify their growing belief and enhances their glowing faith

  • Stellanyanzi016 633x393
    06:35 PM 25 May 2017

    Dr Nyanzi asks court to block her trial

    The constitution enshrines equal protection and treatment of all persons before the law as one of the fundamental tenets



Theresamay 134x76

Election campaign resumes after Manchester attack

Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had suspended campaigning

Trump 134x76

Trump berates NATO for dodging defence dues

Trump's rebuke came despite NATO saying it would formally join the US-led coalition against IS

Isis 134x76

Libya: breeding and training ground for jihadists

They were supplied weapons by Western countries and fought the regime as NATO warplanes provided them with air cover.


Aaaaaaabig 162x162

Awakening from the Trump nightmare

Is he any more so now than he was when the American people elected him?

Aaaaaaabig 162x162

Keeping the Balkan ghosts at bay

At an EU summit in Thessaloniki in 2003, delegates solemnly vowed to bring all of the Balkan countries...

Lomborg 162x162

Using data to find the middle ground...

A more modest option could, in the short term, do much more for every dollar spent