• Ssudanrefugees 633x393
    02:24 PM 17 August 2017

    Over one million S. Sudan refugees in Uganda – UN

    "We still have new arrivals coming, and we cannot really see, you can say, the end of the new arrivals."

  • Smoking 633x393
    11:10 AM 17 August 2017

    Two lung diseases 'killed 3.6 million in 2015'

    About 3.2 million people succumbed that year to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease while 400,000 people died from asthma.

  • Peanut 633x393
    11:21 AM 17 August 2017

    Breakthrough in peanut allergy research

    Food allergy affects one in 20 children and about two in 100 adults, with seafood, cow's milk, eggs and peanuts among the most typical triggers.

  • Twins 633x393
    12:02 PM 17 August 2017

    Babirye and Nakato’s customers can’t tell them apart

    “On several occasions, customers have come briefing me about their previous purchases mistaking me for Nakato."

  • Aaaaaaasmalljpg 633x393
    10:27 AM 16 August 2017

    Motorists warned off Kampala-Entebbe Expressway

    In January, the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) issued a similar warning



Ibrahimboubacarkeita 134x76

Mali leader declares 'unity' on terror after Burkina attack

Keita is current chairman of the so-called G5 Sahel group -- a coalition of five western-backed Saharan countries that have pledged to fight terror.

Southafricaminers1 134x76

S.Africa marks five years since massacre of miners

The 34 miners were gunned down after police were deployed to break up a wildcat strike that had turned violent at the Lonmin-owned Marikana platinum mine,...

Hakaindehichilema 134x76

Zambian opposition leader goes on trial for treason

Hichilema, leader of the United Party for National Development (UPND), has been in custody since April over an incident where he allegedly failed to give...


Carlbildt 162x162

The wrong way to prevent nuclear war...

Since the end of the Cold War, nuclear stockpiles around the world have been significantly reduced.

Gwynnedyer1cmyk 162x162

India: Changing identities

India is still a democracy, but a portrait of one of the men who conspired to assassinate Gandhi now...

Richardhaass 162x162

The end of Asia’s strategic miracle?...

China’s ascent began a bit later, but is no less impressive.




Law enforcement officers of KCCA have said they are harassed by vendors, yet they have no weapons to defend themselves. Should the officers be even guns as they carry out their jobs in the city?