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    04:17 PM 25 April 2017

    After six years, US troops end hunt for LRA warlord Kony...

    One of Africa's longest-surviving rebel groups, the LRA has terrorised parts of central Africa for 30 years.

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    04:02 PM 25 April 2017

    Uganda to host UN summit on refugees

    The need to share the burden of hosting refugees is the spirit behind the refugee summit

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    09:49 AM 25 April 2017

    Stella Nyanzi's case adjourned until May 10

    She is facing two counts of cyber harassment and offensive communication

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    02:58 PM 25 April 2017

    Verdict in Kananura murder case pushed to Friday

    Last week court assessors advised the trial judge to acquit Kananura

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    04:04 PM 25 April 2017

    The fight against FGM: Starting from the beginning

    “If they don’t come to us for cleansing, all the bad luck happens," says a cleanser in Amudat district.



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Turkey bombs Kurdish forces in northeast Syria

According to Abdel Rahman, the strikes were the first Turkish air raids in Syria since it completed an unprecedented military campaign there in March....

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US counting on French anti-terror ops in Africa: Mattis

The Americans have notably been providing air refuelling for French planes and exchanging intelligence with the French forces.

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S.Sudan hosting rebels to 'extend war' in Sudan: security

Armed revolts on both sides of the border have soured relations between Khartoum and Juba.


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Shortage of recreation facilities killing...

Some students would slash the bushy compound; others would clean dormitories, classrooms or clean lavatories...

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Why more still needs to be done for...

A large number, especially those based outside of Gulu, were provided with little or no support upon...

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Trump’s quixotic energy policy

Trump is proposing to eliminate federal funding for scientific research on climate change.