• Kanyamunyu 633x393
    09:36 AM 20 February 2017

    Kanyamunyu, co-accused apply for bail again

    The accused were first denied bail on January 10, 2017 by the same court presided over by High court Judge Elizabeth Kibula Kabanda for failure to prove to court exceptional circumstances like advanced age

  • Jammeh 633x393
    08:26 AM 20 February 2017

    Jammeh's missing: tracing The Gambia's disappeared

    Jammeh's stunning electoral defeat in December -- after 22 years in power -- triggered the release of many political prisoners.

  • Aaaaaaabig 633x393
    07:15 AM 20 February 2017

    Turning 93, Zimbabwe's Mugabe rules out retirement

    The ruler who has kept an iron grip on power since Zimbabwe declared independence in 1980 once quipped that he would rule until he turned 100.

  • Eagle 633x393
    07:28 AM 20 February 2017

    French army grooms eagles to down drones

    Usually, the birds of prey are kept to scare birds away from the runway to reduce the risk of accidents during takeoff or landing.

  • Aaaaaaabig 633x393
    06:53 AM 20 February 2017

    Global arms trade highest since Cold War

    The United States remains the top weapons exporter with a 33 percent market share ahead of Russia, China, France and Germany.



Eagle 670x305

French army grooms eagles to down drones

Usually, the birds of prey are kept to scare birds away from...

PIC: A royal eagle catches a drone during flight during a military exercise at the Mont-de-Marsan airbase, southwestern France. (AFP) Faced with the risk of drones being used to snoop or carry out attacks on French soil, the air force is showing its claws. At Mont-de-Marsan in southwestern France a quartet of fearsome golden eagles is being trained to take out unmanned aircraft in mid-flight. The roar of a departing Rafale fighter jet gives way to the buzz of a drone lifting into the air...

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Greece 134x76

Eurozone ministers seek Greece debt breakthrough

Greece's eurozone and IMF creditors remain locked in a tense stalemate over debt relief and budget targets.

Aaaaaaabig 134x76

Migrants flee US to seek asylum in Canada

The trend has officials fretting and they have asked federal and provincial authorities to increase resources to address the situation

Spacex 134x76

SpaceX blasts off cargo from historic NASA launchpad

The mission was the first to take off from NASA's historic launchpad 39A.


Aaaaaaabig 162x162

Restoring faith in globalization

We now live in a world with 7.5 billion people, and yet the share of people living in absolute poverty...

Aaaaaaasmall 162x162

Non-custodial sentences as alternative...

Even where financial resources are available, the prison budget is usually accorded low priority

Aaaaaaabig 162x162

The Maniac in Pyongyang

The North Korean regime is brutally repressive and given to foaming at the mouth over minor slights


Should social services budget be cut to boost infrastructure development budget in the new financial year?