• Visiongroupcatholicmass6 633x393
    12:25 AM 07 May 2016

    Vicar General Msgr. Kasibante visits Vision Group, commends...

    Without the contribution of Vision Group, Kasibante argued, the success of the papal visit would have been reduced tremendously.

  • Internationalschoolmusic3 633x393
    12:05 AM 07 May 2016

    Fun, love at International School's music festival 2016...

    The festival, under the theme Harmony that was held at Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) in Bukoto, Kampala attracted eight international schools.

  • Skoi 633x393
    02:07 PM 06 May 2016

    ‘Fighter jets over Kampala not for intimidation’

    UPDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda said: "vI hear people are worried about the air crafts that flew over Kampala this morning. Calm down, these were routine test flights. The purpose was not to intimidate anyone as some people are alleging.”

  • China1 633x393
    10:50 AM 06 May 2016

    Chinese enterprises in Uganda create over 40,000 jobs

    He made the remarks at a function where the chamber rewarded 30 excellent Ugandan employees working in Chinese enterprises for their exceptional performance.

  • Kaliisa 633x393
    08:41 AM 06 May 2016

    Man who burnt wife with acid found HIV card

    She always told him they were only business colleagues. Bothered by the trend, Kaliisa started rummaging threw her belongings to find 'evidence' of infidelity



Paddyankunda 670x305

Uganda considers withdrawing from Somalia

Since 2007 Uganda has played an important role in the war country that has resulted in the pacification of large parts of Somalia, including the capital...

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Growth falls to 15-year low in Sub-Saharan Africa: IMF

Oil exporters Nigeria and Angola were among the worst hit, along with Ghana, South Africa and Zambia.

Mmmeee 134x76

Missing Malaysia helicopter debris found: PM

Search teams recovered a rotor blade, a floatation device, part of a wall panel, a door and a seat early Friday

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Beijing 'tightens screws' on Taiwan's new president

Tsai won the presidency by a landslide in January as voters wary of closer China ties turned their backs on the ruling Beijing-friendly Kuomintang.


Pembawarriors4 670x305

Warriors target top two finish after signing four stars...

Top of the lot is Nigerian Ahmed Temitope who has had stints with clubs in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia among others.


Johnoyambicmyk 162x162

When Govt communication officers visited...

There is a common notion that fishermen are used to quick money or a daily income and they don’t save...

Betiolivekamya20162cmykreduced 162x162

FDC could not have won the 2016 elections...

FDC fielded just one candidate per constituency but covered just half the country, rendering YKM unopposed...

Ofwonoopondonewcroppedcmyk 162x162

Mugisha Muntu’s dilemma within FDC

Muntu has to fight really hard so as to appear as radical as Besigye, Semujju Nganda and Ingrid Turinawe,...


Should government heed to European Union election observer team demand on electoral reforms?