WAN-IFRA Women in News (WIN) named Faith Zaba, Diana Moukalled, and Regina “Ging” Reyes as the winners of the 2022 Editorial Leadership Award. (Courtesy photo)
Mary Karugaba
Journalist @New Vision

WAN-IFRA Women in News (WIN) has named Faith Zaba (Africa), Diana Moukalled, (Arab Region) and Regina “Ging” Reyes (Southeast Asia) as the winners of the 2022 Editorial Leadership Award.

Zaba is the editor of the Zimbabwe Independent, Diana Moukalled, is the co-founder of Daraj Media in Lebanon and Reyes is the Senior Vice President and Head of Integrated News and Current Affairs Division of ABS-CBN Corporation in Philippines.

The annual WIN Editorial Leadership Award recognises the exemplary contribution of an editor to her newsroom, and under her leadership, her media organisation’s contribution to society.

2022 Laureates were honoured at WAN-IFRA’s World News Media Congress taking place from September 28-30 in Zaragoza, Spain.

According to a press release, WAN-IFRA’s CEO Vincent Peyregne congratulated the winners and said: “Equality and inclusion in the media are essential for a healthy and representative society. We are happy to welcome our 2022 laureates, Zaba, Moukalled and Reyes to the group of media leaders who play an exceptional role in making a difference in media while contributing to these fundamental ideals.”

The Laureates are selected by members of the Women in News Global Steering Committee based on criteria such as commitment to editorial excellence, gender equality and supporting the next generation of media leaders.

Who is Zaba?

According to the Press release, Zaba is the first woman editor of the Zimbabwe Independent, the country’s leading business and investigative weekly owned by Alpha Media Holdings (AMH).

She has more than 27 years of experience in the news industry. She was also the first woman to be appointed deputy editor in 2016, and the first of many other appointments after this point until being named top editor in Zimbabwe independent.

Commenting about her award, Zaba said, “This award is a message to young women in the media and those who have the beautiful dream of joining this amazing profession; they too can sit at the table. Through sheer hard work, perseverance and determination, glass ceilings can be shattered.”

“My message to the young women journalists is to never give up. You are worthy and, yes, you can. I am deeply humbled and honoured to receive this prestigious global recognition,” Zaba added.

Who is Moukalled?

Moukalled is the co-founder of Daraj.com, an independent media platform addressing controversial issues in the Arab Region. She is a Lebanese journalist and documentary producer and director with almost 30 years of experience in the media industry.

She has covered hot zones in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and other conflict zones, and has shot more than 50 hours of documentaries, tackling socio-political issues in the Arab region and globally.

Diana is also a columnist and a media and gender trainer.

“I am deeply touched by this award. It’s an acknowledgment that goes beyond individuals to highlight the challenges journalists in general and women journalists in particular face. The current political, economic and security conditions in the Arab region may lead only to more discontent and frustration. The situation simply doesn’t encourage optimism. It is, however, a road worth taking, with genuine commitment, patience, and enthusiasm," she said.

“Ging” Reyes

Regina “Ging” Reyes, a seasoned news executive with more than 30 years’ experience as a journalist, is currently the Senior Vice President and Head of Integrated News and Current Affairs Division of ABS-CBN Corporation, one of the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment companies.

A premier news personality in the Filipino-American community, Reyes established and expanded ABS-CBN’s News operations in the US and Canada.

“This honour comes at a time when our news organisation continues to be severely challenged on many fronts.  I am deeply moved and humbled to receive this recognition on behalf of my entire news team, most especially the women in our newsroom and in the field. They are at the forefront of our battle to defend media freedom in our country and preserve the values of our profession,” said Reyes.

Previous Laureates of the WIN Editorial Leadership Award include: Toyosi Ogunseye, Head of West Africa at BBC World Service, Karima Kamal, columnist and contributing editor for the Egyptian daily Al Masry Al Youm, Pamella Sittoni, Executive Editor for the Daily Nation in Kenya, Noura al-Hourani, Lead Arabic Editor at Syria Direct, Barbara Kaija, Editor-in-Chief of the Vision Group in Uganda, Anna Nimiriano, the Editor-in-Chief of the Juba Monitor in South Sudan, Acil Tabbara, Senior Editor at the French-language Lebanese daily L’Orient Le Jour, Mary Mbewe, the Executive Editor of Zambia’s Daily Nation, Etaf Roudan, the director of Radio al-Balad in Jordan, Edyth Kambalame, Editor at The Nation on Sunday and Vice-President of the Malawi Editors’ Forum, Samia Nakhoul, Middle East Editor at Thomson Reuters and multi-award winning journalist, and Nyein Nyein Naing, Editor-in-Chief at 7Day News digital in Myanmar.


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