LIVE UPDATES: State Of The Nation Address

Jun 07, 2022

The Ugandan economy, by the budget time in the next few days, will be standing at US$ 45.7billion

LIVE UPDATES: State Of The Nation Address

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Speaker adjourned the House upto June 14, when the  Budget will be read. 


President finished speaking.

"After overcoming the consequences of covid-19 and the high commodity prices, we shall go back to our other manifesto issues e.g. free education.
On corona, however, the public needs to be careful again. Why were people not putting on masks at Namugongo? We now, again, getting 2 deaths per week from corona. Be alert, again, please." - President Museveni.



The Speaker then reminded MPs of Rule 10(4) of the Parliament Rules of Procedure that require the President to be heard in silence and subsequently, invites the President to address Parliament.

He started by reminding Ugandans about the biblical parable of the wise man who built his house on firm ground ( Matthew 7:24-27) and likened it to Uganda, which is built on firm foundations, which he said was built on the NRM's 10-Point Programme.


"Remember, the locusts, the rising waters of the Lakes, the floating islands, the landslides, the terrorist bombs, the covid-19 and now the rising commodity prices artificially caused by the Ukrainian war. In spite of all these, the Ugandan economy, by the budget time in the next few days, will be standing at US$ 45.7billion by the exchange rate method and at USD 131.6 billion by the PPP method." - President Museveni.



"In the coming financial years, we are going to intensify the modest efforts we have already started on, in connection with irrigation. With irrigation, we have worked with the private sector to produce solar-powered water pumps that the rich farmers can buy and engage in mini-irrigation, farm by farm." - President Museveni



"At the same time, we are continuing to repair and expand the old irrigation schemes and also build new ones. As of now, the following irrigation schemes are ready: Wadelai (Pakwach); Mubuku (Kasese); Ngenge (Kween); Doho (Butaleja); Rwengaaju (Kabarole); Agoro (Kitgum); Olweny (Lira); and Tochi (Oyam). Acomoi in Bukedea and Ataari in the district of Bulambuli and Lopei in the district of Moroto are being worked on." - President Museveni 


"Right from 1986, I started the struggle to add value to our coffee because our cadres who were deployed there told me of the value differentials between our coffee sold as beans and what it would get when processed as soluble coffee, or any other type of final coffee, to be consumed." - President Museveni.



"Ever since 1986, I have been trying to get value adders to all our raw-materials. Sometimes I succeeded." - President Museveni.



"It is criminal for anybody to continue arguing for the continued export of raw-materials in Africa when there is 90% more value in that product that you are giving to outsiders." - President Museveni.



The Book of Galatians, Chapter 6, Verse 7, in the Bible, tells us that whatever a man sows, that is what he reaps (Buri muuntu weena ekyabiba, nikyo agyesha). The NRM brought Uganda to the door-step (ekisasi) of the- middle income status from such a low base in spite of so many challenges." - President Museveni.



"When it comes to the recent high commodity prices, caused, initially, by the re-launch of the world economy after the two years of lockdown and, additionally, by the war in Ukraine, our decision, after careful analysis, is to avoid the traps of tax cuts and subsidies." - President Museveni. 




The correct NRM policy of emphasizing science in Education and prioritizing the better payment of 15 Government scientists if we do not yet have enough money to pay everybody." - President Museveni. 



On the issue of security within the Great Lakes Region, in Regional Conferences like the one we had in Nairobi some weeks ago, we share our history with the African brothers and sisters. Some of the problems never get solved on account of mixing up three issues: armed conflicts for just causes, armed conflicts for reactionary aims and the use of terrorist methods whatever the nature of the conflict – just or unjust." - President Museveni.




Our experience and even other good experiences, show that combining both political and military methods, is the correct way. Especially for the non-terrorist armed groups, even when they are fighting for an unjust cause (sectarianism etc.), priority should be given to dialogue, leading to a political solution." - President Museveni.


"Take Lakwena, for instance. Although she was fighting an unjust war of Acholi sectarianism, she was definitely not a terrorist because she was not using terrorist methods." - President Museveni.


"Even for the terrorist groups, if they accept dialogue, it should be tried. It is through dialogue combined with military efforts that we reached solutions with Angello Okello, Bamuze, Musa Echweru, Benz, UFM, FEDEMO, etc." - President Museveni. 




The first sitting of the 2nd Session of the 11th Parliament has commenced. The Speaker of Parliament Anitah Among has given her communication. 




Members of Parliament observe a moment of silence in honour of the late Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah who passes away in March 2022. (Pictures Courtesy of Parliament of Uganda)



The newly elected Member of Parliament for Omoro County, Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, was sworn in, bringing the total number of MPs in the 11th Parliament to 555.




President Museveni arrives for the State of the Nation Address in Kololo. He is accompanied by First Lady Janet Museveni. (Pictures Courtesy of Parliament of Uganda)





The Vice President, Jessica Alupo has also arrived at Kololo Ceremonial Ground for the State function.



The Prime Minister Hon. RobinahNabbanja has arrived for the State of the Nation Address. 


The Speaker of Parliament, Hon AnitahAmong has arrived at Kololo Ceremonial Ground for the State of the Nation Address. 



In a few minutes, President Yoweri Museveni is expected to give the State of the Nation Address. He will be live on all @VisionGroup  platforms. Be sure to tune in. #VisionUpdates #SONA2022


Several dignitaries, including Members of Parliament, are already at the Kololo Ceremonial Ground for the State of the Nation Address.  Miriam Namutebi is on-site to bring us pictures of the events as they unfold.


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