Plans unveiled for redevelopment of Lugogo Sports Complex

Dec 02, 2023

What is certain, the National Council of Sports (NCS) has a clear idea of how Lugogo will appear after its grand transformation.

Plans unveiled for redevelopment of Lugogo Sports Complex

Charles Lwanga
Journalist @New Vision

It is not clear when works will commence, how long they will take, or how much they will cost. 

What is certain, the National Council of Sports (NCS) has a clear idea of how Lugogo will appear after its grand transformation.

Needless to say, it will be amazing.

New Vision Sports has obtained copies of the artistic impressions of the project expected to be handled by Turkish contractor Summa, and they show a massive complex comprising a new indoor multipurpose sports Arena (1500-seater, a revamped hockey stadium, a swimming pool (Olympic size) , two hostels (120 rooms and 60 rooms) , minilwa arena, offices, and a gym.

An artistic impresion of the complex

An artistic impresion of the complex

In September, Summa presented his interest to the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who gave a green light to the revamp of the complex although the financial assurance from the government to permit the contractor to get down to work is yet to be received.

The renovation of the complex is something that has been needed as early as yesterday due to the increasing attention Uganda is getting on the global stage with accolades being collected in various disciplines but with very low-grade facilities.

The current state of the facilities is inadequate. The indoor arena cannot host continental and world championships in sports like Volleyball and Basketball because the playing surface is so slippery and can't be passed fit to host continental and world events.

The playing surface also does not give Ugandan teams the comparative advantage to conveniently compete on the African /world stage based on the playing surface, lighting, and aeration of the arena.

The hockey pitch has an outdated sand-based astro-tough (playing surface) which is not recommended by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and is now advocating for water-based ones.

Better stands for fans and drainage systems are going to be set up at the facility to enable players to play without fear.

The country has also not had a national aquatics center but the complex will house one which will also decrease the expenses incurred by the Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) to rent swimming pools that are not up to Olympia's size.

However, the Lugogo cricket oval and tennis courts are set to be shifted to other venues and allow the renovation to take precedence. 

Talks between NCS and Kyambogo University are in the advanced stages to have the Kyambogo University Cricket Oval turned into the national oval and be at the pinnacle of hosting cricket events.

Relatedly, schools around Kampala are being scouted by NCS to see which ones have sufficient land and love tennis to bare courts that the association will use since the courts at Lugogo are going to be removed.

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