Nyakasura wins Midwestern regional debate championship

Jun 22, 2024

Kyebambe Girls' SS headteacher Esther Gidudu says debate helps students develop critical thinking skills and improve their public speaking abilities.

Kyebambe Girls Secondary School headmistress Esther Gidudu handing over a certificate to Green Schools Climate Change Debate Midwestern champions Nyakasura School at Kyebambe Girls Secondary School on June 21, 2024. (Credit: Deo Kyaligonza)

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Nyakasura School won the Green Schools Initiative Regional Climate Change debate tournament for the Midwestern region on Friday.

Fort Portal-based school will now advance to the national competition along with the first runner-up, St. Leo's College Kyegobe, and the second runner-up, Kabalega Secondary School, during the second term holidays this August.

▪️ The 2024 Green Schools best regional debaters so far

The regional tournament held at Kyebambe Girls Secondary School attracted nine secondary schools from the mid-western region. 

They included; Kyebambe Girls Secondary School, St. Leo's College, Kyegobe, Nyakasura School, Kabalega Secondary School, Bukonzo Seed SS, Burondo Seed SS, Semiliki High School, Kibanda SS and St Theresa Girls SS.

Buhimba Secondary School did not show up.

The tournament, which started at 10am, was a great success and showcased the incredible talent of the students.

Esther Gidudu, the headteacher of hosts Kyebambe Girls' Secondary School, thanked all participants and patrons for their support and commitment to making the tournament a success.

She said debate helps students develop critical thinking skills and improve their public speaking abilities.

Gidudu also emphasized the importance of healthy competition and encouraged all schools to continue participating in such events in the future.

She said Kyebambe Girls Secondary School was proud to have hosted the tournament and blazed the trail by being among the pioneer schools to participate in the Green Schools project last year.

Sidney Miria (pictured below), the special projects manager at Vision Group and coordinator of the Green Schools Initiative, emphasized the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation for future generations.

Miria encouraged the participants to put to good use the 50 copies of Weekend Vision given to their schools under the project and to contribute articles to the publication that raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire others to take action.

He also commended the schools that were promoting green initiatives within their community and urged them to continue leading by example.

By working together, said Miria, we can make a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to take action as well.

Western and Busoga regions next

The regional qualifiers will continue on Monday with the Western and Busoga regions.

Jinja College in Jinja city will host the Busoga region competition while Kibubura Girls' Secondary School in Ibanda district will host the Western region contest.

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