Bugisu vows to support Muhoozi‘s MK Army Movement

Jan 23, 2023

In Mbale city, where Muhoozi joined Christians for a Sunday church service, the clergy, MPs and local leaders from different political divides, expressed their resolution to unite and rally behind the MK Movement.

Gen. Muhoozi joined the Christians in worship and praise. Photos by Javier Silas Omagor

By Javier Silas Omagor and Leonard Mukhooli
Journalists @New Vision

You are our own. You are made of the next generation and what is even special is that you are willing to take on the mantle and Bugisu is with you. 

Those were Bungokho South County Member of Parliament Richard Wanda's remarks directed towards Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba when he (Muhoozi) visited Mbale city yesterday (Sunday, January 22). 

Wanda is also the Sebei MK Army Movement chief co-ordinator. 

Muhoozi's triumphant entrance to Mbale City.

Muhoozi's triumphant entrance to Mbale City.

Wanda was speaking during an event where the leadership of Bugisu endorsed the MK Army Movement, stressing that they were fully committed to supporting its formation.

 The MK Army Movement is a political pressure group established and led by Muhoozi, who officially launched it on Saturday, January 21, in Kapchorwa district.


In Mbale city, where Muhoozi joined Christians for a Sunday church service, the clergy, MPs and local leaders from different political divides, expressed their resolution to unite and rally behind the MK Movement.

 Mbale Diocese Vicar the Very Rev. Milton Shissa, who presided over the church service Muhoozi attended at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Mbale, said “one’s self-examination enables them to position themselves strategically to bless others.”

The MPs working with the MK Army Movement at the MK luncheon held at Mbale Resort Hotel.

The MPs working with the MK Army Movement at the MK luncheon held at Mbale Resort Hotel.

 Speaking about Muhoozi’s decision to start his MK Movement, Shissa said the “time is right".

 Drawing his teaching from Genesis 35: 6 and Isaiah 40:31, Shissa said one has to be obedient to God, just as Jacob did, to be blessed. 

 He asked Muhoozi to be a unifying and revivalist leader who can bless and encourage the country to unite. 

 “I ask you to be a blessing to bless others, an encouragement to encourage, a revivalist in people’s lives and a blessing to this nation,” Shissa said and later blessed the movement.

 Like the clergy, the political leadership and business community of Bugisu backed MK.

Uniting for common cause

Wanda's vice-co-ordinator, Paul Wanyoto Mugoya, said forces in Bugisu had united for one cause: "Ensuring that you are our next President.”

 “As you see, the Church is full of people of different political affiliations. Personally, I'm an FDC [Forum for Democratic Change party supporter], my sister over there, Lydia Wanyoto is the chairperson of the ruling National Resistance Movement party's Women League and the Mbale city deputy speaker Abdullah Magombe is a NUP [National Unity Platform] cadre, but we are all working together under the MK Army Movement,” he said.

  “Through you Muhoozi, through our interaction, you have made us believe in unity and working for the greater good,” Mugoya said.

 He added that the MK revolution was an all-encompassing revolution with people of different political fronts who have a common goal. 

 Wanyoto pledged to support Muhoozi if he chooses to run for the position of President. 

 “I would love to be the President, but I don’t have the capacity, but since he has the capacity, I choose to support him if the right time comes and he makes his intentions known to the world which I am certain he will,” Wanyoto said. 

 MK Movement national vice-chairperson Balam Barugahara praised President Yoweri Museveni for his visionary leadership and the ability to raise Muhoozi.

Humbled by gesture

Meanwhile, Muhoozi in his speech acknowledged the support he received from St Andrew’s Cathedral Church and the entire Bugisu.

 “I'm humbled by the overwhelming love you have demonstrated to the mighty MK Army,” Muhoozi said.

 He later contributed sh20m in cash to help run the church activities.

 Another sh6m was given to the Mission Choir at the Church, while Balaam also announced a donation of sh15m to the cathedral choir towards buying equipment.

 In order to help the Cathedral continue with the construction of an incomplete building at the premises, the MK Army offered shillings two million.

MK Movement national chairperson Michael Mawanda gave the church shillings five million.

 Sebei MK chief co-ordinator, Fadil Twalla (Tingye County MP) also gave the church sh2m for the purchase of podium carpets.

Business paralysed

Joined by other joyed motorists the MK entourage paralysed business in Mbale city as they drove through Pallisa Road, Republic Street and Busamaga road to hold a short rally at Elgon Rugby Grounds.

 Pedestrians clad in several paraphernalia hailing Muhoozi and Museveni including T-shirts, tracksuits and caps, were seen running beside the convoy. 

 Muhoozi, also the former Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC), told the crowd that the journey to ensure the next generation’s leadership had just begun.

 “I'm one of you. A youth like you who wants the very best for each citizen,” he said.

 From Elgon Rugby playgrounds, Muhoozi headed for a luncheon meeting with the Mbale city business community at Mbale Resort Hotel.

 “I thank you all for financing the stay and activities of the MK Army Movement in Mbale,” the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations said.

 “In the next few months, the mighty MK Movement will organise a much bigger occasion here in Mbale and I cannot wait to see you all,” Muhoozi added.

 Vision Group Chief Executive Officer, who moderated the luncheon, used his opening remarks to read through Gen. Muhoozi’s curriculum virtue (CV) before affirming that the latter had all the credentials to lead the country.

 “This is a strong army general who has demonstrated his potential over years in different capacities,” Wanyama said.

 Several MPs accompanied Muhoozi to the Church including Mbale City Woman MP Connie Galiwango, Gogonyo county MP Derick Orone, Soroti County MP Patrick Aeku, Nwoya District Woman MP Judith Acan and Yusuf Mutembuli of Bunyooli South.

 Army generals, led by UPDF 3rd Infantry Division Commander Brig. Gen. Joseph Balikudembe and deputy commander of the army's third Division, Brig. Gen. Felix Busizoori, also escorted Muhoozi. 

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