Bamasaaba in diaspora launch fundraising to aid flood victims
Charles Etukuri
Senior Writer @New Vision

The North America Masaaba Cultural Association (NAMCA), together with the Bamasaaba in the UK (IMUKA), have launched a fundraising campaign through which they hope to provide relief for those who were affected by the Saturday night downpour which caused flooding and landslides.

Kriss Namakola who is the President NAMCA and Michael Materesi of IMUKA in a joint statement released on Thursday, August 4, 2022, said they stand with the people of Bugisu who have lost their lives and property due to the floods of last week.

“At least 25 people have died in mudslides and floods triggered by heavy rains. Villages have been overwhelmed with water, mud and stones, roads and bridges damaged and landslides,” the statement said.

The statements indicated that the floods have caused serious damage to lives, property, homes and crops. Those losses will affect the livelihoods of many people in the region.

People are hungry, thirsty and living in makeshift shelters on higher ground or with generous people who are letting them stay into their homes while they try to rebuild their own lives.”

In response to this tragedy, NAMCA and IMUKA have launched a campaign to aid those who had been affected.

For this purpose, a zoom conference is scheduled for Sunday, August 7, 2022, at 7:00pm East African Standard times.

“We invite all people from across the globe to come and join us in an effort to help our people. We pray for all the affected communities and we stand with them in these trying times,” IMUKA/NAMCA said.

Following the heavy rainfall on Saturday night downpour that caused severe flooding in some parts of Bugisu, especially Mbale and landslides both in Bududa and Kapchorwa districts, 29 people were killed and several properties damaged.

Three people including a mother and her two children were killed in Kapchorwa landslides while 26 people were killed by floods in Mbale.

Among these were 11 people, who were travelling in a Toyota Super Custom to attend a marriage ceremony in Kabwangasi sub-county, Butebo district but their car was swept by floods at Nabuyonga Bridge after River Nabuyonga burst its banks.

Others who died were swept away by floods. By Thursday the search for five more victims and a truck and several motorbikes believed to have been swept by the floods was still ongoing.


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