Man dies in Christmas eating competition
Eddie Ssejjoba
Journalist @New Vision

A 55-year-old man collapsed and died after taking part in an eating competition organised in Kanungu district as part of the Christmas Day entertainment.

Gad Sentenekora, a peasant and a resident of Kayembe Cell, Kabuga parish in Kihihi, Kanungu, died on Christmas Day, turning the hilarious entertainment event into mourning.

Some of the revellers who had turned up for competition took to their heels on getting the news that one of the participants had passed on.

According to Elly Maate, the Kigezi region spokesperson, the case has been registered as sudden death.

It's alleged that on Christmas Day, the deceased left home and registered himself to take part in the eating competition.

The competition attracted at least nine other participants, bringing the total number to 10. It was organised and sponsored by one Severino who bought the cakes and chapatis for each participant.

It also attracted several spectators at Kibimbiri Trading Centre. The winner was supposed to go home with prizes.

However, Maate explained, while in the middle of the competition, as spectators cheered, the Sentenekora collapsed.

The event was halted, and the deceased was immediately rushed to Kigezi Health Centre IV, where he was unfortunately pronounced dead at about 8:00 pm.

According to Maate, the Police were tipped and immediately reached the scene.

The OC CID Kihihi Police Station and a team of detectives visited the place and started investigations. A death enquiry file was opened at Kabuga Police Post under SD REF 04/26/12/2021.

The Police has often warned the public against organising such competitions, but it was not yet clear whether the organiser would be charged.


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