• Dec 01, 2021 . 1 min Read
  • Canary Mugume VIP video raises dust on internet

Canary Mugume (right)
Alex Balimwikungu
@New Vision

After Canary Mugume’s widely publicised wedding to Sasha Ferguson in September, many people expected the marriage to follow a typical Ugandan script. Lap in the limelight, go out on honeymoon, post pictures, let the moment slide for one week, and then slide back to your mundane life punctuated by a ‘functional’ sex life, not one that sets the bedroom on fire for newlyweds.

For  NBS TV’s Canary Mugume and wife, it has been different.  They are lost in the throes of love and passion and can't keep away from each other. For one who cut short his honeymoon to work, he made it up to his wife when he flew to London to catch up on lost time with her.

Since their marriage, Sasha has been lapping up to him, often acting like the lucky one.  Every facet of their intimate lives has played out for the gallery.  However, one particular video she posted on TikTok is likely to pepper their young marriage.

In the video she uploaded, Sasha, who is back in the country from UK, posted: “When he shows up to have quick lunch with you as soon as you land back.”


For many who took to Twitter, it was not the gesture. It was the fact that Canary was accorded a VVIP treatment, complete with a personal chauffeur and a bodyguard who opened his door.

Cue the comments:  A one @Fernandez_256 wrote:

“We need a scientific explanation into how Canary went from being a guy who used tape measure in a crime scene to the guy who’s getting this kind of VIP treatment.”

Others blamed Sasha for exposing him.  A one Brian Mugalu @brian_mugalu256 wrote:  “Canary lived his life secretly before marriage, but the other gender decided to expose his life just a few months after the wedding.”

There was speculation he will stand for political office in 2026. @nasybb wrote, “ I’m smelling Canary running for a political office come 2026.. what’s all the traction for!




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