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  • URU urged to organise more games for women's rugby

Thunderbirds' Patricia Anek (right) scores a try against Black Pearls at Kyadondo on Saturday. Photo by Johnson Were
Johnson Were
Journalist @New Vision

The women rugby development manager Beatrice Atim has urged Uganda Rugby Union to organise more competitions to keep the women’s teams together and build consistency among players.

Atim made the appeal on Sunday at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds after the second leg of the women rugby 7s tournament that was won by Entebbe Avengers in the elite category and Blue Whales in the junior category.

“Our focus is on building stronger national teams but we cannot do that without more competitions that test these players’ fitness and consistency,” Atim said.


“We, therefore, request for more funding to be able to organise more competitions because the players are there and the talents are more than enough,” she added.

Entebbe Swans manager Regina Lunyolo added that the union should facilitate the available male coaches to go upcountry and help the existing teams in the technical field.

She cited national team coaches Kigongo Ssebalamu, James Onen, and Leo Lubambula who have volunteered to offer their services.

Uganda Rugby Union vice president in charge of technical Oscar Olaro promised to tackle their problem because the union is committed to the development of the sports.

Patricia Anek of Thunderbirds blows past Mary Gloria Ayota of Black Pearls. Photo by Johnson Were

Patricia Anek of Thunderbirds blows past Mary Gloria Ayota of Black Pearls. Photo by Johnson Were

In the elite category games played, Entebbe Avengers defeated Thunderbirds 28-5, drew with Black Pearls 7-7, and edged Mbale Eagles 31-14.

Black Pearls smashed Thunderbirds 33-5, drew 7-7 with Avengers before crashing Mbale Eagles 28-5.

In the junior category, Blues Whales beat all their opponents including Black Diamonds, Ewe, Acholi Quarters, and Entebbe Lady Swans to emerge winners of the circuit.

The next circuit moves to Entebbe on Sunday.


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