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  • The kind of mattress you sleep on can determine how long you live

A good matress will keep you healthy
Maureen Nakatudde
Journalist @New Vision

Some people have back problems and they do know the source of it.  But did you ever imagine that a mattress can be a route cause of health issues in your life?

Picking a good mattress is vital since it determines your health. When you have a good night’s sleep, you perform better at work but also prevent some diseases thereby strengthening your immune system.

 Your ideal mattress might be very expensive, but it might fall short of what is recommended.

Dr. Fred Muwawu Bakidde from Bunjako Healthy Centre III, Mpigi district recommends choosing a hard mattress instead of a soft one. “The harder the mattress the better,” he says. If you are not conversant with a hard mattress, Dr. Bakidde gives an example of a hospital mattress.  You should look out for such mattresses.

The harder the mattress the better

Why is selecting a mattress very vital?  By picking the right mattress, Dr. Bakidde reveals you will be able to prevent orthopedic problems like joint pains, fractures, lower back and neck pains.

Kevin Namukasa, a dealer in one of the many company mattresses in Kampala recommends choosing a high-density mattress. “This means the weight of the mattress,” she explains.  The higher the heaviness of a mattress, Namukasa says the more it lasts since it takes longer to lose its firmness.

If you don’t know how to pick a high-density mattress, Namukasa says you will find the sticker underneath the mattress cover revealing the weight in kilograms.

Since the market is flooded with different types of mattresses some of which are fake, Juliet Nnalongo a mattress seller says it is best you come to purchase one when you know what you want. If you are sick, ask your physician for advice on what type of mattress is best suited for you.

Don’t merely buy a mattress for its gorgeous outlook, but always focus on its hardiness and density so that you can avoid health problems.


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