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  • Banyarwanda tribe protected under the Uganda Constitution, says Minister Baryomunsi

ICT and National Guidance minister, Dr Chris Baryomunsi
John Masaba
Journalist @New Vision

 ICT and National Guidance minister, Dr Chris Baryomunsi, says talk of discrimination against the Banyarwanda people in Uganda is not true and is only intended to sow seeds of discord between the community and other tribes in Uganda.

'If there's any problem against anybody, that problem is with individuals not the government because this government treats all Ugandans equally,' he said.

The minister was reacting to a question from a journalist at Uganda Media Center on Saturday about complaints from the community that they are treated differently because of their ethnicity.

 The development came shortly after Victoria University vice chancellor, Dr Lawrence Muganga, who openly identifies himself as being a member of the Banyarwanda community, was arrested last week.

Muganga has also been part of the group spearheading efforts to rename the community, “Abavandimwe” on grounds that they are being segregated in the name of calling them 'Abanyarwanda'.

Speaking hours after the arrest on Thursday evening, Uganda Peoples Defence Forces spokesperson, Brig Flavia Byekwaso, said the vice chancellor was arrested on charges of illegal stay in the country and espionage.

“Social media reports that vice-chancellor Victoria University Dr Lawrence Muganga was kidnapped are false. He was arrested by joint Security Forces in connection with espionage and illegal stay in the country,” Byekwaso said on Thursday evening.


She further revealed that investigations into the matter have already commenced.


Baryomunsi, however, condemned the 'brutal manner' of the arrest, and urged the security forces to be mindful that under Ugandan law, all suspects are presumed innocent until proven otherwise.


He said Muganga-- who has since been released on police bond, should have been summoned to appear before the police because of his high profile. 'I am sure he would have complied,' he said.



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