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  • Covid-19 cash relief excites Lira ghetto kids

Covid-19 cash relief excites Lira ghetto kids
Joseph Ekol
Journalist @New Vision

Covid-19 cash excites Lira youth as 51 of their members receive the cash

By being included among the beneficiaries of the Covid -19 cash, they felt recognized by the government of Uganda and promised to use the money to improve the livelihood of over 1000 members of the Ghettos from 45 units that are under Lira City command.

Addressing the journalists at Ojwina Tekulu Cell, a place they refer to as Acol Pii Headquarters located in Lira City West, the Chairperson Lango Ghetto Youth, Martine Odur thanked the Prime Minister, Robina Nabanja, ministers Betty Amongi and Charles Okello Engola for the support.

Odur explained that each member who received the money put it to one pool and it has been used to buy food items including beans and maize to feed their colleagues who are aged between three and 30 years.

He condemned some of the vulnerable groups who threatened to demonstrate because their members missed out on the relief.

According to him, the street dwellers have now formed an association called Lango Ghetto Youth Association and they are on good terms with the stakeholders, which is why their category was able to benefit from this cash.

Stephen Odongo aka Code-De-Yoo, Vice-Chairperson Lira City Ghetto Youths said since March last year, when the government imposed the lockdown, the street children were rendered vulnerable since most of their stronghold of survival like hotels, markets were closed down.

Odongo said the cash relief has been a good start to bridging the gap between the street children (Ghetto youths), the community, and the government and that it should continue.

He added that, unlike those days when they would be denied medical services when they visit government facilities, Odongo said it has been so easy for them to submit their records and receive the money.


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