Naluyima named among continent's top three winners

Dec 05, 2020


Uganda's Dr. Emma Naluyima has made it to the final Top Three, of the continent's ABH People's Choice Awards.

This means she will take a share of the sh3.7bn prize; on top of mentorship and guidance in business.

She got 27,650 votes; only to be beaten by Ethel Mupambwa from Zimbabwe with 148,627 votes, followed by Aboubakar Karim from Ivory Coast with 50,443 votes.

After seven months of searching, four review processes, and adapting to a purely digital form of engagement, the Jack Ma Foundation has, at last, come to the 2020 Top 3 Africa's Business Heroes!!!

Dr. Naluyima was one of the 10 top Finalists.

From eight countries and six sectors (ranging from Agriculture to Renewable Energy), she emerged among the finalists. But to win the top Prize, she needed your vote and it counted for all those who voted.

In her message, she says, "Whoever voted for me, you also voted for Uganda. Allow me to say, we made it. Thank you so much for your support."

Like all entrepreneurs around the world, 2020 Top 10 Heroes have braved several odds and challenges as they have adapted to the new normal under COVID-19.

What's in her prize?

Since August 2018, the Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative was established to identify and cultivate 100 outstanding African entrepreneurial talents within a span of a decade. The Initiative's panel selects 10 African entrepreneurs every year through a rigorous screening process to participate in the "Africa's Business Heroes" show finale pitch, where they will compete for their share of a $1 million grant.

Given its televised ratings, the show presents the perfect opportunity to publicize and showcase these entrepreneurs' stories, thus setting the right atmosphere to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and practice across the African region.

Apart from getting a share of the grant and a significant amount of publicity for their businesses, it is also thanks to the show's cooperation with prominent local partners, service providers, and celebrities in Africa that the finalists receive mentorship and entrepreneurial guidance from globally renowned business leaders.

 At the same time, "Africa's Business Heroes" extends priceless networking opportunities and exclusive training at the Alibaba Group headquarters.

Who is Naluyima?

Dr. Naluyima owns MST Junior School, a Primary School with a unique approach and learning model.

 It aims to equip pupils with unique skills to solve agricultural issues such as food insecurity, waste mismanagement, and malnutrition.

The school was established by Dr. Emma Naluyima, a vet, farmer, and educator with a desire to train young people and change their lives through Modern and Purposeful Farming.

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