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Buganda Kingdom condemns violence, arrest of politicians

By Abou Kisige

Added 21st November 2020 04:57 PM

Buganda Kingdom condemns violence, arrest of politicians

Mayiga (left), with Nabbumba and other kingdom offi cials after a meeting at Bulange Mengo, on Thursday


The Katikkiro of Buganda kingdom, Charles Peter Mayiga has condemned the brutal manner in which security forces have handled candidates accused of breaching COVID-19 guidelines.

The Katikkiro said the Government and security forces should not breach the law under the guise of enforcing the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

"The price of preventing the spread of COVID-19 should not be killing, maiming, torturing or imprisoning innocent people vying for different political offices," Mayiga said in a statement he read to journalists at his office at Bulange, Mengo.

He said coronavirus is real and it kills, but security agencies should not make a case that they are trying to prevent the spread of the disease by killing or maiming innocent Ugandans.

"Yesterday, we witnessed cases of murder. There were also violent acts against political aspirants. This is unacceptable and the Government should stop the scenes because they do not contribute to the prevailing peace," Mayiga said adding that Uganda is in the spotlight globally over the violence.

He said security agencies should not violate individual freedoms and rights of Ugandans as they go about with their work.

"It is not that whoever violates the set guidelines and regulations or even the law should be beaten, imprisoned, or his or her rights violated upon. Sometimes word of caution is better to create harmony. Let us promote peaceful means of handling differences," Mayiga said.

He added that political processions were held in Arua, Gulu, and other places, but those involved were not shot, tortured, or tear-gassed.

"How is it possible that when artiste Bebe Cool holds a political procession, he is not arrested, but when opposition political candidates gather, they are brutally arrested and tortured?" Mayiga asked.

He urged the Government to ensure that freedoms of all political aspirants and Ugandans are respected.

Mayiga made the statement after he held a meeting with the new Rotary District Governor 9211, Rosetti Nabbumba, at Bulange Mengo.

He said the kingdom is proud of the leadership of District 9211.

"Ever since the Kabaka of Buganda addressed the rotary conference in Entebbe in 2018, the kingdom has been working together with rotary to prevent environmental degradation under the Mission Green partnership," Mayiga said.

He noted that Uganda's biggest resource is weather and not oil and Ugandans need to guard it so that the resources are not impaired in anyway.

He said Ugandans need to perform simple tasks to protect the environment, ranging from planting trees, protecting wetlands and forests, observing proper waste disposal methods, and proper land use.

"If we just concentrate on oil and give little or attention to environment, future generations will live in a country that is devoid of the most rewarding endowments that earned us the description the Pearl of Africa," Mayiga explained.

He said as a kingdom, they cherish the partnership with Rotary and called on people to continue planting trees, mind about their health, and also protect water sources.

He added that there is need to sensitise communities, especially within young people about the simple solutions and challenges faced with regard to the environment.

Nabbumba said Rotary realised that if one wants to extend services to the people, then they need credible partners, such as Buganda kingdom.

She said Rotary agreed to work with Buganda on key areas, such as economic empowerment, tree planting, and social service delivery in education and the health sector.

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