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Hand washing could help you save money


The Ministry of Water and Environment has urged Ugandans to promote the washing of their hands and bottoms to maintain good hygiene and health.

Eng. Joseph Orion Eyatu, commissioner rural water supply and sanitation department said washing hands and bottoms with soap prevents infections from communicable diseases.

"It saves money that would be spent on medical treatment," he said."Hand washing with soap needs leadership. Each and every Ugandan should embrace hand washing. We should change our behavior to embrace hand washing. We are not promoting hand washing with soap just because of COVID-19," Eyatu added.

Eyatu said this as the world embarks on the global hand-washing campaign. Eyatu explained that before and after handling food, people should wash hands. He added that people should always wash their bottoms with soap especially after visiting toilets and during bathing.

He stressed that hand washing with soap should happen everywhere, whether on the roadsides or in the hospital.
"Hand and bottom washing with soap should be routine.

It should become part of the new normal. We are promoting hand washing with soap and washing bottoms as part of the goal of hygiene behavioural change communication," Eyatu explained.
Yunia Yiga Musaazi, executive director Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network said awareness and promotion of sanitation and hygiene has increased in Uganda.
Musaazi said the number of public hand washing facilities with soap has increased from 63,000 to 71,930 this year. She said the number of people practicing hand washing with soap has increased.
Musaazi said different technologies are coming out to promote hand washing with soap. She noted that some of the technologies prevent misuse of or help with recycling water.