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Kakura was a man of integrity

By Lt. Gen. James Mugira

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To his friends, Hanny was a very loyal and reliable person. He was never a fair weather friend.

Kakura was a man of integrity

The late Lt Col Hannington Kakura

To his friends, Hanny was a very loyal and reliable person. He was never a fair weather friend.


Few months ago, I received the sad news of the passing on of my brother, comrade and friend of 42 years (spanning from the time we first met in January 1978 in Senior One C at Ntare School).

The demise of a genuine, honest, trustworthy and loyal friend with whom I have travelled a long journey; as students, freedom fighters and, later, a professional colleague in the security service of our motherland — Lt Col Hannington Kakura, fondly known as Hanny.

As Chinua Achebe aptly put it, "Death is a bad harvester, because it harvests unready fruits."

I mourn the demise of a distinguished Ugandan whom I knew so well personally and professionally; a selfless, ideologically clear, seasoned and true cadre of the National Resistance Army/ Uganda People's Defence Force.

I mourn the passing on of an upright human being; a man of immaculate and impeccable integrity, dignity and humility. As the Bible says in Proverbs 10:9, "He who walks in integrity walks securely".

To his family, he was a loving parent, uncle, brother and other positions.

To his friends, Hanny was a very loyal and reliable person. He was never a fair weather friend.

The Hanny I met in 1978 was the same Hanny at his demise. Hanny epitomised all virtues of humanity.

Hanny, permit me to address you; For the last 35 years of your service to this country, you served with utmost commitment, dedication and loyalty.

You have no doubt left it a better place for our children and posterity.

Your life has been a journey of true love, especially to the greater Manoni family and to all your friends. You were kind, supported and touched the lives of many people.

You have been a great human being. Yes, you are gone to be with your maker, but I am glad you are resting in the very land you fought for and liberated.

Allow me, therefore, to salute your patriotic and selfless contribution to our motherland and humanity at large.

You have, however, also passed on when the world is facing a monster — the coronavirus — that has denied us an opportunity to accord you the last salute as you go to meet your maker; an opportunity to play the Last Post.

I, therefore, grieve not only for your passing, but also, my inability to pay my last respects to you, Comrade.

At the same time, celebrate your life and legacy. Your legacy will remain alive with us.

You may have gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. I was honoured to be associated with you and to be counted as one of your best friends.

I am sure when my time comes, I shall join you and we shall meet again.

Hanny, I pray to the Almighty God to rest your soul in eternal peace. Adieu My Brother, Comrade and Friend.

Till We Meet - Allutta Continua.

Hannington Kakura

From 1961 to March 24, 2020

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