AS IT HAPPENED | NRM primary elections 2020

Sep 04, 2020

There are winners and there are, of course, losers from Friday's NRM primaries.


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12:40am  |   Good night (morning)

And that's it for now. Congratulations to all the winners and to the losers, take heart.

And to you reading this now, this is the last entry for this live page. Glad you could join along.



12:36am  |   Results from Kaberamaido

New Vision's Michael Onyinge has summarised the official results from the different elections in the district.

For district Woman MP, Jane Awichi emerged winner with 10,174 votes, edging Jane Frances Amongin (8,068 votes), Agnes Alwano (3,269), Winifred Agabo (1,108) and Grace Angwaro (321).

For Ochero County, incumbent Veronica Isala Eragu was triumphant with 4,333 votes, beating Francis Okullo (3,566) and John Eresu Elyanu (1,253).

In the Kaberamaido County race, Alfred Edakasi Elalu Olale (12,480) resoundingly beat Godfrey Elyanu Kilawa (1,571) and Joseph Atobu (1,000).


12:05am  |   Lokodo defeated

Ethics and integrity minister Fr. Simon Lokodo has tasted defeat at the hands of Baatom Ben Koryang in the Dodoth West County race.

It has been a tough day for many incumbents!


11:45pm  |   Triumphant Namujju on course in Lwengo

About an hour ago, Lwengo district Woman MP Cissy Namujju remained on course to retain her seat after brushing aside Dr. Sarah Nkonge Muwonge in the party primary election.

Namujju emerged victorious with 46,491 votes while Nkonge polled 28,474 as reported by Bukedde's Florence Tumupende in Lwengo. The outcome means Namujju will go ahead and attempt to defend her seat in the 2021 general elections.


11:28pm  |   MP Walyomu 'arrested after fighting opponent'

In Jinja, a legislator has been detained over a fight, reports New Vision's Donald Kiirya:

"Kagoma County MP Moses Walyomu has fought and injured his elections opponent at the Jinja NRM tally centre. Police has arrested him alongside his brother and they are both in the coolers. Walyomu's opponent, Fredrick Munyirwa, was leading in the polls before he was attacked."


11:17pm  |   Another incumbent defeated

New Vision
's Davis Buyondo reports that incumbent MP Juliet Kinyamatama has lost the flag to Asha Lubyaayi Kayanja for Rakai Woman MP.

MP Amos Mandela has been beaten by Gyaviira Ssemwanga in the Buyamba constituency race while tallying is still on for Kooki constituency.


11:00pm  |   Punches thrown in Mbale

Chaotic scenes in Mbale. During the pandemonium, the registrar was punched and he was forced to flee the tally centre, reports New Vision's Paul Watala. The issue seems to have arisen from dissatisfaction over the vote counting process.

Meanwhile, former Busiro East MP and now East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) legislator Suzan Nakawuki beat Johnbosco Lubyayi Sseguya in the Mawokota South Constituency race.


10:05pm  |   Updates from Kasese

Compiled by New Vision
's John Thawite:

Bukonzo West - Dr Crispus Kiyonga W.C.B (Leading)
Bukonzo East - Dr Julius Monday Rude (Leading)
Busongora North - Sowedi Kitanywa  (Leading)
Busongora South - Constant B Siwako (Provisional)

Kasese Municipality - Ferigo Kambale (Leading)
Woman MP - Sarah Ithungu Masereka


9:26pm  |   Anite concedes defeat in Koboko race

New Vision's Robert Ariaka reports:

Confirmed results of Koboko Municipality indicate 7,414 votes for Dr. Charles Ayume and 5,861 votes for State minister for investment Evelyn Anite. Anite has since accepted defeat.


9:08pm  |   The work is not done yet in Mbale

A long Friday is far from over in Mbale at the NRM district tally centre, where New Vision's Paul Watala is monitoring the beehive of activity.

Watala also reports that one of the contestants for Mbale Woman MP, Lydia Wanyoto, who is the NRM women's league chairperson, has been making "endless calls" inside the busy facility.


8:55pm  |   Winners and losers - incumbents beaten

Here are some updates from our reporters . . .

Julius Luwemba reports that the incumbent Entebbe Municipality MP, Rosemary Tumusiime (1,256 votes) has lost to Stephen Syhaka Gashaija (2,900 votes).

Geoffrey Namukoye reports that two ministers have been defeated in Kamuli. They are Moses Kizige, the Minister of State for Karamoja affairs and Isaac Musumba, the Minister of State for Lands, Housing and Urban Development. Meanwhile, incumbent Rehema Watongola of Kamuli Municipality has been defeated by a one Mastula Namatovu.

In Lwengo district, Dismus Buregyeya reports that incumbent Muyanja Mbabali has lost to Nsangi mayor Hajji Abdul Kiyimba in the Bukoto South contest.

Godfrey Ojore reports that incumbent Jacquiline Amongin has retained her position to carry to the NRM flag for Ngora Woman MP after reigning supreme over four others contestants.


8:23pm  |   Katumba wins Kira Municipality contest

Emmanuel Ssenkeezi Katumba has won the Kira Municipality NRM race by convincingly beating his closest challenger Allan Bulamu in a six-strong contest, reports Bukedde's Ruth Faith Nakanwagi.

Katumba, who will now carry the party flag in 2021, got a total of 2,853 votes from the three divisions that make up Kira Municipality (Namugongo, Bweyogerere and Kira).

Bulamu polled 1,613 ahead of the other four contestants.


8:04pm  |   Crunching the numbers

Tallying is still on at NRM's Rwampara district tally centre, reports New Vision's Adolf Ayoreka.


7:37pm  |   Cedric Babu takes Kampala Central

The results announced at Nakasero Primary School polling station earlier today indicated that Cedric Babu, the son of Capt. Francis Babu, has won the Kampala Central MP NRM primary after polling 26,799 votes.

He beat Baker Kyambadde (4,363) and Isa Kato (2, 670).

Babu will now carry the NRM flag for next year's battle.


7:22pm  |   Minister Kamya to carry Rubaga North flag

Lands minister Beti Olive Kamya will hold the party's flag for the Rubaga North seat come 2021 after beating her closest challenger Brian Tindyebwa in Friday's primaries. Kamya has polled a resounding 6,164 against Tindyebwa's 671.

Meanwhile, in the Rubaga South race, Kenneth Male has taken the day with 2,214 votes ahead of Jamir Mpiima (2,077) and Ritah Kalibbala (239).


7:06pm  |   Counting of votes in Kyotera

Tallying of votes is under way at the Kyotera NRM district office, where Johnbosco Tamale is leading the busy team here.


6:46pm  |   The signs of victory

The Ugandan skies are darkening by the minute as we wind down a long day of ruling party election matters. In Sheema district, Rosemary Nyakikongoro is jubilating with her supporters after emerging triumphant in the Sheema Woman MP NRM race - and New Vision's Abraham Muganzi who is there has managed to freeze the moment.


6:32pm  |   Minister Byabagambi trailing in Ibanda

In Ibanda district, New Vision's Stephen Nuwagira is saying that the supporters of Dr. John Paul Ninkusiima are in early celebrations outside the Ibanda district NRM tally centre at the district head offices.

Nuwagira reports that Ninkusiima is on course to taking the party flag for the Ibanda North County race at the expense of incumbent MP Eng. John Byabagambi, also the Karamoja affairs minister. Unofficial results give Ninkusiima an over 4,000 winning margin against the minister, who has been representing the constituency for the past 15 years.


6:18pm  |   Shots fired at Apule polling station

New Vision's Emmanuel Alomu reports:

Three people have been shot and injured at Apule polling station in Kapujan  sub-county, Toroma county in Katakwi district, eastern Uganda. This was during the NRM party primaries. Eyewitnesses reported that one of the three, whom they identified as Teresa Ikiror, later died at Katakwi General Hospital.

The other two, named as Charles Otiang and Lucy Apenyo, are admitted at the same hospital for treatment. Speaking on his hospital bed nursing an injury from the incident, Otiang claimed that one of the armed men wearing LDU uniform shot at them.

An eyewitness said the chaos erupted when polling agent Augustine Okello, the LC1 chairperson of Apule village, suspected to be of candidate Walter Elakas Okiring's camp, started pulling   supporters of Joseph Andrew Koluo's long line. Elakas, the LCV chairperson, is eyeing the Toroma County parliamentary seat. Koluo is the incumbent MP.

Of the 14 Police and  LDU officers guarding Apule polling station, one of the LDUs reported fired shots to try to calm the situation. Rogers Kapere, the DPC of Katakwi, who reported to the district Thursday as the new DPC, said the incident happened after the violence erupted between the  supporters of Elakas and Koluo. He added that the suspects have been taken to Katakwi Central Police Station for interrogation.

East Kyoga RPC Maxwell Ogwal, who visited the scene with the DPC, said the suspects should be charged with murder because they would have used sticks - instead of firearm - to stop the violence.

Charles Otiang nursing injuries after the shooting


5:58pm  |   The boss patrols the exercise

As dusk fast-approaches, New Vision's Adolf Ayoreka has snapped NRM electoral commission boss Dr. Tanga Odoi inspecting the election exercise in Rwampara district in southwestern Uganda.


5:47pm  |   Manafwa: Minister Kitutu in early lead

I felt I needed to remind you that the NRM electoral commission chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi suspended the primary elections in Bukono constituency in Namutumba district after aspirant Persis Namuganza's agent was reported killed Friday morning.

It is understood Police investigations into the matter got under way.


5:39pm  |   Manafwa: Minister Kitutu in early lead

Energy and mineral development minister Mary Goretti Kitutu is ahead in the Manafwa district Woman MP primary elections, reports New Vision's Paul Watala.


5:28pm  |   Katesh celebrates

Let's get this live page back on the road, shall we?

Many episodes are playing out in the different areas where the NRM primary elections are taking place as several aspirants close in on victory while others sniff the unwanted scent of defeat wafting their way on an effervescent day of election activity. For starters, it is celebration time for Dickson Kateshumbwa and his supporters at his home in Kabwohe after defeating science and technology minister Elioda Tumwesigye.

The former Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) commissioner, a noob in politics, looks set to take the party flag for the Sheema Municipality seat race come 2021.


3:20pm  |   BREAK TIME

Breaking off for a breather. Will be right back!


3:11pm  |   TAKE A LOOK

Check out the mood at some of the polling stations . . .


2:23pm  |   Minister Seninde eyes Wakiso Woman seat

Voting in Bukasa village, Bweyogerere division for MP and district Woman MP for Wakiso district. Credit should given to this polling station for observance of SOPs - only that a few voters need to be sensitized on the proper usage of face masks.


2:00pm  |   Triumphant leaps of joy

Everyone wants to be associated with the winning team, no doubt!

And in today's NRM primary elections, scenes of ecstatic crowds have been witness at various polling stations, with their preferred candidates getting on course for eventual victory.

Take for instance, these supporters of former education minister Jessica Alupo at Angopet polling station in Katakwi town council in eastern Uganda.

The same can be said of State minister for animal industry Lt. Col. Bright Rwamirama's elated camp after he won at his polling station in Rwembogo cell with 416 votes . His opponent, Posiano Mugyenyi, got two votes. Incumbent Rwamirama wants to carry the party's flag for the race for the Isingiro North constituency, which he has represented since 2001.


1:37pm  |   West Budama South aspirant arrested

Across to the east of the country, New Vision's Faustine Odeke reported earlier an arrest made:

"West Budama South NRM parliamentary aspirant, Dr. Emmanuel Otaala, has been arrested in connection to election irregularities. Otaala a former state minister for health, was arrested in Magola sub-county while monitoring the election exercise and transferred to Tororo Central Police Station. Otaala was summoned by the district CID officer Namono Lot. Speaking to the media at Tororo Central Police Station, Otaala angrily said he does not know why he was arrested. He is contesting for the flag against Franklin Owori and former minister Othieno Akiika."


1:32pm  |   Stiff contest

It is a tight race at this polling station in Bushenyi . . .


1:12pm  |   Lining up is exhausting - elderly voter

Maria Bonabana, an elderly voter, has decided to take a seat in the line behind her candidate of choice at St. James Church of Uganda in Mugoma village, Fort Portal North.  She has told New Vision's Rogers Sunday that unlike the secret ballot, lining behind candidates is tiresome and that voters spend a lot of time in the line.

Remember that decision to use the lining up method of voting for today's primaries was arrived at by party earlier this year to promote transparency as well as cut costs.


12:55pm  |   Update from Gulu

New Vision's Arnest Tumwesige in Gulu:

"Some of the agents and polling officials at Gulu Prison Primary School polling station have not observed the standard operating procedures - in the context of wearing of face masks and keeping social distance. Voting here has not yet started. The polling station has 274 voters, but fresh registration for those who missed is also being done. The contestants for Layibi-Bardege division in Gulu City are Robert Olal Roy and Charles Kilara. Majority of the voters are from the prison barracks and a few from the community."


12:45pm  |   Social distancing virtually impossible

With such a method of election (by lining up), you would agree that it is technically not possible to avoid close contact. Perhaps the surest way to keep safe in this time of a coronavirus pandemic is to wear your face mask - and have it fitten on properly to cover your nose and mouth to prevent potential infection.

About 20 minutes ago, New Vision's Simon Ssekidde sent this photo (below) of voters who showed up to vote at Buwama sub-county headquarters polling station. Voting here, he reported, was yet to start because "most of the people were not in the NRM voters register".


12:27pm  |   Minister Kamya shines at Sendi's

In Rubaga North, lands minister Beti Olive Kamya addressed voters at Sendi's ground polling station after she emerged victorious with an unofficial vote count of 207. Her opponent, Brian Tindyebwa, got 13 while Lubega got none.


12:15pm  |   Neck and neck

At some polling stations, the competition is stiff . . .


11:58am  |   Observing SOPs

Itis important for voters to adhere to the standard operating procedures.


11:58am  |   Deputy Premier Ali at Abirichaku

First Deputy Prime Minister and Adjumani West County parliamentary aspirant, Gen. Moses Ali, is at Abirichaku polling station in Adjumani town where he will vote from.


11:42am  |   Teso affairs minister battles four male aspirants for Kapir seat flag

Meanwhile, Teso affairs minister Agnes Akiror is at Agule-Omito primary school in Kapir county, Ngora district, reports New Vision's Godfrey Ojore. She is battling for the newly created county of Kapir with four others: Moses Olic Edepu, Dr. Abraham Isamat, James Ecaat and Charles Opio Ewalu. It is a huge turn-out at this polling station.


11:30am  |   Low turn-out at Arua Park

A little while ago, New Vision's Stuart Yiga sent through this update from the heart of Kampala city:

At Arua Park in Kampala Central, Majid Atibuni, the registrar of Munno B, said voting had to be delayed until 11am due to low voters turn-out. He says that everything is set but voters have not yet showed up. The polling station is only filled by agents of the contestants. Unlike in the previous village youth elections, this time there is no security presence at Arua Park.

The NRM battle for the Kampala Central MP seat has attracted three candidates including: Ssalongo Isa Kato, Cedric Babu Ndilima and Baker Kyambadde Njuki.


11:17am  |   'SOPs are not being observed'

New Vision's Lawrence Mulondo reports from Rubaga:

"Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are not being observed here at Sendi's ground polling station in Rubaga division. There is no social distancing and many with face masks are not wearing them properly. Water for washing hands is also not here."


10:53am  |   Making a quick buck

For some business-minded people, today's elections presents an opportunity to make some money.


10:49am  |   Voters complain over register

New Vision's Lawrence Mulondo reports from Rubaga:

"The NRM party elections in Rubaga North have kicked off, with party electoral commission officers sealing off polling stations and reading the register.

"As early as 8am, members of the NRM party in Lungujja had already showed up at Sendi's ground polling station to vote for their flagbearers. For post of Member of Parliament, there are three aspirants: Lands minister Beti Olive Kamya, Brian Tindyebwa and Dr. Isaac Lwanga.

"However there were agurments as voters were saying they were to vote even if they were not on the register. However, the presiding officer told them those who are not on registers were to vote in districts where there are no registers."


10:30am  |   What's happening in Moroto

Police at the car of aspirant Fred Angella's campaign manager

New Vision's Olandason Wanyama has an update from Moroto, north-eastern Uganda:

Police in Moroto have arrested Simon Longoli, the campaign manager of the incumbent Moroto Municipality MP, over accusations of distributing money to voters. 

The police recovered denominations of sh5,000 notes from his car before he was whisked away to make a statement with the crimes desk.

Similarly, Simon Peter Aleper, the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) member for Karamoja region, is detained at Moroto Police Station on allegations of campaigning a few minutes to the polling time around the senior quarters in Moroto. He arrived in Moroto this week to embark on his campaigns as an aspiring NRM flagbearer for the hotly contested Moroto Municipality seat.

Other aspirants include the sitting MP Fred Angella, Francis Lorika, Nyeko Moses and Noah Ewaru.

There is heavy secutiy in the hotspots within the municipality, including Kakoliye, Camp Swahili Chini, Katanga, Acholi Inn and Lopeduru market polling stations.

Meanwhile, the police foot patrols were enhanced with the arrival of more boots on the ground last (Thursday) night.


10:37am  |   In Arua central division

NRM primary elections at Basaar Old Park Cell polling station in Arua central division. New Vision's Robert Ariaka reports that the initial number of registered voters was 374. The registrar Badra Halim then registered 226 more voters.

"Some people who showed up to register after 10am were turned away but after complaining, they were eventually registered," says Ariaka.



10:28am  |   Zziwa eyes Nakawa West seat

One of the NRM aspiring candidates for the Nakawa West seat, Margaret Nantongo Zziwa, has been pictured at Buyinja Zone Naguru II Parish in Nakawa division, where she is voting from.

Zziwa served as the Speaker of the 3rd East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) in Arusha, Tanzania.


10:08am  |   Registering on D-day

New Vision reporter Ismael Kasooha says voters are registering at Kisukuma village in Kigorobya sub-county in Hoima district because their register was not delivered to them.


9:53am  |   Ramped up security in Sembabule

Security deployment has been beefed up in Ssembabule district, where  acts of violence, voter intimidation and hooliganism marred the polls, causing the suspension of elections in Mawogola North and West, reports New Vision's Dismus Buregyeya.

He add that close to 40 suspects are detained at Sembabule Police Station over election-related charges.

Scroll down this page for earlier updates related to this area.


9:42am  |   Update from Hoima

New Vision's Ismael Kasooha reports:

"At Kisukuma village in Kigorobya sub-county in Hoima district, Ismael Bahemurwaki, the presiding officer, told New Vision that by 9:30am, elections materials were nowhere to be seen. John Bosco Busobozi, the parish supervisor for Kisukuma, says the village has no register but the presiding officer and the LC1 chairman will work together to ensure all registered voters are allowed to vote."

"The situation is still calm and people have begun arriving for voting. State minister for public service David Karubanga is expected to vote from this polling station," adds Kasooha.


9:30am  |   Journalists hurt in accident

Dampening news coming through from our correspondent Samuel Mugabi is that three journalists have been involved in a motor accident on their way to cover NRM primaries in Kyankwanzi district. It is understood the three have been rushed to Kiboga hospital for medical attention.

Reporter Mugabi has named them: Gerald Ssenkoomi, a freelancer with Bukedde, and Radio Kiboga reporters Tigan Nuwagaba and Sarah Success.


9:18am  |  Off you go!

In Ibanda district in western Uganda, election materials were dispatched from the district NRM office to various sub-counties by NRM sub-county registrars a little over half an hour ago.


9:09am  |  BREAKING NEWS:  Kigulu South polls suspended

Just in, Kigulu South consituency NRM primaries have been postponed after the death of aspirant Stephen Waako, reports New Vision's George Bita.

He says: "I understand a new date will be communicated. Meanwhile, other slots, including district woman MP polls, are still on."

Waako was killed in a road accident on polling day in a tragic twist of events. He was travelling from Iganga district destined for Jinja.


8:51am  |  The situation in Mbale

It is busy times at the district NRM office in Mbale district, where NRM district registrars have been signing for their facilitation, before having election materials dispatched to the various polling stations in the area.

Meanwhile, some people are going about their business - but there are signs of an election happening.


8:32am  |   Heavy security presence in Bushenyi

Meanwhile, in Bushenyi district in western Uganda, heavy security has been dispatched to various subcounties for today's elections, reports New Vision's Abraham Muganzi, who has also taken a photo of NRM officials waiting to distribute voting materials to villages for voting after a bit of a delay.


8:21am  |   Getting all set

NRM ward registrars have been busy picking election materials from the respective NRM offices ahead of a busy day of polling.


7:45am  | Mawogola North polls 'suspended'

Local media reports that the Mawogola North polls in Sembabule district have been suspended to an unspecified date - just like the Mawogola West were in the buildup.

The race in this hotspot features Shartsi Musherure Kutesa, the daughter of foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa, and Sodo Aine Kaguta, President Museveni's brother.

On the eve of the elections, NRM electoral commission boss Dr. Tanga Odoi formally met Sembabule Woman MP Hanifah Kawooya and Mawogola County MP Joseph Ssekabito, who are both eyeing nomination for the Mawogola West seat.

"I have postponed that election to a date we shall find. And we are warning - more is to come," Odoi said.


7:30am  | BREAKING NEWS: Aspirant 'dies on polling day'

There is tragic news that we have just received from New Vision reporter George Bita that Kigulu South MP NRM aspirant, Stephen Waako, "has died on polling day after road accident at Kakira".

What we have established so far is that he was travelling from Iganga headed to Jinja.


7:20am  |  The dead 'won't walk out of the grave and vote'

Here is more from Dr. Tanga Odoi in the buildup to today's NRM polls.


7:16am  |  Electoral violence attracts disqualification

NRM electoral commission chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi has been tough-talking ahead of today's primaries.


6:55am  |  Not on the register? Let them vote - but after verification

Two days before today's NRM primaries, party chairman President Yoweri Museveni tapped into his powers as granted by the party's constitution (under Article 14) to guide that any NRM member whose name is not on the party register be added to it and be allowed to vote - but on condition that the individual is aged 18 or above and that the village executive committe has verified that the said individual is a member of the party in that village.

And in case there is no register, Museveni advised that the village executive committee verifies and registers all members eligible to vote.

In a letter to NRM branch/village executive committees dated September 2, 2020, Museveni spoke of the need for active involvement of members in party activities, including elections.

"The active participation by NRM members in party activities is a core principle that was enshrined in the NRM Constitution. According to Article 9 of the NRM Constitution, it is the right and indeed the duty of every member of the party to take part in the NRM primary elections."

The party chairman called for transparency while handling this matter.

"This activity can be handled transparently, either prior to or on the voting day by the branch and should not be  a source of conflict," he said in the letter.

Museveni's was a decisive intervention that came after the chairman of the NRM electoral commission, Dr. Tanga Odoi, had warned that his team would not allow people whose names are not on the register to vote.

Below is the NRM leader's letter to the branch executive committees:


6:47am  |  It won't be a secret

Today's voting will be done the old-fashioned way: by lining up behind one's candidate of choice.

The NRM approved this method of voting as a substitution for the secret ballot in January this year. The argument for the move was along the lines of bolstering electoral transparency within the party as well as cutting costs.

In January, delegates react to the adoption of the motion to line up behind a preferred candidate for the party primaries

Months later, during the coronavirus lockdown, the party's top organ (the central executive committee) stuck to the plan, this time emphasizing that the elections would be conducted "in strict compliance and observance with the COVID-19 Regulations issued under the Public Health Act".

This means that voters will have to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


6:30am  |  "Hello, good morning"

It is a BIG day for Uganda's ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), which is conducting its primary elections ahead of next year's general polls.

The party, which is chaired by President Yoweri Museveni, goes into its primaries today (Friday, September 4, 2020), where members will elect their flagbearers for the positions of district woman representatives to Parliament, constituency MPs and LC5 chairpersons.

It promises to be a busy Friday, you can trust me on that one, so we shall do our best to bring you updates from the different parts of the country.

Let's get rolling then!

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