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How to breastfeed exclusively for six months

By Stella Naigino

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How to breastfeed exclusively for six months

You can express breast milk for your child to take while your away


August is breast-feeding month and mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their children.

However, Rita Munywanyi says it has been hard for her to get used to breastfeeding her child.

She says she is a working mother who leaves her home early in the morning and returns in the evening.

This has made it hard for her to breast feed exclusively for six months. She had to introduce formula to her child.

Experts say that a mother can exclusively breastfeed for six months without introducing other foods to her child.

Esther Njagala, a mother of three says exclusive breast-feeding is possible even for working mothers. She says this  made easy by a mother having to express breast milk, keeps it in the freezer for the child to take while she is away.

She adds that after expressing its important that the mother labels the bottle to show the child caretaker when the milk was expressed so that the caretaker knows when to give the milk.

Also, give the caretaker directions on how to give the milk to the child. It should be given when it is not cold but at room temperature, "she says.

Hanifa Nambalirwa, a midwife at Nsambya Hospital agrees with Njagala. She says it is time for mothers to adapt best breast feeding practices for them to enjoy breast-feeding their children.

She notes that for working mothers, it is good to move with your child to your workplace so that you can continue to breast feed the child.

"If the workplace doesn't allow you to work with your child, then invest in a nearby day care facility near your workplace where you can leave you child and keep visiting to breast feed them, "says Nambalirwa.

She adds that if that fails, then consider expressing breast milk to leave behind for your child to take in your absence.

She notes that expression of milk should be done even when you are at home. Once you feel like the breastmilk is already too much and your child cannot take all of it, simply express it and keep it in a freezer. This allows continuous production of breast milk so that your child has enough.

Ensure to practice good hygiene practices while expressing milk and while storing it in the freezer. "Practices like washing your hands with clean water and soap, cleaning your breast before you express the milk and also keeping milk in clean baby bottles are key, "she adds.

Eat well
Sabrina Kitaka a pediatrician notes that it is important that a breast feeding mother eats a balanced diet to ensure continuous production of breast milk.

She advises mothers who are breastfeeding to eat fruits and vegetables mostly to ensure that breastmilk is rich in all nutrients that help a baby grow.

She adds that even when a child makes six months, mothers should continue breast-feeding the child. It is good for a healthy growing baby and helps mothers bond with their babies.

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