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Luganda has cut costs by growing vegetables in his backyard

By Stella Naigino

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Luganda has cut costs by growing vegetables in his backyard

Luganda grows vegetables of different kinds (Photos by Stella Naigino)


Luganda is a family man who has been spending a lot of money on food for his family. His expenses shot high in the lockdown so he decided to grow food especially vegetables in his backyard.

Even when he did not have knowledge about it, he knew that with the help of the Internet he would learn some gardening skills. Today he grows vegetables of different kinds and this has helped him cut on his expenditure on food at home.

How he does it
Luganda buys seeds of different vegetables from service providers and then he prepares his garden, where he intends to plant his vegetables.

"Garden preparation requires me to add manure to the soil, allow it to rest for about a week before planting,"says Luganda.

He says after that he goes ahead and plants his seeds in a nursery bed and  after 3-4 weeks  he  transplants the seedlings the main garden.

He says for him to make good yields he weeds, sprays and waters his vegetables.
He encourages families to invest in backyard farming. It is good for food sustainability in a home.

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