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Nephew kills couple in Lira

By Hudson Apunyu

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Nephew kills couple in Lira

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A couple was last week hacked to death in their home in Agweng sub-county, Lira district. Jackson Olong, in his 60s, was allagedly killed together with his newly acquired wife, Paska Acan, 68, by his nephew, Denis Ogwang, 34, following a domestic misunderstanding.

The incident happened at Ayitunga village, Agweng sub-county in Lira district. The Agweng sub-county chairperson, Marino Ogang, said the suspect followed the couple into their house, where he hacked them to death.

He attributed such brutal acts, which he said were rampant in the area, to alcohol abuse. Ogang said security averted a mob attack from relatives of the deceased woman, who stormed the village from Lamogi in Gulu district, seeking revenge.

He said the relatives demanded blood compensation, food and their transport costs. They were given a cow and some money and further negotiations on the blood compensation are still going on.

In the Luo culture, blood compensation is usually paid by clan members of the accused person to the clan of the victim. David Elic, the LC3 chairperson of Aromo sub-county, said Ogwang was arrested in Alibi, Aleka sub-county and brought back to Lira Central Police Station.

Elic said the deceased had complained that his radio and other property got lost and he suspected his nephew of being behind the disappearance, which did not go down well with him.

The North Kyoga Regional Police Commander, Paul Nkore, said the Agweng incident was unfortunate. "People should hold dialogues, instead of committing crime. Through discussions, you can get better ways of resolving problems, instead of killing," he said. Nkore said people in the tregion need counselling because of the traumatic experienced they went through.

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