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Kalangala DPC discharged

By Maria Nakitende

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Kalangala DPC discharged

Kalangala DPC Benon Byamukama

COVID- 19 

Benon Byamukama, the Kalangala District Police Commander, who was viciously attacked and beaten into a coma by a group of people, has been discharged.   

Byamukama was discharged from Kalangala Health Centre IV on Sunday and resumed duty on Monday with several stitches on his head.   

While enforcing curfew directives on Thursday night, a group of people in a local bar at Buggala trading centre pounced on him and beat him.   

In the process, one of the 13 suspects (in custody) hit him with a beer bottle that cut deep into his scalp and he later passed out.   

He was rushed to Kalangala Health Center IV where he has been on life support and receiving treatment.    "I am feeling better now. But the scars will remain permanently," he said.    He further explained that he is a victim in the case and the criminal investigations team is handling the matter.

The suspects will be produced in court after conclusive investigations.    Police arrested 22 suspects following the incident, but the number reduced to 13 after thorough screening exercise.   

Byamukama and his three junior officers had responded to community concern over the uncontrolled noise from the bar where more than 20 people had gathered.   The rest of the officers and Local Defence Unit team were not present at the time since they had gone for patrols in other villages.   

Daniel Kikoola, the Kalangala Resident District Commissioner, warned all residents to desist from flouting the presidential directives and respect the authorities who enforce them.

 "There is no need to attack security officers who are doing their job. People need to have some discipline," he said.   

Kalangala district authorities maintain that violation of the COVID-19 directives and failure to adhere to the ministry of health safety guidelines of wearing masks, keeping social distance and regular hand washing, may spark infections among the residents.   So far, Uganda has registered 1,195 COVID cases with 1,070 recoveries and 5 deaths.

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