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▶️ Hen lays coin

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Added 30th July 2020 06:09 PM

▶️ Hen lays coin


Shock engulfed residents of Ggaba landing site after a hen laid an egg with a coin inside.

This was discovered after the egg was boiled and upon removing the shell, the coin was found stuck inside the yolk.

The ‘wonder hen' belongs to a 67-year-old Peregiya Namutebi who narrated how she was stunned after seeing the coin in the boiled egg.

"The hen laid five eggs, but this one with a coin was not close with the rest. When one of my caretakers started removing the shell from the egg after boiling it, she could not believe her eyes seeing a one hundred shilling coin stuck inside the egg", Namutebi narrated.

When the residents heard about the this, they were left asking more questions as to how this happened.  

▶️VIDEO: Namutebi gives a narration of how she found a coin in an egg. 

Report by Benjamin Ssemwanga

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