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Men must deserve the title Dad

By Jackie Nalubwama

Added 18th June 2020 02:08 PM

Men must deserve the title Dad


On Sunday, when some men will be hailed for being good fathers, others will not even notice that it is Father's Day. Yet they have children and other people in society they should have mentored.

Being a father is not only a biological consequence of providing a seed, but also physical participation in your child's life. It is such a father that will be genuinely be recognized on Sunday. And such fathers deserve the credit.

Experts believe that being active in a child's life does not come as easily and smoothly as it does for a woman, so effort is required. Kudos, to all those fathers whose fathering is being felt. Happy Father's Day!

Those who won't get the pat on the back should take it as a shove into making changes into your philosophy of life about getting involved in your children's lives. There is more fun in fathering than watching from the stands.

So, if you have been a by-stander, take time to get involved in your children's lives to recover or create a bond with them.

We invite you to suggest answers to the question: What should a father do to build or rebuild a relationship with his children?

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