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Coronavirus survivors seek gov't support

By Jaliat Namuwaya

Added 12th June 2020 03:41 PM

Coronavirus survivors seek gov't support

Photos by Jaliat Namuwaya

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Coronavirus survivors in Uganda want the government to provide them with a special fund to help them start afresh as many claims to lost their jobs after spending a long time under quarantine.

The call has been made by a family in Kayunga which is still struggling to fit in society after recovering from COVID-19.

A couple of Geofrey Mukisa, his wife Rebecca Namirembe, and their four children are still facing stigma and discrimination from the community despite their recovery from COVDI-19 in April.

Before being infected with COVID-19, Mukisa says he used to look after people's livestock for survival, a job he lost due to discrimination, yet he has a large family to provide for.

He has appealed to the government to consider putting up funds to help coronavirus survivors to set up small businesses as they struggle to fully recover from the trauma.

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