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Use lockdown to learn new skills

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Acquaint yourself with preparing cuisines you love during this period. The help of cookbooks will set you off.

Use lockdown to learn new skills

A man making a a face mask

Acquaint yourself with preparing cuisines you love during this period. The help of cookbooks will set you off.

By Jacqueline Samalie Nalukwago

For millions of Ugandans, the COVID-19 pandemic has not left them the same. Not with the closure of almost all their revenue sources. 

As a result, the lockdown effected in March has left many anxious to resume work because of excessive spending, but without cash inflows. Sadly, many are giving little thought to the fact that their jobs could have ended the very day their institutions shut down.

Amidst this global health crisis, many of us have resorted to spending quality time browsing social media platforms for entertainment, watching movies, visiting buddies, all in a bid to relieve boredom. 

Incidentally, we are unknowingly blowing away irreplaceable time.

As Benjamin Franklin once stated, "If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality." On the basis of this, let us value the time accorded us during this lockdown and put it to good use. 


This is an opportune time to identify skills you possess beyond your job, boost those you lack and engage in activities you have long wanted to, but lacked the time. With the looming uncertainty of the resumption of work, it is imperative for us to take part in constructive activities in the confines of our homes.

Among the avenues of boosting career prospects is the upgrading of qualifications. It should be noted that during this period, some academic institutions have availed free short online courses. 

For example, Harvard University is offering courses in child protection, global health, computer science etc. Enrolling for such courses during this crisis would be an addition to one's qualifications.

Today, research is one of the aspects that strengthen one's position and recognition in the job world. Amidst this lockout from offices, engaging in research activities would be accomplishable considering the availability of internet. 

Notably, there is an array of online books availed freely courtesy of this global crisis. Among the providers, there is Springer Publishers, which if accessed can support your desk research. Primary research can also be accomplished through video streaming using apps such as zoom. 


There is an existing notion that farming can only be done over large chunks of land. No! You can practise farming within your small compound. For those with such small pieces of land, backyard farming would be ideal. 

A study on the impact of housemaids on child-rearing (England, 2017) revealed that 70% of parents left their children's grooming to maids, ultimately resulting in the adoption of rambunctious characters among children. For parents with busy schedules, there is no better time to attend to your children than this one. 

This lockdown should be used for parenting. Find time to identify your child's weaknesses, strengths and develop their physical, emotional, academic and intellectual being. 

Elevate your cooking skills. 

Besides seeking company and fun, many of us love eating out because we lack skills of preparing food served out. Therefore, acquaint yourself with preparing cuisines you love during this period. The help of cookbooks will set you off.


Improve your communication skills. Although ignored somewhat, these skills are vital, regardless of the profession. If you have always wanted to write, you could start a blog; write a story and goggling sites offering courses on writing fiction will get you on track.

People with stage fright could utilise this time to discover techniques to powerful presentations, combined with rehearsals before friends and family. 

Finally, learn a new language!

To this end, you will need dedication and focus since working from home has its negatives.

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