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Uganda's top ten netball players

By Faith Kiai

Added 10th May 2020 06:35 PM

A list of players who have lifted netball to become one of the biggest sports in Uganda.

Uganda's top ten netball players

Rachael Nanyonga (with ball) is very versatile and can play wing attack, goal shooter and wing defence. (Credit: David Namunyala)

A list of players who have lifted netball to become one of the biggest sports in Uganda.


Uganda's national netball side She Cranes have helped propel netball to the forefront as one of Uganda's best sports. New Vision Sport has compiled a list of 10 players who have played a part in netball's journey to becoming one of the biggest sports in the country and a priority sport.


Harriet Apako (RIP) - centre/wing attack

The late Harriet Apako was known as a super midfielder. Challengers would come but you would end up looking to her because of her sheer brilliance. Before the 2015 Netball World Cup, she was always the best player for the national netball team until the World Cup, which was her last tournament. She was a very tricky player and goal shooters knew to be awake to her every move.

Beatrice Zawadi - wing attack/centre

Beatrice Zawadi is a legendary netball player who played for Police. Her fast-paced game meant she was more of a wing attack than a centre.  She was so good and had the ability to send shivers down the opponent's spine even before picking up a ball. She was a quick-witted player and would receive the ball knowing where to put the ball. She was very good in all tournaments.

Florence Amono - goal shooter/goal attack

Amono was popularly called long ranger. Where she picked up the ball from is where she shot from. Her partnership with Annet Nakiwu was outsanding. Amono made life easy for coaches and was a main stay in Fred Mugerwa's team. Amono was also among the players that went to the World Cup.

Betty Namukasa - goal defence/goal keeper

In defence, Namukasa was outrageously good. To this day, she can play better than the young stars - unfortunately, she very busy and does not play regularly. She was arguably the best goal defender in Uganda before Lilllian Ajio took over from her. She knows how to intercept. If a goal defender cannot do that, then she is not one. Namukasa enjoyed getting fit and has good ball handling.

Lillian Ajio goal - defence/wing defence

Ajio has been one of the shining lights of the She Cranes. Like Namukasa, she has good interception skills, she is very quick, has good footwork and very good ball handling. She is a very good player in defence, a versatile goal defender, wing defence and goal keeper. Ajio's handball background helps her ball handling skills.

Halima Nakachwa - centre/wing attack

When Nakachwa did not return from England after a friendly series with the England Roses, many people were disappointed. She was a very dynamic midfield player, proficient in both positions. She would never give up if she made a blind pass; out of 10 she recovered at least seven balls. She was a very hard worker. Her absence in Liverpool last year (World Cup) gave Uganda a challenge in midfield, which led to Stella Oyella's deployment in midfield.

Annet Nakiwu - goal shooter

Many referred to her as a permanent goal shooter. She was much loved for her height and accuracy. You would hardly see her fight for the rebound, thanks to her towering frame. She still plays for UPDF but not fully at the moment, as she is concentrating on developing new young players.

Prossy Nabbosa (RIP) - goal shooter

She used to play for NIC. A physically big player, Nabbosa was very agile and a very tricky goal shooter. Many girls keen on the sport wanted to learn from her, admiring her discipline and style.

 Racheal Nanyonga - goal attack/wing attack

For her position, Nanyonga is quite diminutive and shot to prominence at the 2015 Netball World Cup in Sydney, Australia, when she had a 93% shooting rate. Her ability to outwit players bigger than her inside the transverse line is impressive. Nanyonga is very versatile and can play wing attack, goal shooter and wing defence. Her exploits do not stop on the national team but also gravitate towards her team NIC.

Peace Proscovia - goal attack

Proscovia is arguably the greatest goal shooter to ever represent Uganda, and the first professional netball player for Uganda.  She plies her trade in Australia. She is very powerful in the air, can outjump some of the best and has good ball handling skills. Her ability to adapt to all situations is something all can learn from.

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