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I would trade my kidney to save Maurice Kirya's life - Azawi

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I have a secret crush on Maurice Kirya. He is so cute and also talented. I would trade my kidney on OLX to save his life.

I would trade my kidney to save Maurice Kirya's life - Azawi

Azawi poses for a photo

I have a secret crush on Maurice Kirya. He is so cute and also talented. I would trade my kidney on OLX to save his life.

Artistes in form of vocalists have existed since classical times, in nearly all languages and have produced works that vary greatly in different cultures, sounds and periods but some are more gifted and dopper.

Recently, Swangz Avenue unveiled their new signing and glamour belle on the block called AZAWI. Listening to her music, she's such a talent with vocals and lyrical artistry that's so eccentric, it's amazing.





Her genre and kind of vibe will leave a diverse mark in the history of music should she hold her ground. Zawedde Priscilla, real names, is also a creative music writer and has done lots of projects for a number of Ugandan artistes like Eddy kenzo's Bibawo, Inabana, Pia Pounds' Kiberakyo hit and many other songs for other artistes, some of which are yet to be released.

Azawi went to St Janan S.S, Kasubi S.S, St Henrys College, Gangu and London College, Nansana. We caught up with her on school times, lifestyle and the future.

You are wearing tomboy clothes! Whats with the fashion attitude?

My management told me SWaGG interviews are so lit and are for a select few. Your interviews are sometimes funny and crazy. Best teen magazine I swear.

Well, we try! Hollup, lets jump into it already. Do you have any instrumental skills?

Yeah sure, am so good when it comes to playing congers. They help me vibe when am penning down lyrics and they produce a nice feel which makes my sound more African.

How would you describe your music anyway?

I'm so into unusual stuff. I like creations that are so unpredictable and hard to guess. You have always got to be unique and have a great sound which all generations can wow at and that's the kind of musician I am.

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Let's go off topic for a sec and flip back to your prom day. How was your date?

I didn't have a prom date. Actually, I was the MC of the day. Oba I was even shy to have one. Those things were for top school slayers munaye. I couldn't handle the slayage.

Tell us, What's the difference between prom, sosh and leavers party?

To be honest, I went to village and local schools. I even don't know what what… all I know is they are all parties and it's assured there is food and soda.

Ok shy you! Do you have a secret crush on any Ugandan artiste?

Yes! Maurice Kirya. He is so cute and also talented. I would trade my kidney on OLX to save his life.

Cindy or Sheebah?
Cindy all way!

Ouch! For starters, who exactly are you?

LOL! I'm just a graduate from MUK with a bachelor's degree in commerce. I hate my short temper though I have medicine for it. I love being on stage and live band music completes me.

Would you rather side with studying sciences or arts?

I don't really understand how science stuff works. I would rather side for arts because they are more of a creation. With arts subjects you can easily employ yourself when things don't go well with school for example fine art, music, dance and drama and craft making. But you can't just be a doctor when you flanked school.

Talking about music, any challenges so far?

Music is not cheap to make. If you invest in much you will defi nitely get much and vice versa. People will always appreciate good work and with money everything is set and simple. Before I got signed, money is the reason I couldn't put out videos because I wanted quality.

What's it feel like being signed under one of the best record labels, Swangz?

Trust me, it's dream come true. I really can't describe it and still can't believe it's happening. I just can't thank God enough that fi nally, I see where am going.

Share with us your teens' message for the year tweny tweny.

Peeps will not always believe in you at fi rst but stay focused and set goals. If you want to really achieve a goal, position your self on the front row so that people can see you. Find real buddies that can support and push your hustle. Make magic with your character and behavior. Have that esteem and confidence to do something and stand out.

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