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As it happened: Harvest Money Expo 2020 - Day Three

By Joseph Kizza

Added 16th February 2020 08:21 AM

The fourth edition of the Harvest Money Expo has come to an end at Namboole Stadium with a final day laden with as much activity as the first day. Relive what happened on Sunday.

As it happened: Harvest Money Expo 2020 - Day Three

The fourth edition of the Harvest Money Expo has come to an end at Namboole Stadium with a final day laden with as much activity as the first day. Relive what happened on Sunday.


Live reporting by Joseph Kizza



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5:40pm |   That's all folks!

It has been a busy three days, and it all comes to a conclusion now. Thanks for supporting Vision Group by being a part of the fourth edition of the Harvest Money Expo.

Wish you all the best in your farming ambitions.




5:37pm |   PARTING SHOTS

Have you attended the Harvest Money Expo? Check out a selection of parting shots from Day Three, the final day.

It has been a sweltering Sunday. Some visitors came well-equipped.

There has been a steady flow of patrons walking through the gates of Namboole Stadium for the three days of the expo.

With so much happening in one place, some visitors needed guidance on where to get what, which rooms which training was, etc.






4:55pm |   Harvesting an interesting chat

It takes a great storyteller to draw a crowd.

Vision Group chief executive Robert Kabushenga appears to have mastered the craft . . .


He has got his audience fully engaged . . .

Add a hearty laugh to the tête-à-tête and you are guaranteed a memorable conversation!



4:37pm |   How can you retain farmers on your farm?


4:03pm |   Drinking sugarcane

Eating sugar cane has always been a long experience. One has to get the cane, wash, peel and bite to enjoy its sweetness. After eating, you have the leftovers, bagasse, to dispose of.

For some who do not what to go through the hustle, they always buy from roadside sellers where the hygiene is not guaranteed.

However, this challenge seems to have gotten a solution - right here at the Harvest Money Expo.



3:43pm |   A Ugandan eats 3.4kg of pork every year

Dr. Emma Naluyima: Pig farming is profitable in a way that it is a self-sustaining ecosystem, with manure sales and meat sales as avenues for monetization.

Meanwhile, Christopher Mulindwa, who is also a piggery expert in the afternoon session, says that the average Ugandan eats about 3.4kg of pork per year as per a 2011 report - a statistic that has risen over the years.



3:35pm |   What do you know about Hass avocado?

It has a unique quality of an extended shelf life. It can be harvested in Uganda and served to Europe and the Middle East by sea. 


3:15pm |   How to make farming great

Ask the right questions and hunt for the right info.



Meanwhile, away from Namboole, Ugandan runner Joshua Cheptegei has broken the 5km world record in Monaco (12:51), chipping 27 seconds off the previous record set by Kenyan Rhonex Kipruto.


1:40pm |   Afternoon training sessions

The final afternoon of the Harvest Money Expo 2020 features sessions by Hass Avocado - Musubi Farm, NARO and piggery by Dr. Emma Naluyima and Christopher Mulindwa.


12:38pm |   Jimmy Akena is here

UPC president Jimmy Akena has made appearance here at Namboole. Bamboo farmer Andrew Nadawula Kalema is also around. They have had a chat with Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga.


12:25pm |   Going organic with Bumi Hijau

During my stroll around the expo, I have stopped at a stall where the spoken language is 'organic'. Agriculturalists Amy and Deborah tell me they are preaching the gospel of going organic.

"It's about your health," says Amy.

They are marketing BioNik-Phos, an organic biofertiliser.

It is a multi-functional formula with the ability to fit atmosphere nitrogen and convert it to food  for plants.

BioNik-Phos also has the ability to dissolve phosphate in the soil for plant usage. It can also dissolve potassium in the soil for the plant growth until harvest.


12:15pm |   All sorts of seedlings here

The tree section has pulled many visitors here. From mint to grapes, you will be spoilt for choice.



11:55am |   Cheap irrigation systems at expo


Irrigation is technology that most Ugandan farmers have given little or no attention, yet it is the only solution for the ever changing weather patterns.

The rains are never stable yet most farmers do not have readily available water sources.

For farmers who have taken part in the 2020 Harvest money expo, they have been introduced to many irrigation systems that are relatively cheap. This will give farmers the breathing space.



11:38am |   Chicken and humans have similar digestive system

You should therefore watch the quality of the water source.


11:27am |   Farmers introduced to avocado growing

At the ongoing Harvest Money Expo, a new variety of avocado has been showcased.

The Hass avocado variety is a new crop that is promoted by Musubi Farm, a private agricultural enterprise located at the shores of Lake Victoria in Bukabooli sub county, Mayuge district in eastern Uganda.




11:13am |   Instant results

One of the people who have attended previous editions of the Harvest Money Expo has shown results from his project.

He is Sidney, and he has posted a video of his delight.


10:46am |   Here's everything poultry

The training on poultry has been on since 9am. Our Twitter pages have been updated with information from the session.

Here is one of the threads:


10:23am |   🌱 Something on tree planting from the training

David Kisa from NARO: "If you are planting fruit trees, do land demarcation. Let your land be clear so that the trees don't have other competitors. Maturity of trees depends on tree species - usually 10 to thirteen years."



The topic of the training is Fruit Trees for Food and Nutrition Security.

"We encourage farmers to add value by also adding the processing function to their farming business."

Meanwhile, cashew farming is one of the fastest growing tree planting businesses. Cashew requires timely pruning twice a year, timely weeding and fertilizer application once a year.


The trainer talks about pawpaw/Carica papaya

A four-year papaya tree can give you up 30 fruits, depending on the quality of the tree.

So how do you grow pawpaw?

- Spacing of 3m x 2m

- Adequate drainage

- Thinning to one female

- Apply compost manure during planting

Soursop is linked to lowering cholesterol levels and treating cancer.

Varieties are: Sweet variety for eating and sour variety for juice processing

You can make about sh16.8m per acre when you are in the soursop planting business.

So what is the value addition along the value chain?

- Fruit production

- Harvesting and storage

- Processing

- Marketing

For one to get readily available market, one has to produce high quality produce.

It is best to hire a professional to do thinning for your tree plantation for it involves procedures to give the desired outcomes/profits unless you have undergone training.


You may be wondering what the major challenges are when it comes to fruit trees.

- Use of seeds versus grafted seedlings

High costs of fertilizers

- Rampant pests and diseases

- Low prices as quality is not assured

- Middle men dominate the value chain

- Storage facilities for lack harvests

- Substandard chemicals on the market

- Low intake of fruits in daily foods



9:30am |   It is not too late to come around

We are also posting updates from the Harvest Money Expo on our Twitter and Facebook pages.



9:16am |   🌤️ Today's weather update

If you look high up, you will see a partly cloudy sky over Namboole Stadium. Temperatures are at 23°C




9:00am |   Tree planting

The tree planting sessions will be conducted by Albert Kunihira and David Ochama from National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO).



8:53am |   Training schedule

This morning, we have training on tree planting, poultry and coffee. These will start at 9am - concurrently in separate rooms.



8:35am |   Grabbed your copy of Sunday Vision?

Sunday Vision was already on the streets as early as Saturday evening. Check it out.


Copies of the Harvest Money book are on sale here at Namboole.


DVDs are also available.



8:30am |   Good morning everyone

Another day is here, good people!

Early shots from around the venue. So far so good. The opening day (Friday) and the day after went on without much incident. The last of the three days of the Harvest Money Expois here and the aura here at Namboole Stadium is cool.


A little while ago, the volunteers arrived at the venue early to get things started.


It has been well-attended show, with plenty of stuff on show for the thousands of patrons who have walked through the gates of Namboole.


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