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As it happened: Harvest Money Expo 2020 - Day Two

By Joseph Kizza

Added 15th February 2020 07:46 AM

Relive text, photo and video updates from the second day of the Harvest Money Expo 2020 at Namboole Stadium.

As it happened: Harvest Money Expo 2020 - Day Two

Relive text, photo and video updates from the second day of the Harvest Money Expo 2020 at Namboole Stadium.


Live reporting by Joseph Kizza



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4:35pm |   That's all for Day Two

Done and dusted here for today.

Will be back on Sunday to wrap up this event.




4:30pm |   Of egg incubators and tractors

If you are interested in poultry, here is an egg incubator for you.


Never mind the heat. A photo pose by the tractor does no harm.




4:12pm |   The e-lunda app

Omnitech, a company that simplifies life through innovation, has created a mobile phone app called e-lunda, which properly manages and records increase in productivity and profitability of dairy farms.

The app enables you to manage farm records effectively by capturing vital data on mobile devices and providing insightful reports.

Find the group in the Netherlands Village.


3:48pm |   Goat rearing training

Most of the diseases that goats suffer from are manageable, says Grace Bwongi. One such disease is babesiosis, which is transmitted by ticks and infects red blood cells.







3:35pm |   Number one killer of goats

Do you know what it is?


3:19pm |   🐔 Kuku mascot

Here is the mascot for Biyinzika Poultry International Ltd. He is in a jolly mood on a sweltering Saturday afternoon.



3:10pm |   Dr. Kizito watched YouTube videos on bees

He wants to know more about bees, and he has come to Namboole just for that.


2:41pm |   Fully packed goat keeping training

It is a full room in the goat keeping training as Grace Bwogi takes those in attendance through markets and everything goats.

On markets, she says the market is highly informal and that middlemen dominate transactions amid lack of market information.

So what market options are available?

Individual traders and private sector companies like abattoirs are some of them.





2:30pm |   Afternoon training sessions under way

Meanwhile, the afternoon trainings are being conducted:

Cattle keeping, goat keeping, passion fruit management and vegetable farming and green housing.




1:55pm |   Check out these maize shellers

If your area is maize, then you may want to check this out:

A manual maize sheller . . .



A motorised maize sheller . . .


And a mobile maize sheller . . .





1:23pm |   Up and about

Livestock training by National Animal Genetics Resources Centre and Data Bank.



Emmanuel Tegule, whom we saw earlier on this page, is a practical bee farmer.

He harbours a special connection with bees.

This morning's banana training session by Bruce Benywanira and Washington Mugerwa attracted a huge audience.



12:45pm |   Up and about at Namboole

A demonstration on urban farming in bottles, bottles, ploythene . . .




Earlier today, there was training on mobile grain storage by the Netherlands Embassy at the Netherlands Village.




12:20pm |   Two-wheel tractor available

The expo is not short of farming equipment on display.

In the picture below is a demonstration on a two-wheel multipurpose tractor. It can be used for planting, ploughing, irrigation, pumping, etc.

It can also be used as a generator.

Solar water pumps are also on show.


12:10pm |   Mushroom growing

Are you interested?

Mushroom farmer Abel Kiddu says that every person should eat at least 5kg of mushrooms every year.

On average, that's at least half-a-kilo of the spore-bearing stuff a month.


11:47am |   Vermiculture

When you feed your poultry on maggots and earthworms . . .


11:33am |   Tegule, the bee master

As mentioned earlier on this page, you may know already that one of today's trainings has been on beekeeping.

And one man, Emmanuel Tegule from  Budaka district, has become a sort of celebrity in the class with his 'bee hand'.

He seems to have a way around one of the most feared insects on the planet - bees.

His calm demeanour around bees is as chilling as it is impressive. And the people attending the training have pulled out their phones to freeze themselves posing with Tegule and his bees.





10:47am |   dfcu boss Katamba impressed by show

One of the sponsors of the Harvest Money Expo 2020 is dfcu bank.

The bank's managing director, Mathias Katamba, is at Namboole and his Vision Group counterpart, Robert Kabushenga, is taking him around the exhibition zone.

Katamba has been impressed by the various age groups involving themselves in farming.

Last month, during the launch of the expo at Vision Group, Katamba said agriculture is one of the major ways the economy of Uganda can be transformed.

"As dfcu, we are committed in terms of our participation. This is the best way to build long-term sustainability for the development of our economy," he said then.

The bank is keen on getting young people interested in agriculture and farming as a business. "We are committed to providing finance as a funding," said Katamba.




10:47am |   Goat keeping popular

The goat is probably the most important animal of value to small-holder farmers on account of its unique ability to adapt and maintain itself in harsh environments.

Goat rearing is being practised by majority of households in Uganda irrespective of wealth rank.






10:22am |   Good record keeping good for management livestock

Dr. Stephen Lagu is conducting a training on how to better manage your livestock and says keeping records is very important.


10:12am |   Paying attention

Happening now in the livestock management and opportunities training.







9:44am |   Up and about

It is approaching 10am and already, we are seeing clusters of keen patrons at various exhibition points around the stadium.


It is a warm morning up here, with the skies fairly cloudy. Humidity is at 84% with a light wind travelling at 6km/hr.


It promises to be a sweltering Saturday.



9:25am |   How Day One transpired

The official opening of this year's Harvest Money Expo started and ended well, with a massive turnout realised.

CLICK HERE to relive the day.


9:17am |   Bananas, mushrooms, beekeeping


Today's morning training sessions (9am to 11am) are on bee keeping, livestock management & opportunities, bananas and mushroom growing.

Remember that all these sessions are conducted concurrently in separate rooms.

In the afternoon (2pm to 4pm), we shall have cattle keeping, goat keeping, passion fruit management and vegetable farming & green housing.


9:08am |   Trainings under way

The first training sessions are getting under way. The one on livestock management and opportunities has just started.

Dr. Charles Lagu is conducting this one.




8:55am |   Today's training programme

If you are coming for today's session, check out Saturday's training schedule:



8:35am |   Harvest Money Expo enters second day

This year's edition of the biggest agricultural show got under way on Friday, with Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, representing President Yoweri Museveni, officially opening the exhibition.

It is a three-day event - today is Day Two. Welcome to this live coverage - throughout the day, I will keep you up-to-date (text and pictures) with what's happening here at Namboole.

But you can come around and see for yourself what's happening here. Better that way, right?


8:30am |   The morning after . . .

'Morning everyone.

Carrying a dose of Valentine's hangover?

It's time to open those groggy eyes, iron out your limbs and refresh your system with a cold shower. After that, ignite your system to life with a cup of hot coffee and make your way to Namboole Stadium.

That's if you are proggy-deficient and have an interest in all things agriculture.


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