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How I will spend my Valentine's Day...

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How public figures expect to spend their Valentine’s Day

How I will spend my Valentine's Day...

Pastor Bugembe

How public figures expect to spend their Valentine’s Day

Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Light the World Ministries,  I will be dating God as I wait for the Church service with all singles to start.

I will also pass by MC Kats' party, then Gloria Kakech and end the day at the Worship House with all singles and those in serious relationships.



 iwanda Kiwanda

Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi, Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities and member of Parliament, Mityana County North Is it there this year? Is it on 13th or 14th March? Any way, it is there on February 14.

I am going to start my celebrations earlier, with my constituency on February 5.

This year, my constituency is my Valentine, we shall celebrate on soft music.

There are already football and writing competitions.

I plan to spend this day giving out gifts. I also expect gifts from my constituency, in terms of chicken and matooke.

 Pr Andrew Mwenge, Kampala Baptist Church

I am going to spend Valentine's Day at church with the youth. There is going to be a dinner with good music and interviews that will enrich them in decision making.

 Bishop Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, New archbishop, Church of Uganda Valentine was a Christian and whatever he did was to promote the spirit of love, especially the love of Jesus.

It' is only after sometime that secular took it over and it has lost meaning.

Personally, Valentine's Day is about praying and promoting Jesus' love. In other words, this is how I am going to celebrate it with my family and neighbours and I also encourage others to do the same.

And when they wear red, they should remember the blood of Jesus, which was shade for us.

I also encourage Christians to forgive one other this season, the married to keep their vows and those co-habiting to make things right. 

 Hon Sseggona


Medard Sseggona Lubega, Member of Parliament, Busiro sub-county East, That is a private arrangement. Valentine is for excited young men who can talk about how they are going to spend it. It is not for me. Respect age.


Father Nicholas Bayego, Uganda Orthordox Church, Namungoona, Valentine's Day is for the younger people because as time goes by, we tend to let go of somethings, which is among them. However, on such a day, I will would wish to spend it saying mass.

I also encourage people to spend time with their partners, the ones they married or hope to marry.

 arooro Karooro


Mary Karooro Okurut, Minister in Charge of General Duties/Office of the Prime Minister, Valentine's Day! I do not understand it. It is a day for celebrating lovers not loved ones. I am not part of it.

Fr Deogratius Kiibi Kateregga, Mpigi I might be travelling, though I have not yet confi rmed.

I do not celebrate the day. However, being a priest, I will continue with my daily programmes.

I also hope to invite couples at the parish and hold a mass and preach about marriage. As the marrieds are celebrating Valentine's Day, they should think about the vows they made before God and how they are fulfi lling them.

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