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Pastor Kayanja spreads gospel of farming

By Joshua Kato

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Kayanja said the best way to reduce unemployment is to engage everybody in agriculture.

Pastor Kayanja spreads gospel of farming

Kayanja said the best way to reduce unemployment is to engage everybody in agriculture.


"The Harvest Money Expo at  Mandela National Stadium,  Namboole is playing a wonderful role in spreading the ‘new gospel'  of agriculture. I visited the expo two years ago and it completely changed the way I viewed certain things in farming," said Pastor  Robert Kayanja on Thursday during a press interview at his farm in Kiryandongo. 

 Pastor Kayanja makes silage at his farm. Photos by Roderick Ahimbazwe

 Silage is the biggest solution for animal feeds at his farm because the place is dry

 The cattle  at the feeding trough

 Pastor  Kayanja also keeps goats, whose urine he uses as part of fertilisers





Kayanja, who is the founder and senior pastor of Miracle Centre  Ministries in Rubaga, said the  Harvest Money Expo is a must-attend.  Kayanja made the remarks during a guided tour of his 640-acre Gold  Medal farm in Kiryandogo district  The 2020 Harvest Money  Expo will run on February 14-16.








 Pastor Kayanja has a flock of over 200 sheep on his farm

The entrance fee will be sh10,000  per day for those interested in the exhibition, while those who want to attend the training and visit the stalls will be charged sh20,000 per day. 



 Kayanja sorted the problem of scarcity of water by digging valley dams and sinking boreholes

Modern farm 
On the farm, which covers 400 of the 640 acres, Kayanja keeps cattle  (beef, milk and Ankole breeds),  goats and sheep.  He also grows maize for both silage and flour, over 10 acres of bananas as well as two acres of sugarcanes, mangoes, passion fruits, and guavas.  The farm employs over 100  workers, most of whom are former street kids and rehabilitated city thugs aka Kifeesi. 



 At his farm, there are pineapples that can bear up to 40 fruits per stalk

Pastor Kayanja has a variety of machinery, including two heavy-duty Massey Ferguson tractors,  chaff cutters, hammer mills and grass choppers for cutting forage.  On top of a fixed spray race for cattle, there are several other mobile spray races on the farm. 

"I saw these at the 2017 expo. I  bought them and they have proved to be an asset," Kayanja says.  To ensure a steady supply of water, he dug several large water dams. These are supported by water pumps, which push water to various sections of the farm. 

 Pastor Kayanja also grows bananas


 Max Adii, senior producer and New Vision Online editor Nelson Naturinda chat with Kayanja at his farm

Farming curbs unemployment 
Kayanja said the best way to reduce unemployment is to engage everybody in agriculture.  He said there are many people with billions of shillings in the city who could create jobs if they invested in agriculture as opposed to building houses to let  Kayanja said for those yet to make a decision, visiting the expo will provide them with options. 

 Most of the employees at pr. Kayanja's farm are former street kids and kifeesi


 Pastor Kayanja says maize is good feed for cows






"I went there and met people who have since helped me to mechanise and acquire modern equipment for my farm. For example, I saw a simpler cattle spray race at the expo and I have since acquired it for my farm," Kayanja said. 

 Chicken at Kayanja's farm


 Pastor Kayanja's favourite bulls





Platform for exhibitors 
Recently, Vision Group chief executive officer Robert  Kabushenga, revealed that the three-day Harvest Money Expo will provide a platform for exhibitors from Uganda and foreign countries who will showcase innovations,  share knowledge and farming experiences as well as promote agriculture. 


Kabushenga said the 2020  edition, including the organisation and setup, will be much better since the number of attendees is expected to grow. 

 The bulls spend about three months in this section before they are sold off

 Spraying is one of the innovations Kayanja learnt from Harvest Money expo

 Pr. Kayanja explains how feeding troughs are used effectively


 Pastor Kayanja also grows passion fruits


 Pastor Kayanja with his favourite cow; Birabwa





"Last year, we had 28,000 people walking through the gates. This time we want at least 35,000  people attending for the benefit of our exhibitors," Kabushenga said. 

Exhibitors interested in being part of the expo can contact Jacqueline  Taweeka, Vision Group senior sales manager on 0772354940 or or visit  Vision Group offices for details.

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