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AGONY: She is bossy because she earns more than me

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I really feel inadequate

AGONY: She is bossy because she earns more than me

I really feel inadequate

Dear Counsellor,

My wife has a better job and earns a lot more money, so she contributes to family expenses much more than I do. However, she has become like the man in the house. She makes decisions without consulting me and changes whatever she wants around the home without asking for my opinion. I really feel inadequate. How should I handle this?

Worried Husband

Facebook responses to Anonymous' plight 

Don Conroy Richards: Just get a better job, everything will be fine

Byansi Makozi Daniel: By the way you can control how much money you use in your home depending on how much you earn has a man, once you lose that your value in the house is no more

John Kayuki: If you don't want her to make decisions, then work harder so that you become the provider otherwise you should be even grateful she is helping you with your responsibilities.

Meet Mee: Get a better job and see the magic. However, whoever is not against the family is for the family

Paul Nixon Bukoma: Hope she won't change you for a better husband since she doesn't consult you. Otherwise, I must say you got a developmental wife

Asperia K Wogabaga: That's really hard and it is one of the leading causes of divorce, when some women get a lot of money, they forget their godly positions in their homes, they hardly respect husbands, or even submit to them, it is really absurd. I would advise that you be patient with your wife, talk to her in a humble manner, remind her that she's married to you, not her money.
And ladies out there a man will always want to be a man in a home regardless of how much he earns, if God has blessed u with more money than your husband, pray He removes that pride of feeling big and disrespectful because that same God who gave you the job can still take it away! He designed marriage that a man is the head be in subjection...

Walugo Paul Dman: Financial imbalance in families is a great problem for their breakdown. Brother try getting another wife if U need to give directives in Ur home as a man. Otherwise, you are in hot soup

Mogul AL'albert: Start getting home early, do chores, wash and iron for her and make sure she finds warm water for her bath before she returns home, if she comes home, rush and open for her the car door, hug her and carry her bags to the house, if that's very hard, go and hug the transformer nearby.

Ssemakula Dauda: The good thing the money is helping the family so better be patient and involve in her activities than complaining

Austin Lule: It is character...even one who earns less or nothing can oppress n bully you in your home

Makurwoth Pamela: Family issues are within the family. Air out u opinion of how to build u home. Silence will bring another problem.

Majinjach Festo: Shower her with Love and make your contribution.

Sarah Dorro Banks: Learn to pray... Pray for her, a wife is supposed to submit to her husband irrespective of the salary she gets. Learn to love her then she will also learn to submit
Elsie Birungi Oba what do men want if she is working and she is not supportive you complain and now she supports you with somethings at home still your complaining,hmmm once you allow a woman to earn more that u expect such things and even more so better wakeup and play your part as a man,we ladies now days we value men who take their responsibilities as men, soon you will be mopping the house also.

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