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Rema: Was Buganda culture abused?

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Added 16th November 2019 06:57 PM

On August 31, social media was awash with news that the Rema was moving on from singer Eddy Kenzo to legalise her relationship with Ssebunya.

Rema: Was Buganda culture abused?

On August 31, social media was awash with news that the Rema was moving on from singer Eddy Kenzo to legalise her relationship with Ssebunya.

Finally, it happened. After months of speculation, the day most women were eagerly waiting for came to pass.

Local artiste Rema Namakula introduced her fiancé Hamza Ssebunya to her parents.

For those who witnessed the ceremony in Nabbingo, Wakiso district on Thursday, it was a Cinderella story, where lots of romantic moments were displayed.

A lot was expected from Rema and Ssebunya and the two did not disappoint. The introduction was strictly invite-only, with emphasis on elegance. Anybody who violated the dress code and other event terms was thrown out. For the first time, journalists respected the dress code; they donned gomesis and Kanzus.

On his way to his in-law's home, Ssebunya, through the car's open roof, cast notes of money to onlookers. His convoy also cast bread and water to people who stood by the road.

The introduction, which was scheduled to begin at 12:00 pm, started a few minutes past 1:00 pm. However, the guests had a lot to keep them busy. As they arrived, they were treated to a meal.

One would expect the function to be filled with Rema's fans and musicians, but the guests were made up of respected people, such as Sylvia Nagginda, the queen of Buganda and former prime ministers of Buganda, Joseph Mulwanyamuli, JB Walusimbi and businesspeople, such as Godfrey Kirumira and some members of the Kwagalana group.

However, what was clear and annoyed most people was that the function did not adhere to the Ganda tradition.

Ssebunya spoke more English than Luganda. "Rema I will love you forever," Ssebunya said.

It is a taboo for mothers and guardians to be seen in public at a kwanjula, but Halima Namakula, Rema's guardian, was sighted among the guests.

It is also a taboo for the son-in-law to dance and change clothes at his in-laws' home, but this was also rewritten.

Ssebunya changed four times, he came in a green jacket and later changed to a cream one. During the engagement, he changed to a blue African attire and when he was going to receive Kabokamuwala, he changed again. It was during this time that they kissed. The couple kept on hugging in front of the parents, which is discouraged.

"The man was smart, but he should not have changed, it means that he undressed for his in-laws," a fan said.

During the function, guests were also treated to a spectacle when Ssebunya pulled out wads of cash and threw them onto his wife and on the floor. He proved to Nabbingo residents that he is rich and not afraid to flaunt it.

Rema changed five times.
Musicians, led by Irene Namatovu, Irene Namubiru, Irene Ntale, Mary Bata, Annet Nanduja performed. There was an after-party, another rare occurrence. This was a chance for the guests, who had not greeted Rema, to get up-close with her.

The function was attended by who is who in the media, music and entertainment industries. There was a lot of food and drink. It was one of the massively attended functions without politicians. Indeed, it was showbiz.

Family and friends dined, sang and danced. Speaker after speaker exuded confidence that the couple would have a successful marriage owing to their strong religious backgrounds. The function, which was covered live by most media houses was the most trending on Friday with a hashtag #Emikolo gyituwuba

On August 31, social media was awash with news that the Rema was moving on from singer Eddy Kenzo to legalise her relationship with Ssebunya.

Many could not believe the news until pictures of Rema and Hamza of their secret Nikkah leaked.

A number of their fans called it a prank to promote their music, but on October 9, Rema confirmed it when Hamza visited her aunt's home in Naguru, Kampala.

Meanwhile, during a press conference last month, Kenzo expressed concern over lack of access to his five-year-old daughter, Amaal Musuuza.

Now that Rema is officially taken, it is not clear how Amaal and her father will relate.

Kenzo flew out of the country, reportedly to Dubai a few hours to the introduction.

The function ended late, which is unusual in Buganda. Kenzo congratulated his friend, Rema.

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