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AGONY: My wife rejected our newly built home

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Added 14th November 2019 01:40 PM

We packed everything without her help and when the time to go came, she went to Mukono as we headed to our new home.

AGONY: My wife rejected our newly built home

We packed everything without her help and when the time to go came, she went to Mukono as we headed to our new home.

I bought land in Bulenga and the following day which was a Saturday, I took my wife to see it.

But to my surprise, she quarreled and told me that she cannot leave the city for the village. I thought she would eventually love the place and I built there a magnificent house.

I took her to the house which I thought was her dream one but she asked me whether I remember what she told me about two years back. I tried, in vain, to explain that the place had developed and hosts a number of reputable people and even mentioned a few celebrities with homes there.

However, the shock of my life happened on the day we shifted to Bulenga. We packed everything without her help and when the time to go came, she went to Mukono as we headed to our new home. We were apart for two years when she suddenly appeared and I sent her to the boys' quarters.

She is demanding that I fire the two maids who have been taking care of our four children for the last two years. I don't think that I need her but our family members asked me to give her another chance. Does she deserve forgiveness?


Facebook responses to Gilbert

Ocokoru Scovia Yes, for the sake of your children. Children need both parents for a proper upbringing. You both are role models to your children. Do you even know what is running in their little minds to say their mother sleeps in the boys' quarters? Forgive and enjoy your marriage. She has learnt her lessons. Read Matthew 5:43-47

Ole Peter What goes around comes around, you also ask her what she told you two years back. Let her go back to town what does she want in the village?

Bonny Kaboona Be careful, this time she may have come with plan B, find clearly her motive of coming, most likely she wants to finish you, then sell the house and go back to the city.

Henry Bainomugisha Accept her if she passes the HIV test. The two years must have been a good lesson for her to appreciate your love compared to those responsible for her Mukono escapades.

Sibyl Mutanji Dorothy, Do you really know what she has been doing in Mukono?
She just doesn't like Bulenga, are you about to shift the house......
If I were you I would not bring her in.

Abdul Hakim Madawa Ooh, sorry for that saddening story bro. However, I want to tell you that, your wife might have been receiving poisonous advice from her mother because just recently I was facing the same issue.

Robert Kabiito The problem you did everything by yourself without her input. That's not a good marital relationship. You ought to have involved her in the purchase of the land as well as the construction of the house.

Nangendo Joanita Keep her in the boy's quarters, don't throw out your maids. Don't ever eat what that woman prepares, but most importantly pray, pray and pray for God's guidance.

Bamuturaki Joseph But what do women need really, since she's a mother of your children forgive and monitor her but be extra careful.

Tumwesigye Vicent Kakoma The man who promised to build her a house on Kampala road had chased her away. So, she doesn't deserve another chance.

Jacquie Akello You are her last resort, is Mukono her Father's house? Is she having a mother and didn't her mother talk to her? Her reasons seem not to hold water to me is she remorseful? Her mother should have talked to her.

Anyoyi Gabriel I'm quite sure you've already made your mind but you are just trying to find out who supports your idea. Well, this is the advice, a must ''medical checkup'' if you decide to accept her back to your life.

Hajji Abu Kawenja Please give her another chance. We all err in the decision and realise our faults after some time. In any case, we only have one life, why be that harsh? It's useless to hang on to the past. Embrace and move on.

Rac Emilyn You need to first find out if she is remorseful for her actions. Where has she been all this while and what has she been up to? Why is she coming back now to the very house she rejected? Be very careful and cautious lest she has ulterior motives towards you.

Godfrey Kyamanywa Ford My understanding is that Mukono is far and more of a village than Bulenga so it defeats my understanding.
Has there been any engagement by the parents for this marriage to work out? If the parents did not take any initiative, I am afraid you could have married from a wrong family and as such, you need to run very fast for your safety.

John Kayuki My question is are the maids in the house just maids flat or one of them has another title in that house, or have you been seeing someone else for the past two years, otherwise seek advice.



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