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Onyango takes Buganda princess

By Carol Kasujja

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Social media has been awash with pictures of the Princess with Renowned bar manager Gareth Onyango, holding hands and smiling with each other.

Onyango takes Buganda princess

Social media has been awash with pictures of the Princess with Renowned bar manager Gareth Onyango, holding hands and smiling with each other.

The couple. Courtesy photo

Monarchists are in ecstasy mood with news that Victoria Nkinzi, daughter to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has finally unveiled the love of her life.

Since yesterday, Social media has been awash with pictures of the Princess with Renowned bar manager Gareth Onyango, holding hands and smiling with each other. The video of Onyango proposing has been on people's lips.

In the video, Nkinzi is seen shivered in excitement at the sight of the diamond ring. Not like other women who scream and jump at the sight of a ring, Nkinzi remained calm, While Onyango's voice trembled in an emotional marriage proposal.

"Love can break all barriers, we wish our princess a happy journey, just waiting to see the Kabaka give away his daughter in Church," wrote Esther Asira, on facebook.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and like pictures in our possession show, most of the cozy poses of the impending couple show that they are not just being spearheaded by raging hormones but by a love so beautiful, only death will see them imagine of a life without each other.

When Onyango fell out with his long-time baby mama in 2016, Nikita Bachu, rumours started circulating that he was seeing the princess. The rumour has been put to rest. The two are set to wed next year. Dates will be disclosed. Right now, the couple is out of the Country.

In 2016, Kampala sun published a story that Onyango had separated with his long-time baby mama Nikita over infidelity.


Kampala Sun had an interview with Onyango years back and below are the excerpts

What are you up to these days? You seem to have gone underground.
I just decided to keep a low profile for a while. I still hang out once in a while, mostly to promote my brand.

Is this new you inspired by your relationship with Princess Victoria Nkinzi?
Nkinzi and I are just best friends. I am busy doing a lot of things. Besides, I now have a team — people who go out there to do things for me. That's why you don't see me out all the time nowadays. I am also parenting my daughter. 

What kind of female best friend would throw you a big birthday party in Dubai?
(Smiles) Haven't your friends ever thrown you a party? She is just my best friend and that's all.

So, you can never fall for her?
That would be a great thing. She is a wonderful and intelligent woman.

Buganda cultural officials said you are free to marry her. Doesn't it sound good to you?
For now, we are just best friends. If the two of us come out to say that we are dating, then everybody will get to know.

Have you ever met her family?
I know some members of her family.

If you were to marry her, would this royal wedding be the next big thing?
That is something for the future. I can't tell you right now. If we get to that stage, I will take it seriously.

Talking of seriousness. Are you ready to settle in a relationship?
I don't know.

Nkinzi's friends say ever since she met you, she has never stopped smiling. Are you responsible for this?
I have no idea about that. She has always been a happy person. We got to know each other because we share mutual friends; that's how we started hanging out. She is a fan to hang out with.
Mbu she pays your bills every time you hang out together?
That is very interesting. How would anybody know that? It isn't true.

You seem to have so many Facebook in-laws and lawyers, who comment about your love life. How does it feel when they storm your account with insults?
(Laughs and coughs sarcastically) My social media has many people I know and most of them are my friends. When I post something, they always throw jokes around. I never take anything from social media seriously.

Shantal Ruby, a city party animal is one of your social media in-laws. She knows so much about you.
She was our friend and we used to hang out with her. After a while, I was informed that she was posting things about me on social media, but I ignored it. Most of the things she said were not true.

Your ex-girlfriend Natasha accused you of child neglect through her?
That is why I said she was our friend. She was always in our circles, which made getting information easy for her.

Mbu you even went ahead to block Natasha after the allegations?
Natasha and I used to have issues, which I  prefer to keep private. I think she felt like Shantal was the only way to get to me. We are now cool and talk all the time. I have a good relationship with my daughter. I even visit her in South Africa sometimes.

Slay queens have always been all over you in hangouts. Is it the reason why your relationships haven't been successful?
In my line of work, I meet many people, who become friends but people always think there's something more. These connections stop at events.

There's a picture of you and some babe exchanging numbers at a hangout spot. Mbu she is the reason you split up with Nickita Bachu?
(He laughs) That's my friend from Rwanda. She is not my girlfriend and neither has she ever been.

Who is your girlfriend?
We have decided to make things private for now. My family, her family, and our close friends are all aware of our relationship.

What's your type of woman?
I don't like skinny girls. I love a woman who's a bit fleshy. She should also be God-fearing and intelligent.

Like Nkinzi?
(Smiles, takes a deep breath and remains silent for over two minutes).

Nikita was entitled to your phone's password. Does Nkinzi have the same privilege?
I don't know whether she has it. When you are dating someone, there's no need to hide anything from them.

People say you were once in love with Deedan McKenzie, the former Urban TV presenter
Deedan is Nkinzi's friend. That's why we hang out together.

You once said Mary Luswata was the reason you haven't had a happy relationship?
There were clips of her insulting me and my three-year-old daughter. I wondered how anyone could attack a child, but I soon realised that it was her job and a way to get attention. We share friends, but I have no intention of making her, my friend. I don't know her personally. I can only judge her by the false things she said about me.

What is the craziest thing a stalker has ever done to you?
I don't like it when they show up at my events, unannounced.

What else do you do to earn a living?
I am a consultant in public relations. I create content for some artistes in terms of directing on how to promote their music and brands. I don't even do it for money; it is a hobby. I am also a full-time father, which keeps me busy.

What happened to your job at Venom as a manager?
The club was heavily indebted and had to close.

Is it because of the debts you had personally accumulated and failed to clear?
The bar had debts from the previous owners as well. When the debts accumulated, it wasn't good.

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