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As it happened: Uganda Today - Friday, November 1

By Joseph Kizza

Added 1st November 2019 08:38 AM

A ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a monument and museum in honour of Zakayo is held at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe.

As it happened: Uganda Today - Friday, November 1

A ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a monument and museum in honour of Zakayo is held at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe.


Presented by Joseph Kizza



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2:43pm |   European Union speaks out on Makerere


2:30pm |   Regional khadis induction


Farooq Kasule in Kampala:

The induction of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) regional kadhis is happening in Ntinda.

It is being presided over by the Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Ramadhan Mubajje.

UMSC secretary general Hajji Ramadhan Mugalu says the induction is intended to ensure that regional kadhis offer quality leadership to Muslims in their respective regions.

The former Ugandan ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Yahaya Ssemuddu has implored the regional kadhis and the UMSC administration to avoid divisive preaching, noting that it adds nothing to the Islamic religion.


2:10pm |   Zakayo monument and museum

A ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a monument and museum in honour of Zakayo is going on at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe.

Zakayo died last year in April at the age of 54. He had lived at the centre, which is best known as Entebbe Zoo, for the last 42 years.

He died from old age.


In I964, Zakayo was rescued from Semliki National park in Bundibugyo (South Western Uganda). At the time, he was estimated to be one year of age.

Thirteen years later (1976), he was surrendered to Entebbe Zoo, where he lived until his death.

Zakayo was the alpha male at Entebbe from 1970s to 2011, when he handed over power to Matooke, who was later toppled by Aluma.

Zakayo remained a super-active individual and saw Matooke, Aluma and Onapa challenge each other for the alpha male position at the zoo.


12:50pm |   Karimojong storm village in Soroti


Godfrey Ojore in Soroti:

Police in Soroti district rushed to Opucet village in Gweri sub-county on Friday to calm tempers involving a group of Karimojong who stormed the village after the alleged killing of one of their own.

Peter Maruk, who has been doing local labour in Opucet for over five years, is reported to have fought with a one Asuman Mutanda, a shamba boy in the home of South Africa-based doctor Dr. Julius Ojulong.

The two reportedly fought on Monday and when Omaruk was rushed to Soroti Main Hospital the following day, he succumbed to the injuries sustained during thier brawl.

"He went drinking with a friend but later I was told that my husband was beaten from the swamp. When I reached there, I found him unconscious," said Veronica Aliat, the widow.

According to the area LC1 chairperson, Justine Okello, suspect Mutanda is in police custody.

He said the two men who fought "are both visitors in my village".

"Mutana was brought as a shamba boy into the doctor's home and how they disagreed and fought is what I also don't know," he said.

The relatives of the dead man stormed the doctor's home carrying clubs, threatening to burn the home.

But Police just in time to prevent this happening.

Omaruk hailed from Naloret village in Iirir, Napak district. He is survived by six children and a widow. His relatives were at Soroti Regional Police Station for mediation as his body remained at Soroti mortuary.


12:27pm |   Second airport being build

Hoima International Airport construction works going on.


11:49am |   Caution while behind the wheels

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is warning motorists and riders using the Kabale-Kisoro-Bunagana road that there are land and rock slides along the road.

"Our maintenance team is on site with the necessary equipment to clear the road of the loose natural material," the authority says.



11:33am |   Take malaria fight out of boardrooms

Dr Tusiime Patrick, a commissioner of National Disease Control, has talked of the need to take the fight against malaria out of boardrooms and to the communities themselves.

He is quoted by the health ministry as saying that malaria prevalence has "reduced from 19% to 9% in the last four years".

The ministry is interfacing with the Rotary leadership.


11:18am |   Negotiating Kampala traffic

Sometimes, you just have to jump on a boda boda to slalom through the mazy Kampala traffic.


10:57am |   Museveni meets Full Figure

She calls herself Full Figure. Her real name is Jennifer Nakanguubi.

The Ugandan musician met with President Yoweri Museveni at State House Nakasero.


10:25am |   Makerere fees increment not suspended - Gov't


The state minister for higher education, Dr. Chrysostom Muyingo, has clarified that Parliament on Thursday did not vote on suspending the Makerere University tuition fees increment, but deferred the university matters to its education committee for guidance, reports New Vision's Conan Businge.

"The matter was discussed on the floor of Parliament and it was agreed that the education committee studies the matter and report back to Parliament," Muyingo explained Friday in a phone conversation with Saturday Vision.

"It is not true that the 15% fees increment in Makerere was suspended by Parliament yesterday [Thursday]," the minister clarified.

Parliament is expecting the education committee to report back to it in about three weeks' time. 

Saturday Vision will carry a detailed story on this.

The minister's clarification is on reference to the story that New Vision published in its Friday edition on Page 6.


10:15am |   Land acquisition vs land grabbing

Adante Okanya in Kampala:

Land probe commission chairperson Justice Catherine Bamugemereire has observed that the public confuses government land acquisition with land grabbing.

She revealed this during an engagement symposium organised for government ministries, departments and agencies, and advised that as government project executors, it is incumbent upon them to debunk the misperception by regularly interacting with the potential project affected persons.

Land acquisition in Uganda is stipulated in Article 26, the Land Acquisition Act Cap226 and the Land Act Cap 227.

The glaring feature of these provisions is that government may acquire land for public use subject to payment of fair and adequate compensation before taking control of the land.

Bamugemereire emphasised that regular information and feedback is paramount, so that when a project commences, the project affected persons embrace it.


10:03am |   What happened on Thursday

There was a bucketful of happenings around the country. One of them was award-winning musician Eddy Kenzo holding a press conference days after meeting with President Yoweri Museveni at State House.

He talked of his willingness to attend the introduction ceremony of his former lover Rema Namakula, apparently if he is invited in good faith.

He also laid bare his emotional state, saying he is "single, heartbroken and confused".



9:45am |   Museveni to commission Lira University Teaching Hospital

Patrick Okino in Lira:

Today, President Yoweri Museveni is expected to preside over the 1st graduation ceremony of Lira University, the installation of the new chancellor and the commissioning of the university teaching hospital.

He appointed former Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki as chancellor of the new public university in 2016 when it attained its autonomy, but he has yet to be installed.

Odoki served as Chief Justice from 2001 and retired in 2013 when he clocked 70.

A total of 190 students are expected to graduate with Bachelor's degrees in business administration, science in midwifery, public health, community psychology and psychotherapy, accounting, commerce, among other disciplines.

According to official communication released by the university, the installation of the chancellor, graduation and other ceremonies are being held at the campus, which is located at Ayere village, Barapwo parish in Lira sub-county.

The government built the university teaching hospital to improve competitiveness in science, technology and innovation through the higher education science and technology (HEST) project.

The vice-chancellor, Prof. Jasper Ogwal Okeng, said the facility has a capacity of 110 beds.

"It has a large pool of senior consultants and specialists in all field of medicine, notably obstetrics, gynecology, surgery and paediatrics," he said.

The teaching hospital started its in-patient services in 2018. Since that time, it has received over 6,000 clients.


9:30am |   Today's Ras Toon

The Infectious Diseases Institute plans to introduce medical drones to deliver medicines to hard-to-reach areas.

Here is hos Ras is illustrating this in today's editorial cartoon . . .


9:20am |   A dollop of motivation to start you off

Here you go:

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present."

Bill Keane 


"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it."

Bruce Lee

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."


9:10am |   Winds of change

As I left home this morning, I had a moment of reflection.

In my moment of contemplation, I watched night give way to day. I marvelled at the dark clouds drifting further off to the west to allow the skies open up for a new day. Of course we were about six hours into Friday, but for most us, a new day has not started before we have seen natural light.

Happy new month, good people :)




9:00am |   Good morning!

Did we leave the rain in October?

From the look of things, likely we have - we have flipped the calendar to a gloriously warm morning.

We may be approaching the tail-end of the week but we are starting a fresh chapter. A new month is here.


So, how about we roll out the carpet then, right?

Good morning everyone!


Museveni to commission Lira University Hospital

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