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Roy Nsereko was a patriot

By Mathias Mazinga

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Nsereko best demonstrated his commitment to the development of Uganda after his relocation to the UK in 1980. He founded and operated a coffee company, Coffee and Trade Agency, through which he helped Ugandans to market their coffee.

Roy Nsereko was a patriot

Roy Busuulwa Nsereko: March 24, 1932 to September 23, 2019

Nsereko best demonstrated his commitment to the development of Uganda after his relocation to the UK in 1980. He founded and operated a coffee company, Coffee and Trade Agency, through which he helped Ugandans to market their coffee.


KAMPALA - Patriotism, if well understood and embraced, can enhance national transformation as well as sustainable peace and development.

Interestingly, there are some admirable Ugandans who assimilated the principles of patriotism, even before the policy became much pronounced.

One of them is Roy Rusticus Busuulwa Nsereko, a former marketing assistant and sales manager at Uganda Coffee Marketing Board.

Nsereko best demonstrated his commitment to the development of Uganda after his relocation to the UK in 1980. He founded and operated a coffee company, Coffee and Trade Agency, through which he helped Ugandans to market their coffee.

He also enhanced Uganda's development through his active involvement in the activities of the Catholic Church. The establishment of Rubaga Cathedral National Foundation (1989), an organization that mobilises Catholic professionals to support and maintain the projects of the Church, is attributed to Nsereko. The eventual establishment of Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi is also attributed to the goodwill, hard work and support of Nsereko and his colleagues.

 sereko second row secondleft with his family in ondon Nsereko (second row, second-left) with his family in London

The former headteacher of Trinity College Nabbingo, Coltilda Nakate Kikomeko, is one of the ardent admirers of Nsereko.

"His moral, financial support and charity contributed enormously to the legacy of Trinity College Nabbingo. We, the alumni of TRICONA, have sweet memories of our pioneer Ugandan headteacher, Margaret Mary Nakatudde Nsereko, who laid a firm foundation for indigenous Ugandan administration at the school.

"Under Nakatudde's leadership, the school developed. She had an unrivalled commitment to the girls.

During the civil war in 1979 and the guerilla war of the 1980s, she accommodated many girls from various parts of the country, whose schools had been destroyed during combat.

"She actualised the founders' vision and commitment to girlchild education. She helped many needy girls from neighbouring communities. But, of course, we know that she would not have been able to deliver on these achievements without the support and goodwill of her husband, Roy Nsereko, whom we remember with even greater admiration."

 r ictor antaate eulogizing his father during the requiem mass at ubaga athedral on ctober 07 e is flanked by his brother atrick sewakiryanga and sister lizabeth unt Dr. Victor Wantaate eulogizing his father during the requiem Mass at Rubaga Cathedral on October 07. He is flanked by his brother Patrick Ssewakiryanga and sister Elizabeth Hunt

Dr. Victor Wantaate admired Nsereko's sense of virtue.

"My father was blessed with virtues such as decency and reliability. He loved his tradition, culture and values, which he successfully bequeathed to us. He loved God and was passionate about serving people. He had a deep conviction in the power of education. He was an interesting dad, who loved music and dancing. Sometimes he would even challenge us on the dance floor.

"Dad loved travelling. He would go to places such as New York and Latin America, where he would also meet legendries, such as Muhammed Ali and Pele, the football legend. Dad also had a stunning religious involvement. He was an active parishioner of St John Vianney Catholic Church, Clayhall, UK for 35 years. He was also the parish council chair for more than 10 years. He inspired some of us to join the church's choir. He had a rich sense of humour. He always wore a smile. He loved to enjoy his life. He also enjoyed good food."

sereko with ope aul  in ugust 1969Nsereko with Pope Paul VI in August 1969

The President General Emeritus of DP, Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere, said: "Nsereko was my contemporary and friend. He was a man of noble virtues. He was friendly to everybody. I never heard him shout at anybody. He loved to socialise. He always welcomed visitors, young and old," he said, adding that Nsereko was steadfast in his commitment to God and the country.

"He was a champion of truth, justice, and democratic governance. Even when all other people had lost hope, he offered himself and his resources to sustain our crusade for the restoration of democracy."

"Today, we need people like Nsereko. People who will not succumb to the temptation of monetary or job offers; people who will not bend to military intimidation, people that will stick to what is right and just for the country."

Nsereko was also praised by an official of the Kkobe clan of Buganda, who lauded him for reconciling and organising the leadership of the clan. He also lauded him for grooming young people, such as Augustine Kizito Mutumba (Omutaka Namwama), who became the leader of the Kkobe clan.

Nsereko passed on in London. His body was returned and a requiem mass was held at Rubuga Cathedral in Kampala. He was buried at his ancestral burial grounds at Kitabaazi, Nabusanke in Mpigi district.

 he resident eneral meritus of  r aul awanga semwogerere laying a wreath on the casket The President General Emeritus of DP, Dr Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere lays a wreath on the casket

Kabaka eulogises Nsereko

The noble works of Nsereko and his commitment to Buganda and Uganda attracted the attention of

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, who sent a message of condolence to Nsereko's household. The Kabaka spoke highly of Nsereko's love for the kingdom and his support and care to the kingdom's subjects in the diaspora. The message was delivered by the speaker of the Lukiiko of Buganda, Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule, during the requiem mass at Rubaga Cathedral.

 sereko with the abaka of uganda onald uwenda utebi  in ondon Nsereko with the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II in London

Nsereko met his wife, Margaret Mary Nakatudde, at a DP meeting in Kampala in 1960. They were wed by Fr Kevin Mackie at Rubaga Cathedral on December 2, 1961.

In 1964, they built their family home on Kabuusu Road, Rubaga. After training in Mombasa and UK, Nsereko continued as the sales manager of the Coffee Marketing Board in Kampala.

He opened several international marketing offices for Uganda's coffee.

In 1971, Nsereko and his family moved to Trinity College Nabbingo, where his wife served as headteacher until 1987. In January 1980, he left Uganda alone for the UK and was gradually followed by the rest of his family.
rs akatudde sereko placing the wreath on her late husbands casket at ubaga athedral Mrs. Nakatudde Nsereko lays a wreath on her late husband's casket at Rubaga Cathedral


Nsereko was a life-long member of DP, a founding member of Rubaga Cathedral National Foundation, and a Trustee of Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi (UMU). He was a member of Lion's Club, both in Uganda (from 1968) and in London, serving as president of his local London Chapter for several years. Nsereko was also an active founding member of the Uganda Martyrs Christian Community in London and served as the deputy to the representative of the Kabaka of Buganda in the UK and Ireland.

He is survived by his wife Nakatudde, daughters Margaret Nambago, Caroline Nambooze, Anita Douglas, Elizabeth Hunt and Catherine McAnena; sons Albert Busuulwa, Patrick Ssewakiryanga and Victor Wantaate; 12 grandsons and four granddaughters, as well as four great-grandchildren. May His Soul Rest in eternal peace.

 ome of serekos children laying a wreath on his casket  Nsereko's children: Elizabeth Hunt, Dr. Victor Nsereko, Caroline Nambooze and Margaret Nambago lay a wreath on his casket

Nsereko's fact file

He was born at Masindi Hospital (1932) to the late Dr Victor Blunt and Calala Tebasuulwa Busuulwa.

Attended Namilyango Juniour School and Namilyango College (1947-53), where he completed his Junior and senior secondary school education. While there, he projected himself as a keen mathematician, an excellent marksman in the King's African Riffles and an accomplished boxer.

He later joined the Madhivan Commercial School in Kampala and promptly after, was offered a position at the Shell-BP as the salesman for Kampala region. As an employee of Shell-BP, he completed an outward-bound training course to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and subsequently completed the four-day round trip

Below is Nsereko's requiem Mass at Rubaga Cathedral in pictures. Photos by Mathias Mazinga

 is widow argaret children and other relatives
Mrs. Nsereko, some of the children and other relatives



Priests celebrating the requiem Mass at Rubaga Cathedral

he priest blessing the body of the late sereko The priest blessing the body of the late Nsereko


 he priests lay the wreath of the casket The priests lay a wreath 


 he eadteacher of rinity ollege abbingo orothy atovu and some of the students eulogise sereko at ubaga athedral  The head teacher of Trinity College Nabbingo Dorothy Matovu and some of the students eulogize Nsereko during the Mass

 ome of the mourners during the mass Some of the mourners during the Mass




 ourners including s r aul awanga semwogerere and former premier of uganda oseph ulwanya uli semwogerere consoling rs argaret sereko after the mass Mourners including DP's Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere and former premier of Buganda Joseph Mulwanya Muli Ssemwogerere consoling Mrs. Margaret Nsereko after the Mass


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