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Makerere University: Looking back

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The halls came to form the Old Mitchell complex in 1952 and then later became CCE

Makerere University: Looking back

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Photo by Kizito Malumba

The halls came to form the Old Mitchell complex in 1952 and then later became CCE

In the beginning, there was a market place. It surrounded a big tree that had many birds near the Faculty of Law. When the Katikkiro gave the British this area to be developed into a college, in 1922, the market was moved to Wandegeya.

akerere niversity orthcote all ctober 30 1996 Makerere University Northcote Hall. October 30, 1996


lock of nstitute of dult and ontinuing ducation akerere niversity eptember 1994 Block of Institute of Adult and Continuing Education, Makerere University. September 1994


Makerere University was later founded as Makerere College. Students resided in Sejongo's, Bamuje's, Nsubuga's and Ssepuuya's halls (current AA, BB, CC blocks of CCE and B. Com External buildings respectively).  Former presidents Milton Obote and Kabaka Edward Muteesa resided in Sejongo's hall in the current rooms AA13 and AA1 respectively. Julius Nyerere resided in Bamuje's.

he old hostel of akerere niversity which was constructed in 1920s where former presidents bote and yerere used to stay The old hostel of Makerere University which was constructed in 1920s, where former presidents Obote and Nyerere used to stay


he first administrative block of akerere niversity which was constructed in 1920sThe first administrative block of Makerere University which was constructed in 1920s


The halls came to form the Old Mitchell complex in 1952 and then later became CCE. The Institute of Psychology was a dining hall where all students came to eat. Part of the psychology buildings was the first guild canteen after 1946. Later it served as quarters for casual staff and the students' residence annex called 'Erica', named after the headwaiter.

akerere niversity uild anteen ugust 1988 Makerere University Guild Canteen. August 1988


akerere niversity uild ouse Makerere University Guest House


The road between CCE and the Makerere Guest House was built in 1953. The School of Fine Art was the first administrative area with a double-storeyed building. It was Makerere's main administration block.

ne of the first administration buildings of akerere niversity built in 1923 arch 14 2000 One of the first administration buildings of Makerere University built in 1923. March 14, 2000


 nursary school on akerere niversity land A nursary school on Makerere University land


The University Guest House served as bachelor lecturers' apartments. The tennis courts were once flanked by the University Bookshop, which moved to its current location in the 1950s. There was a planted forest of Eucalyptus trees where the university mosque is. These trees are as old as the university itself.

he new office block for the academic registrar of akerere niversity eptember 1999 The new office block for the academic registrar of Makerere University. September 1999


argaret rowell chool of ndustrial  ine rt akerere niversity Margaret Trowell School of Industrial & Fine Art Makerere University


The MDD department and Institute of Statistics are reshaped staff houses. The area from the guest house to the Quarry flats opposite botany gardens was a golf course bisected by Lincoln road, which still exists today. It was managed by the Department of Education, housed in the present guild canteen.   

akerere nstitute of conomics he building has offices for senior management personnel a computer room several tutorial and lecture rooms pril 1999Makerere Institute of Economics. The building has offices for senior management personnel, a computer room, several tutorial and lecture rooms. April 1999


aculty of echnoloy at akerere niversity Faculty of Technoloy at Makerere University


In 1938 construction work started for the main hall. It was interrupted by the Second World War but quickly resumed afterwards. Therefore, the line of buildings from the Faculty of Arts, to the Faculty of Agriculture, the main hall and the two chapels were completed in 1945. The golf course ceased to exist that year.   

ary tuart all of residence akerere niversity Mary Stuart Hall of residence Makerere University


itchell all at akerere niversity Mitchell Hall at Makerere University


The wooden houses near Mitchell and Mary Stuart halls were built within a day and were meant to last 10 years each. Makerere University's first football pitch was where the Wandegeya police quarters stand today. Afterwards it was moved to the Freedom Square and later down below Mary Stuart Hall.   

kurumah all of esidence akerere niversity Nkurumah Hall of Residence Makerere University


umumba all of residence at akerere niversityLumumba Hall of residence at Makerere University


The swimming pool came in the mid- 50s. Before that, swimming took place at Mengo off Sentema Road.   Beyond Africa Hall, there was a sort of shanty town where casuals came from to work in the university.          

niversity all of esidence at akerere niversity University Hall of Residence at Makerere University


omplex all of esidence at akerere niversityComplex Hall of Residence at Makerere University


Nkrumah hall was built in 1953 and Nsibirwa (former North Cote hall) in 1951. The library was completed in 1958, as more faculties were added to complete the university. As told to Esther Namugoji in 2003 by Dan Nkata.

chool of ducation akerere niversitySchool of Education, Makerere University


aculty of aw akerere niversity Faculty of Law Makerere University


 front view of akerere niversity ain uilding and all A front view of Makerere University Main Building and Hall


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