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Bees sting social worker to death

By Robert Ariaka

Added 21st October 2019 10:50 PM

The hikers in the guided tour got interrupted after the bees on the mountain felt threatened and attacked them.

Bees sting social worker to death

The hikers in the guided tour got interrupted after the bees on the mountain felt threatened and attacked them.

A team of local tourists, leaders and guards were on Saturday violently attacked by a swam of bees leaving one person dead.

Shock engulfed friends of Robert Kirungi, a staff of Samaritan Purse, a humanitarian organization supporting refugees in Bidibidi refugee settlement.

Kirungi  died on Saturday after he was severely stung by a swarm of bee in an attempt while climbing Mt. Liru in Lobule Sub County in Koboko district.

The deceased was a resident of Buhaise in Fort portal and Project Manager of Samaritan's Purse an NGO based in Bidibidi refugee camp in Yumbe District. He was living in Lipa cell, Mengo ward in Koboko South division in Koboko Municipality.

The survivors include the manager of Spirit FM Koboko Ronald Nyakojo, Boniface Kadabara and a lady only identified as Hope among others who are getting treatment in various clinics and health facilities.

The group of youth led by Boniface Kadabara of Partnership in Community Transformation (PICOT), a Koboko based local NGO went for a tour to have a hike at Mt. Liru a famous tourist attraction site and feature honored as a palace of the Kakwa culture.

Rituals are performed on the mountain by Kakwa cultural leaders during harsh  weather conditions such as persistent sun shine to seek for blessings of rain. It also has specific paths that are not used by other categories of people except the recognized cultural leaders.

Speaking to the New Vision, Boniface Kadabara said their visit to the mountain was part of their initiative to promote tourism in the West Nile districts of Arua, Maracha, Koboko, Yumbe and Adjumani before spreading it to other regions.

The planned tour started on Mt. Liru, the only crater lake in the district, Lake Adolomila, Indiga hill and a camp site in Ludara Sub County

The hikers in the guided tour got interrupted after the bees on the mountain felt threatened and attacked them. This happened after the locals and the leaders warned them to be careful while climbing.

The 20 people who started climbing the mountain were forced to split into two groups as they run for their lives. The first group rushed to the top of the mountain, while the second group returned to the foot of the mountain as they all tried to run from the violent bees.

Reports from police in Koboko central police station indicate that, those who escaped to the top of the mountain survived and were not hurt, but those who returned to the foot of the mountain were severely stung by the swarm of bees.

This led to the death of Robert Kirungi. The bees attacked Kirungi who tried to run into a nearby house, but he was covered by the angry bees. His colleague Kadabara tried to rescue the deceased using a net to trap the bees but he failed and got injured as well. Kadabara was equally stung and left in critical condition but survived.

The locals rescued Kadabara with hot water used to remove the bee stings and later applied petrol on his body before he was rushed to Lobule health center III and later transfer to pioneer private hospital.

Detective ASP, Julius Masende, the deputy OC CID Koboko acknowledged that though the team was briefed, the cultural leaders were not aware of the visit and those who claimed to be in charge including the area LC1 chairman misguided and used the restricted paths.

Masende disclosed that the police will investigate the circumstances that lead to the death of Kirungi.

Amandu Robert, the landlord of the deceased said, his tenant harmoniously lived with the neighbors.

The body of the deceased was taken to Koboko Hospital Mortuary for postmortem before being transported on Sunday to his ancestral home in Fort Portal for burial.

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