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Once upon a time, Makoma tantalised Kampala

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They also unveiled a hot video featuring some clips that were filmed in Mukono during their first dates in Uganda.

Once upon a time, Makoma tantalised Kampala

They also unveiled a hot video featuring some clips that were filmed in Mukono during their first dates in Uganda.

On April 19, 2003, it was a beehive of activity as revellers thronged Nile Hotel (Serena Hotel), where Netherlands-based Makoma was performing and entertaining Ugandans using the awesome Umoja sound system.

The highly prised show saw revellers part with sh15,000.

The Kora Award winners won themselves a firm fan base in Uganda. Thanks to their catchy high-tech pop-reggae beats and their hot, tightly choreographed, energetic dance moves.

Makoma members are self-confessed born-again Christians and proclaim undying love for Jesus Christ and God in their lyrics. Their style cut across religion.

They also unveiled a hot video featuring some clips that were filmed in Mukono during their first dates in Uganda.

The show was opened by Jean-Paul Samputu with a mixed grill of zouk and eye-catching Amalaba and Intore cultural dances from his native Rwanda.

On Sunday, Makoma went to Ggaba Beach for a family show.

Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, some Tanzanian artistes and some Kenyans Ogopa Djs and a master turntablist called DJ Pinye were part of the attraction.

The Easter festival continued to Sunday and was graced by Elly Wamala, Afrigo Band Mariam Mulinde and Mariam Ndagire.

Who were the Makoma?
Makoma is an award-winning Christian, pop, R&B and dance music group originating from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and established in the Netherlands.

It is made up of 6 siblings (3 brothers and 3 sisters): Nathalie Makoma, Annie Makoma, Pengani Makoma, Tutala Makoma, Duma Makoma, Martin Makoma and a non-family member, Patrick Badine. They mainly sing in Lingala and in English, but at times also in French, Dutch and German.

Lead singer Nathalie Makoma left the group in 2004 and has her solo career after ending as runner-up during the Dutch Idols 4 in 2007-2008. In the final, she sang with her brothers and sisters "Ola Olé", a definitive hit of the Makoma band.

Makoma was back with a new album in 2012 called Evolution containing 10 new songs. The lineup is the same, except for Nathalie Makoma who decided to start 2006 to concentrate on her own solo career.

The group Makoma was established by Tutala Makoma in 1993 and started performing in public as a group in 1995. The name of the band was "Nouveau Testament" (translated as New Testament").

The family left the Democratic Republic of Congo because of political strife and established in the Netherlands, later in Germany to return in 1996 to reside in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The band was renamed Makoma (the name of the family) after establishing in Europe.

They record at the Westcoast Studios, also owned by Tutala Makoma in Rotterdam. Annie Makoma designs most of the group's stage attire, and Martin Makoma doubles up as the group's choreographer.

Their debut album was released in 2000 entitled Nzambe Na Bomoyi followed in 2002 entitled On Faith. The same year they won the Best African Group at the Kora African Music Awards. They have toured many countries, including many European countries, Africa, the Caribbean and Canada.

Nathalie Makoma, born on 24 February 1982 in Kinshasa became, a well-known Dutch-Congolese singer in her own right, Nathalie Makoma left the band and established in England and later in Ireland.

She released On Faith in 2003 and I Saw the Light in 2005. In 2007-2008, she returned to the Netherlands and participated in Idols 4 in the Netherlands and finished runner-up, with the title going to Nikki Kerkhof.

The group Makoma made a guest appearance on the Idols final with their sister Nathalie singing Ola Olé in English with her.

Makoma currently sings for BC3 Media Limited, international record label headquartered in the United Kingdom.

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