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As it happened: Uganda Today - Wednesday, October 16

By Joseph Kizza

Added 16th October 2019 07:44 AM

Pupils found nifty ways of dealing with the prospect of being given a shot in the arm during the National Measles Rubella and Polio immunization.

As it happened: Uganda Today - Wednesday, October 16

Pupils found nifty ways of dealing with the prospect of being given a shot in the arm during the National Measles Rubella and Polio immunization.


Presented by Joseph Kizza



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3:25pm |   Kaweesi murder suspects at Nabweru

New Vision's Timothy Murungi reports that the suspects in the murder of former Police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi have arrived at Nabweru Court for their case on alleged forgery of national IDs.




3:12pm |   South Sudanese clobbered to death in Barifa Forest

By Edna Piyic:

Barifa forest has become a hub of criminal gangs in Arua town, where people have been murdered or dumped.

The body of a former student of Kajokeji Health Institute, who is a South Sudanese national was found in this forest. He is believed to have been clobbered to death.

Clubs were found by the corpse, indicating that he was beaten to his demise.

He was identified as Nazareth Kandaraku, and is said to have been on his way from Muni heading to Mvara, a suburb in Arua town here he was residing.

Police picked the body Wednesday morning and took it to Arua Regional Referral Hospital Mortuary for autopsy.

Meanwhile, investigations are under way.

This brings to five the number of deaths in this forest.


2:45pm |   Hailing Uganda for refugee policy

Meanwhile, legislator Alhagie Mbow from The Gambia has brought to the floor of the Pan African Parliament a motion to commend Uganda on her refugee policy.

Uganda is one of the leading refugee-hosting nations in the world.


2:30pm |   'Awards ceremony is good'



2:17pm |   FUFA Team Fans of the Year 2019

The nominees are:

SC Villa fans, Onduparaka fans, KCCA fans, Tooro United fans, West Nile Province fans, Acholi Province fans, Lango Province fans, Bunyoro Province fans



2:14pm |   FUFA Female Player of the Year 2019

The nominees are:

Juliet Nalukenge, Fauzia Najjemba, Daisy Nakaziro, Lillian Mutuuzo, Hasifah Nassuna, Ruth Aturo, Leticia Nabbosa, Margaret Kunihira, Shadia Nankya, Amina Nababi, Shamirah Nalujja, Maureen Kinavudori



2:07pm |   FUFA Male Player of the Year 2019

We are in the evening of the year and in the sports spectrum, it means recognising the best sportsmen and women.

Uganda's football governing body FUFA has revealed the names of the nominees for the Male Player of the Year.

The list features 16 players.


1:55pm |   All the best

'Tis the season to be tested, and Vision Group is wishing all you candidates the best in your exams.


1:55pm |   A call for vigilance on the road

It's the rainy season and flooding, washouts and landslides are common.

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is urging the public to be vigilant "to help us help you in keeping our roads safe".


1:34pm |   What happened to the road?

Meanwhile, a section along the Bundibugyo-Fortportal road that was under repair has for the second time been affected by mudslides in Bubukwanga, about six kilometres from Bundibugyo town.

New Vision's Geoffrey Nyamongera says that the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) executive director Allen Kagina visited his spot early last month and directed her team to handle the matter immediately.


12:57pm |   Nerves in the air

The mass immunisation is going on around the country.

At Naguru Infant Primary School in Nakawa division, there has been a sense of anxiety and nervosity, with most pupils understandably overcome by nerves.


If this boy had his way, he would opt to instead go for a kick-about in the school playground.


Registration in progress . . .


Nervous little feet, willed on by their guardians, sauntered into the cleared classroom where the vaccination was taking place.

Polio is one of the diseases being immunised against. Measles and rubella are the other two.

For children - and adults too - there is something intimidating about a nurse holding a syringe.




Proper disposal of the syringes.

Some of the youngsters had nerves of steel - and even dared watch the process!

Tough fella!


All those vaccinated were identified.



Busy day it is.

Nakawa division mayor Ronald Nsubuga Balimwezo immunised some of the children.


12:30pm |   Resist or succumb?

Tutorial 101 in pain:

Here's how you resist pain . . .


And here's how you succumb to it . . .


11:54am |   No pain, no health gain

Quick question.

How do you normally deal with the idea of having a shot in the arm?

Personally, I suck at - I dread, in fact - the prospect of having a needle sink into my skin. During tests, I always look away as the medical practitioner goes about his/her business on my hand.

Right then. Let's turn our attention to these youngsters at Kitante Primary School, who are being vaccinated against measles, rubella and polio.

- - - - - - -

"Excuse me, sir. What's your name?"

"Er ... er ... [stammers out of fear]"


Another question.

Who has a higher pain threshhold - a  boy or a girl?

It's debatable, if you asked me.

This fella came up with a nifty - or age-old - way of managing anticipated pain. Clearly, he didn't want to risk biting his lip out of fear/pain.

A hankie a day, keep the pain away?


This one decided he won't carry the 'haunting' visuals in his memory.

I am with you, young man. I, too, look away.


What's harder. Waiting or getting the injection itself?

Both - if you asked me.


Did I hear someone say that females can tolerate pain more than their male counterparts?

Well, on the evidence of this . . . hmmm


. . . and this.

Contrrasting expressions here.



Tears? Or simply not wanting to see?

The countrywide immunisation campaign is on until Sunday (October 20), with children under the age of 15 getting the shot.


11:27am |   Time for a shot in the arm!

Nervous faces around . . .

 . . . but it must go down.

The National Measles Rubella and Polio immunization is under way in schools. At Kitante Primary School, the attendance is good. Officials have started with Primary Seven pupils.


11:10am |   Enanga's dad trashes land claim by Lango clan

The father of Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has scoffed at allegations that he grabbed four square miles of land from a Lango clan in Akororo, Apac district in northern Uganda.


Enanga's father is George Echonga, a retired senior policeman.

He told the land probe commission on Tuesday that he is the owner of the entire eight-square-mile private property that he inherited from his father, Enoch Okabo.

According to a story written by Andante Okanya and Edward Anyoli, whose details are carried in today's New Vision, the 87-year-old told the probe that his land is in Oreta village while the clan land is in Alia village.


Enanga's father said it is ridiculous for the members of the Okabo clan to claim ownership of the land.

Alfred Owiny, pictured above, is one of the complainants.

On Wednesday, the land probe commission wrapped up the case with the testimony of Fred Enanga.


10:47am |   Gashumba takes swipe at Kenzo

An artillery of words . . .


10:40am |   'We love your children. Bring them for vaccination'

Health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng said Uganda is "one of the few countries in the region with an Iimmunization Act (2017) that gives the importance attached to immunization program by government".

"This is the largest (immunisation) campaign we are holding as a country. Previously we vaccinated children under five years, but now we are vaccinating upto 15 years of age," she said.

"I am aware of certain religious sects and tribes that do not want to vaccinate children. I appeal to you to bring your children for vaccination. We love your children. That is why we are providing these vaccines free of charge."


10:35am |   Uganda to become 14th

During the launch of the campaign at the Mayuge district headquarters, Yonas Tegegn Woldemariam, WHO's representative to Uganda, said that only 13 out of 47 countries in the WHO Africa region are on track to achieve measles elimination.

He hopes that with this campaign, Uganda will become the 14th.

Urging everyone to embrace the campaign, Tegegn said the vaccines are "safe and effective and protect our children".


10:23am |   The campaign is on, but . . .

. . . it is facing some opposition from some communities.

"We have identified the communities amongst us who are against immunisation and I can assure you we will have the law deal to with them," said the resident district commissioner of Mayuge.


10:15am |   One small jab for a child, one giant leap for a nation

The National Measles Rubella and Polio immunization campaign was launched Tuesday in Mayuge district.

Under this campaign, 18.1 million children will be vaccinated against measles and rubella while 8.2 million children will be vaccinated against polio.

The campaign is under way.


9:54am |   The greatest African nationalists

In an earlier post, we looked at a meeting of world champion Joshua Cheptegei and the First Son, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Relatedly, Muhoozi had tweeted a series of pictures of four African leaders captioned as "the greatest African nationalists ever".

Nelson Mandela (South Africa), Mwalimu Julius Nyerere (Tanzania), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda) and Jonas Savimbi (Angola) make his top four.

Of course, this post has inspired quite a debate.

Here are a couple of reactions on Muhoozi's post . . .



9:40am |   Yolesa Ekitone

It's all about showcasing your talent. No limitations.

Have you chanced on the Yolesa Ekitone show by Bukedde? Bet you have.

This young group of Zari Dancers Africa are taking part in the reality TV talent show, and showed up at the Vision Group head office on Wednesday.

They appeared at the Bukedde FM studio and hosted by Godfrey Seguya, best known as Kayibanda.

From what I gather, the group have slalomed their way towards the final later stages of the competition.


9:30am |   Minister Nantaba summoned

State minister for ICT Ida Nantaba has been summoned by the High Court over alleged defamation. She has 15 days to defend herself.


9:10am |   World champion Cheptegei meets First Son

Ugandan 10,000m world champion Joshua Cheptegei has meet with First Son and Presidential Advisor for Special Operations Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Muhoozi posted a couple of pictures of their meeting on his Twitter page, with a caption describing the 23-year-old athlete as a "great human being" and an inspiring sportsman.

Cheptegei, who won gold at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar, said it was a "great pleasure meeting the humble general".

The Ugandan runner has had a phenomenal year. He took gold in the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Denmark in March, before following it up with more glory in the Diamond League in Zurich, Switzerland.


8:56am |   Ruling on Kaweesi murder suspects

This morning, the Nabweru Chief Magistrates Court is set to rule on the trial of three suspects in the murder of former Police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi over alleged forgery of national IDs.

The session is expected to start at 9:30am.


8:45am |   Wet here, dry there

While Kampala residents woke up to a wet Wednesday . . .

 . . . as did Mukono inhabitants . . .

. . . it was dry in Soroti, in eastern Uganda.

The people there went on about their business uninterrupted.

School children didn't have to duck for cover from a celestial splash - like this group pictured below, who created a chain to cross the road to catch the early morning class.


8:30am |   Eddie Kenzo still graces the front page

The embattled Ugandan musician is still a staple for Bukedde, New Vision's sister paper.

A story on a suspected child kidnapper is also flagged on the front page of today's edition.


8:25am |   All teachers much have degrees

We are learning that over 200,000 teachers have to upgrade to get a salary raise.

New Vision is also carrying a story on criminal gangs, with President Yoweri Museveni issuing a fresh call to action.

Do you have a child who is under 15? A mass immunisation campaign against measles, rubella and polio has been launched.


8:20am |   Half-way through the month

Noticed that we have half of this month behind us?

Didn't October just begin just the other day??? It seems the days are getting shorter - as are the weeks. Does a minute still have 60 seconds? Do we still have 24 hours in a day? At this rate, it seems time has doubled down on humanity.

Someone wake me up from this dream already!

Anyways, let's check out what today's dailies are leading with . . .


8:10am |   Hello everyone!

Right then, let's dive into yet another Wednesday. What does it have in store for us, you ask? Well, we will find out as the mid-week carpet unfurls before us.

If I were you, I would grab myself a cup of coffee or tea - or warm lemon water for you diet freaks out there.

Good morning, good people :)


 8:00am |   Wet morning, yes?

Oh yes it is. And everywhere at that. In the capital Kampala, we have had cloudy skies, with winds reaching speeds of up to 8km/hr.

Did the morning shower get you on your way to your duty station?

No prizes for guessing the hot item on sale on the streets this morning. Umbrella.



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