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Kenzo speaks out on Rema's kukyala

By Racheal Nabisubi

Added 11th October 2019 08:41 PM

“I am also deeply saddened by Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata who attacked and insulted me during the same celebrations in the presence of my daughter,” Kenzo said.

Kenzo speaks out on Rema's kukyala

“I am also deeply saddened by Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata who attacked and insulted me during the same celebrations in the presence of my daughter,” Kenzo said.

Ugandan music starts Edrisah Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has come out to clear the air about his baby mama and artiste Rema Namakula who introduced her boyfriend Dr Hamza Sebunya to her parents, in what is regarded as the first traditional ceremony in Buganda culture, before the wedding.

Kenzo evidently followed the ceremony, also known as Kukyala. It is the first ceremony where the intending groom visits the home of the intending bride. This ceremony took place on October 9, 2019, at the home of the Late Godfrey Mabirizi in Naguru.  

Kenzo is a member of Big Talent Entertainment and received international attention after the release of his 2014 single, "Sitya Loss" video, featuring the Triplets Ghetto Kids that received international recognition.  

Kenzo said: "I am so sad and hurt that my daughter was given centre stage during Rema and Hamza's first traditional ceremony."

 "I am also deeply saddened by Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata who attacked and insulted me during the same celebrations in the presence of my daughter," he added.

Rema and Kenzo have a daughter ‘Amaal' who prominently featured in the ceremony proceedings.

In spite of Muzaata's insults, Kenzo said: "I put you(Muzaata) in Allah's hands and wait for judgement day. God is the only judge."

Kenzo is currently in America. He asked: "What is Muzaata's intentions of always provoking and insulting me?"  He has been insulting for a long time. "He (Muzaata) spoke ill about me right in front of my daughter (Amaal) during the ceremony," Kenzo said.

He added: "Muzaata is an old and religious man whom I respect.  I wonder whether it was the right approach to insult me in front of my daughter and drag me into other people's affairs; it is none of my business. I leave everything in Allah's hands."

"It was the love affair function of Rema and Hamza. How did the name Kenzo come up?" Kenzo wondered.

In addition, he condemns the pivotal role assigned to his daughter who is not allowed to be present at the first Buganda traditional ceremony. Children can only take part during the wedding.

What Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata said
It is alleged that Muzata who spoke on behalf of Rema's family said that Kenzo made Rema shed tears for long period of time comparing him to crook men "love nigga" ssemyekozo.

The words "love nigga" ssemyekozo are lyrics in Rema's new song ‘Gutujja'. She says: "wamponya buno bu love niga ssemyekozo . ." (you saved me from crooks).

Muzaata applauded Ssebunya for being a gentleman amidst social media and public flames about his relationship with Rema. He urged Rema to love Hamza because he has proved to be loyal.

 It is alleged that it was at this point that Muzata attacked Kenzo noting that he has hurt and made Rema shed tears for long; calling for his intervention.

"Rema, you are lucky. You survived a crook, love nigga. They do not want to commit to relationships or marriage in the pretext of trying to understand their ‘supposed spouse' and hope to find one with ‘traits' as their mothers," Muzaata said.

He encouraged the family to love each other and stay united.

"Love both Dr Hamza and Rema. If you hate Rema, Hamza will dislike you too. Fortunately, Hamza is a gentleman. He is into ‘Ibaada' (the Arabic word for serving Allah) and marriage," he noted.

Adding that Rema is not like one of the girls from streets, she might have been a victim of circumstances but she is a wonderful lady.

Kenzo response
Kenzo reacted to Muzaata's incites on his Facebook page: "Sheikh Muzaata, ssebo obubaka mbufunye nneyanzizza  naye ebyembi maama wange yafa dda emyaka 20 y'esonga lwaki naawe ondabira mu kifaananyi mw'ondabira. Singa abaddewo,  osanga sandibade ssemyekozo." (Thank for my message. Unfortunately, my mother passed on 20 years ago. Had she been around, maybe things would have been different) , read the post.  

Kenzo added: "You have insulted me both in my daughter's presence and my sight. I think the memories of the day will forever stay. You might have ruined her happiness."

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