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Toro-Kigezi ties celebrated as Oyo visits Kigezi

By Job Namanya

Added 23rd August 2019 11:06 AM

"We felt it important to host the Toro king so that our people appreciate the efforts of his grandfather to allow us settle in his area."

Toro-Kigezi ties celebrated as Oyo visits Kigezi

King Oyo plants a tree at Ngorogoza'a home. (Credit: Job Namanya)

"We felt it important to host the Toro king so that our people appreciate the efforts of his grandfather to allow us settle in his area."


NTUNGAMO - King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV of Toro is in Kigezi region on a visit aimed at tightening ties between Toro and Kigezi.

On Thursday, the youthful monarch was warmly welcomed by thousands of people in Rwahi, Ntungamo district. From there, Oyo proceeded to the home of the legendary Munyakigezi elder, the late Paul Ngorogoza.

Ngorogoza, a former administrator in colonial Kigezi, is remembered for establishing good relations with fallen Toro king George Rukiidi, who in 1954 granted the people of Kigezi land in his monarchy to settle on.

Many people migrated from Kigezi and settled in Toro due to population pressure in their area.

 yo being received at the late gorogozas home Oyo was warmly recieved at the late Ngorogoza's home


Oyo's visit was organised by the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB), Uganda Chapter, an association of people from the greater Kigezi region in the diaspora and the Banyakigezi-Rwenzori Association.

"We have had tremendous achievements as communities due to the good relations founded by our former leaders," said Grace Mutebile, the ICOB-Uganda president.

"We felt it important to host the Toro king so that our people appreciate the efforts of his grandfather to allow us settle in his area."

Richard Twinamatsiko Rwamahe, the Banyakigezi-Rwenzori Association chairperson, hailed Toro residents for embracing Banyakigezi in their land without segregation.

"If you find us in Toro, you cannot even think we are not the original custodians of this area. We have been fully recognised in that region, we own great investments there and the peace we enjoy in that land is worth appreciating," he said.

 yo launches a book written about oroigezi relations The Toro king launched a book on Toro-Kigezi relations


The Rukiga district chairperson, Dr. Alexander Kampikaho, called for more inter-marriages between the Banyakigezi and Batoro to consolidate ties between the communities.

"I want to state it that Kigezi has very beautiful girls and handsome men," he stirred the crowd.

"Allow us to use these good attributes in our people to get more crossovers to your land.  I can guarantee that there is no better way to have us united than having these marriages possible."

Caroline Kamusiime Muhwezi, the Rukiga district Woman MP, called for peaceful co-existence amongst people of different tribes.

"I have always told you that it is usually not about one's tribe because we all need each other. Our peaceful co-existence will see us prosper if we work together," said the legislator.

 yo poses for a photo with igezi regional leaders Oyo posed for a photo with Kigezi regional leaders


Peace Regis Mutuuzo, the State Minister for Gender and Culture, represented the Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda. She said the Government is committed to ensuring the development of cultural institutions in the country.

"Our history is important and thus it can best be preserved if we respect our cultural institutions. The NRM government has created an environment that has made this possible and we will continue doing that," said Mutuuzo.

Being a UN ambassador on combating HIV and AIDS, King Oyo was expected Friday to deliver a key message on prevention and responsible living. He would later be hosted to a cultural interaction, also known as ekigaaniiro, involving elders and youngsters from Kigezi and Tooo.

Oyo and his delegation were also expected to visit Lake Bunyonyi to appreciate its unique beauty.


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